Wednesday, April 7, 2021

I am participating in two fun link ups today – Currently with Anne in Residence here and The Style Six with This Blonde’s Shopping bag and more here!

But, first, thank you soooooo much for the sweet comments yesterday on my blogiversary! I swear that I did not intend to go fishing for compliments. I merely thought my dear readers would put their name and email address in the comments. Because I am so professional (hashtag just joking), I forgot to put a deadline for my giveaway and I forgot to say when I would announce the winner. Guess what… it’s right now! I decided to cut off the giveaway entries at the end of my evening routine last night so I gave about 17 hours. Hope no one is mad at me!

The winner is……Ruth! Congratulations, Ruth! Please leave me your email address in today’s comments if you are reading!



my new work schedule! I have left the house at 6:45 both days so far! Today and most Wednesdays I am working from home, which is so nice. I have been trying to figure out when to get up (5:00 or 5:30?), how to do my morning coffee and quiet time and blog reading, and how much time I need to get ready.

I am also still arranging my palm patio and my

lemon deck. When the boys came home they said it looked “so citrus”. Let me know if you see any good lemon stuff at any retailers!


in person time with my Heathers, my college besties. We have talked on the phone and texted but we need to see each other and we are all fully vaccinated!


with myself (and a few colleagues) if a fully vaccinated person needs to mask up. According to the CDC’s recent report, a fully vaccinated person cannot transmit or spread the virus. They were not sure at first and were trying to be cautious. I am not an anti-masker, but I also try not to be a sheep – baaaa! I thought the push for vaccines was so that we wouldn’t have to mask.


When hub turns these lights on in the mornings and evenings. I often forget!

and this! It is so good – I am not a big grapefruit person but this hits the spot. Give it a chance if you can find it; it is a mix of grapefruit juice and beer with carbonation. I found mine at Total Wine.

and this cider is really good!


I prepared potato casserole and deviled eggs and bought Hawaiian rolls, Kroger ham, and Costco spinach salad. The salad was on another plate. We have enjoyed leftovers this wee from our Easter meal, too.

I also prepared this staging areas for work outfits. I will teach in person 32 days. Think I can avoid repeating outfits? I might try! These clothes have not gotten any action since spring 2019! So crazy!

And, now what I wore…

I put this entirely Chico’s (all on final clearance a month or so ago) outfit on Saturday. I have my new Coconuts by Matisse sandals on, too.

Back to school day one outfit:

I wore my Madewell tennies with this old Amazon floral dress and old jean vest.

I wore my favorite black pants, my patent black Birkenstocks, and my Pioneer Woman vibe Umgee kimono on day two.

And, that’s all that I documented! I do plan to take my school outfit pic each day.

What are you up to currently? What are you wearing lately?

Thanks for reading,


43 thoughts on “Currently and What I Wore

  1. Wow, two days down and getting to work from home today sounds like a nice reprieve! I love the outfit you wore yesterday. Your patio refresh looks good too – have you been to Hobby Lobby yet? I haven’t been in a few weeks but they always have a ton of stuff!
    Have a great day at home!

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    1. I think it’s a pretty sweet deal! Thank you! Yes, everything new is from Hobby Lobby! It’s such a great store and everything spring is 40% off. I tried not to go too crazy there.
      Thank you and have a great day yourself!


  2. Lots of cute back to work outfits! I thought the same thing about vaccines and the masks; isn’t that why we developed the vaccine– so life could go back to normal? I guess the problem would be people who weren’t vaccinated not wearing masks either and then not knowing who was and wasn’t vaccinated??

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    1. Thank you Joanne! It’s been fun to put outfits together again!
      Yes, I thought that, too. I don’t know how I feel about wearing an outer symbol of vaccination either. It seems kinda weird.


  3. Happy Work From Home Wednesday! It is such a nice reprieve in the middle of the week. I love your idea of not repeating and staging your outfits. I’ve been thinking about that too because our spring clothes didn’t get any love last year. I’ve had quite a few items that were getting “last chance” wears meaning if I didn’t love it that day, it was going in the donate pile. We had that same mask discussion on Easter because most of the adults were fully vaccinated but the kids aren’t. So tricky! Have a great day!

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    1. Thank you! It’s so nice! I needed it already! I read that you were doing that with your spring clothes and it’s a great way to purge. If you didn’t wear it last year and don’t want to wear it this year – bye!
      The mask thing is tricky and you are setting examples for kids! Happy Wednesday!


  4. The grapefruit drink looks delish! I love your school photos! 6:00 is the earliest I’ve set my alarm…which only gives me 25 minutes of quiet time…I used to get closer to 45 minutes but now I have to wake the kids up earlier and I can’t get myself to set my alarm in the 5’s 😂


    1. It is really good – it is large and 200 calories but I split it with friends a couple of times! 6:00 seems so much more civilized! I have not set an alarm for a year! I never needed to with virtual. So, this is quite the change, right? I don’t have anyone else to get up, though, so that is nice!

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  5. I LOVE your first day of in person school outfit. It’s so cute! The dress, the vest, and the sneakers just pull it all together. Adorable!


    1. Thank you so much Ann Marie! The dress used to be a little looser (ahem!) but with the vest I hope it loooked o.k. I will say that I like the tennies trend. My feet didn’t hurt too badly!


  6. I have been having that same “discussion” lately. Often. I’ll admit….I am an “anti-masker” and thought by now there were much fewer of them. Sigh.


    1. I think we are going to have to use our common sense and start to get vocal. I do think they worked and were needed and maybe still are needed for some, but if you are fully vaccinated – nope!


  7. Yay! Winner winner chicken dinner!
    It’s rshodges at gmail dot com (<—I've seen others do this to confuse the internet peoples who want to steal your email address, but I don't know if it works.) Thank you! Happy Hump Day!

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  8. My new splurge- GG shoes every day. I AM OBSESSED and I love them so much that I am contemplating purchasing a 2nd pair for the fall/winter. They are delicious. And of course I wear them with all my Athleta and vuori. I bought a new Athleta tank that buttons up and is longer in the back. Its black. I cant wait to wear it. Its warming up here! I also bought a new pair of Athleta Jogger style pant. So we shall see how they are when they arrive. All vaccinated and get this: California is going completely open June 15! WHAT who are we??? I cant wait. I wear a mask if there is a sign up but if no sign- no mask. Why get vaccinated etc??? These people (Biden- Faucci) they are are idiots!! And I am tired of being a sheep. HAHA Baaaaa ok off to workout! have a great day!


    1. Then that was a good purchase for you! Price per wear, baby! They work for your lifestyle and your attire!
      Why is CA waiting that long? lol! Can you believe that the fully vaccinated teachers have to wear masks? It makes it very hard for kids to see my lips moving for Spanish!
      You have to wonder at what point this is about control? I believe that the masks worked when we needed them to work and we still need them for compromised or unvaccinated groups. I know they kept my boys safe and many others safe, but after you are fully vaccinated?


  9. I completely agree about the masks. And I think there would be even more people willing to get the vaccine if it was presented as a positive thing about not having to wear a mask. What really gets me is when politicians speak into a microphone with a mask on, even though everyone in the room has been fully vaccinated since January. Ha…don’t get me started! Love your patio!

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    1. Haha! Mask theatre! I know! I totally agree about the vaccine willingness but around my city everyone I know wants it. I imagine Texas and outside of the cities in Kentucky there is more resistance.
      Thank you!


  10. Mask theater, indeed.
    I had a conversation with our daycare person about this: she kept putting a mask on when I’d drop off or pick up Wells (she doesn’t wear them with the toddlers all day). I told her that I’m vaccinated and I’m not worried and it’s not an issue and I’m not wearing a mask. She kept asking if I was sure (She had covid a year ago anyway). I said yes. It’s the one part of the day that feels like normal interaction now.
    I think if we don’t start having this conversation with people we see every day, we’ll default to masks as normal and that’s not okay.


      1. Taylor and i are going to Austin for 4 nights/5 days !!! We are going to Waco for one day to see all the changes since we were there 4 years ago. Can’t wait to hang with her and her Big from her sorority is coming to see us one day – she now lives in Houston.

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    1. I have heard conflicting reports on how long the antibodies are present. I think maybe they aren’t sure yet. I think people are scared of breaking workplace rules. My hub just said that a co-worker went off about being asked to put mask on to go to the bathroom and the boss told him to take a “3 day vacation” to think about if he can deal with the workplace mandates. The businesses are faced with liability. It’s just tough all around.


  11. Your patio looks amazing! I’m always jealous of such nice + comfy outdoor furniture. Without any covered space in our yard, I don’t feel safe putting nice furniture out there… Michigan weather can be rough on things.

    And as someone who had to wait longer to have access to the vaccine, I will say that I appreciate people continuing to wear masks, which definitely is still in the guidelines for a reason – it’s not 100% certain that people with the vaccine can’t spread it (it’s basically 100% that vaccinated people won’t get super sick, but they could still get minor sickness and pass on), so for those who were still waiting their turn, or for kids who aren’t eligible, we all still need the masks to keep everyone safe! I live in a state where spread is rampant at the moment and younger people are now being hospitalized, and it is quite worrying…


    1. Thank you, Anne! That is true about Michigan. But, boy do you have the best summers! We love going there!

      I have heard that Michigan is having a pretty bad surge, so you do bring up a valid point. I have been so vigilant about it, too. But, after getting both doses and after two weeks (I know that I am lucky to have gotten it), I was anxious for the freedom to come with it. I have no problem shopping in a mask or being in public in a mask, but I am finding it so very hard to do my job effectively in a mask. So many of my students are getting vaccinated or have had one dose. I think Kentucky has done really well with vaccine roll outs. The way I read the data was that it was for sure not possible for those vaccinated to spread or transmit, but maybe that was my wishful thinking.


  12. I think we just need to wait for some more data on transmission rates for people who have been vaccinated before the mask recommendations/mandates truly go away. But the USA (in my opinion) has failed left and right on communicating mask recommendations (no mask! yes mask! cloth is fine! but not a gaiter! wait, gaiters are ok! oh no get the N95s now! now double mask!) that I’m sure they’ll roll it back sooner rather than later.

    ALL of that aside, I love your patio!

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    1. Probably so. Totally! There is a total mistrust now. I feel that our media has let us down and should have always reported the news objectively.
      Thank you so much!


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