Friday, May 7, 2021

Happy, happy Friday! Maybe I am a bit dramatic, but this week was the busiest week I have had since February, 2020! It was all good and it was a combination of things – having a full nest and cooking and buying more food, my job and it being busy May season, and an exciting event for one of my sons. Stay tuned and I will tell you more!

I am happy to link up with Andrea, etc. right here!

Here are my favorites from the week as I look through my camera roll….

Sunday afternoon after I had already prepared my Hello Monday post, Tom and I went to the farmer’s market for a bit. It was so nice to be out and about and it is farmer’s market season again! Yay!

This one has a variety of vendors and food trucks. I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon here last year with a bottle of rosé and Tom and our couple friends. I need more of that!

A few people were wearing masks, but most were not. Tom and I did not because we were outside and are both fully vaxxed, baby. Our governor just passed the no masks outdoors for less than 1000 people and it is time, in my opinion. I was super compliant with the mask mandate and I was super careful but at this point I am comfortable in certain situations like this.

Also, this past Wednesday my boys were two weeks out from second vaccine so they are now fully vaxxed! I am so grateful!

We ran into some friends that we hadn’t seen in about a year and it was so nice!

I am really enjoying this book and I went outside to read any chance I could after school and in the evenings.

I am a fair weather reader! That is it! That is why I was in a reading rut. It is a bit depressing, but I am liking it well enough to stick it out.

These are amazing! I have been able to have just one after dinner for 60 calories. Get you a box if you can eat just one!

I am the AP Spanish teacher and our exam is next Tuesday (where they can potentially earn college credit). I got to take my kids to practice in the library where they will test. I had four girls on this day. Normally we go and practice a bunch but this year it will be just once. Sweet kids. I hope some are able to pass with the circumstances of this weird year.

I had a new Trader Joe’s find. These are delicious – so much so that I don’t know if I should really be buying them.

I heard an Instagram person recommend these chairs so I ordered two for various outdoor events this summer. I am super excited!

Did you do anything for Cinco de Mayo? This popped up on my Facebook!

More photos of my flowering bushes…

I had a fun happy hour one day this week. This time it was Elizabeth’s turn – lol! We went to Gravely where I went the week before.

A word about my almost weekly happy hours. We were with our couple friends and one of them told her husband that I had almost weekly happy hours and she said it kind of judgmentally like “who would have time for that?”

I make time. I am just as busy as she is. I bring this up to say that we, as wives and mothers should absolutely not feel guilty about making time for ourselves. This is something that fills my cup. I consider my friend time as crucial to me making it through the pandemic in a mentally healthy way. I mainly met with three friends – two are teachers and one is a retired librarian (she got to retire at 52 after 30 years in education – go her!). We were all like-minded about sitting outside and we all worked from home.

It required planning but if you don’t plan you won’t do the things you want to do.

I feel better having defended self-care time for myself and anyone else struggling with that.

We tried their new peach sour beer and it was amazing!

Look at the view from the highest patio. That is downtown Louisville and you can see Indiana across the river – just barely.

We also tried their plum beer and had chips and guacamole from the permanent food truck.

And, we tried their churros for the first time – OMG! I had eaten really well the rest of the day for this splurge and then I didn’t have any dinner… it was worth it!

This was teacher appreciation week and the teacher in the middle surprised us. Her parents wanted to treat her “lunch bunch” to a box lunch. We sent them this photo to say thanks. What a thoughtful gesture! I told everyone to really “ham it up” but they made me look crazy, no?

My son Jack gets to act for the first time since February of 2020 on an outdoor stage this weekend! I am so happy for him and so anxious to see it! He is in Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare, but it is set in modern day at a music festival like Bonnaroo. It should be interesting to see how they adapted it! He has four performances over the next couple of weeks.

What made you smile this week? I hope many things! Happy Mother’s Day to all my mom friends out there. If you are sad on this day, I will be thinking of you.


15 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I am definitely going to have to look for those ice cream bites (and try to hide them from everyone else in the house!). I would bet just about anything that the happy hour line was said out of jealousy… it’s amazing how many people don’t make the time to do the little things that would make them truly happy just to keep plodding away at their list. Life is just much too short for that.

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    1. Yes! Put the Dove bites in a box that says Brussel sprouts!
      It might have been said out of jealousy and I may have made too much of it. I’m just at a place in my life that I don’t want that negativity and I try not to put it out there either. I have invited her but she is always too busy.


    1. You would love them. I don’t like the fake ice cream so many talk about and this is enough for me – would rather have small and real! lol!
      Hope you mom is doing well after surgery and happy mother’s day to you!


  2. What a fun post! We love those little dove bars. I behave and have one for dessert whereas my kids eat like three a day 😂 I’m always like “quit eating my dessert!” You had a great week! So fun. I love that you make time for the happy hours. I just met up with friends a couple weeks ago and it was so nice. It had been too long…& it took lots of planning but was worth it. I hope you have a great Mother’s Day with both of your boys home 😀

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    1. Why didn’t you tell us about them? lol! I hid one for myself when the box was dwindling! lol! I am so glad you did that. It does require so much planning – that is why the one on one has been so easy!
      Thank you and same to you!

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      1. I even try to rub the wrapper to find the vanilla ones which I prefer over chocolate…chocolate has the little drizzle of chocolate on top, so if I feel that, I keep looking for no drizzle 🤣although I do like them both!

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  3. All four of you fully vaccinated — AMAZING!!! That must feel so good!! I am proud of you for making time for happy hours! Especially as a mom, it is so important to make sure you keep your friend connections! Quite frankly, I wish I was attending as many happy hours as you! Yours are the stuff goals are made of!! How exciting for Jack!! Break a leg! Happy Mother’s Day Amy!


    1. It does! I totally agree with you! You are in a different season of life, so it is harder right now. I hope you make plans for some this summer! Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!

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  4. I think weekly happy hours are FINE! It’s just like anything else you’d want to make time for…I would do things like that a lot when I had friends close by. Mostly just Starbucks dates, but still. Even now, we have a friend over for dinner maybe once or twice during the week.

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