Friday, March 26, 2021

Happy Friday! I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here!

Here are my favorites from this week:

I finished my last book and started this. It is so cute! This would be a great Spring Break read. I would say it is rated R. It is set in Hawaii and involves food trucks. So cute!

Magazine arrival! I am saving these for this weekend.

You know you’re old when you wouldn’t wear any of the styles in a fashion magazine! We will see after I read it this weekend!

I found these K cups that are environmentally friendly and they are really good.

I found them at Target and outside of Target, this goose appeared to be nesting. I would nest at Target, too, sweet goose. I was careful not to scare her.

I think I finally saw the Little House on the Prairie collection at Target. Where was this last year when I was making my own bread and churning my own butter. Just kidding – I never churned my own butter.

I am mad at myself for not trying this cute coffee shop sooner. I really like to support local coffee shops. If you are local it is called Red Hot Roasters. They have Easter drinks but I didn’t see them until I had ordered. I am going to try the Peeptastic Mocha and the Lavender Shortbread Latte.

Speaking of coffee, I was so tired Tuesday after school for some reason and I had errands to do, so that is why I got the coffee. I found out that a 4:00 p.m. small coffee does not keep me from going to sleep at 10:00 p.m. Good to know!


I use cheap shampoo. There I said it. I ran out and decided to try something more expensive. I was thinking about Olaplex, but they didn’t have it at Target and I wanted something on the spot.

I think I really like this! I do notice my hair gets brassy when it’s close to hair appointment time, so I had been thinking about a purple shampoo. They only had the conditioner so I am using her gentle shampoo and purple conditioner. Anyone use this brand?

Sandal Saga… Remember last week I told you I ordered these Coconuts by Matisse sandals from Tuckernuck but they were on backorder? Well, I wandered into a boutique that sells home decor and clothing and there they were, in my size, and not on backorder. I should have checked because I knew this store carried that brand. So, I cancelled my Tuckernuck!

They are squishy on the footbed and a comfortable height. I like the slight 70s vibe. Now I just need a place to wear them!

My Spring Break officially starts today at 2:30!

What were your favorites this week? I hope you had many!

Thanks for reading!


18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Yay for spring break starting! I love your new shoes and that Easter coffee sounds good! I am so cheap, I never buy coffee out unless I am meeting up with someone. Which is sad since I have so many Starbuck’s gift cards loaded on my app – I really should treat myself!
    I have used a variety of purple shampoos and conditioners and regardless of the price point they all seem to take the brassiness out. Olaplex is super expensive, my mom uses it but I never have. It does get rave reviews though!
    Happy Friday!!


    1. Yes! Thank you so much! The Easter coffee is really unique. I think I will try it this week. You really should use your gift cards! I would like to try Olaplex but the price – man! You too! Happy birthday to your son!


  2. The books sounds cute. I will add it to my list. I love your sandals! I hate paying for expensive shampoo but I started to do so about five years ago and do noticed a difference in my hair. I probably buy it 3 times a year but I still always dread the investment 😂 and I’ve had to remind hadley many times not to use too much if she’s in my shower haha! Yay! For spring break. I’m so ready to sleep in tomorrow


    1. It is cute but kinda cheesy. It is what I needed. Thank you! I think I am at the stage where I need to pay more for my hair products. They really do last longer. I was only able to sleep in until 6:15 – oh well!

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  3. Loreal makes a great purple shampoo. They have one at Sally’s too (in a plain black and white bottle) that I’ve used.

    Have a great break!


    1. Ooh – I will have to look now that I know the purple works for me. I tried a Sally’s one that I didn’t really like. I don’t think it was a purple one, though.


    1. I think what is in stores varies and you might have to see it online. They are really pretty, but once you see the memes you can’t stop laughing. I would totally wear one!


  4. Oh, spring break! Enjoy! You’re worth it! I have one more week until Easter break…
    Little House on the Prairie – I love it!
    I just finished “Say you still love me” (cute, but not fantastic), and I’m starting The Simple Wild tonight – I’ve heard so much good about it!Love your new sandals!!! And believe it or not: I just ordered red clogs like yours! (a bit lighter in the color, but still). Husband ordered brown, more cowboy:ish! So only one gnome in the garden! We bought them for cabin life, but I think I will have them in the city for a bit…


    1. Yes! We have Easter at the end of it.
      The dresses are totally cute and I would wear if looked ok on my body type.
      I liked Say you still love me but I think I liked the simple wild books more.
      Thank you! Yay for red clogs! Brown good for hub. I love gnomes. Have a wonderful weekend. My mom’s exchange student from Sweden got her vaccination!


  5. I used to use Kristen Ess stuff all the time. The fragrance sucked me in big time. But then I decided to make the switch to silicone-free products, so I had to quit the Ess.


    1. Oh, really? It smells amazing! Oh, I really want to clean up my products – did not even think about that. I also want to stop with so much plastic and packaging. My friend has gone to bar shampoo. I need a good lather. Let me know if you can recommend anything.


  6. My daughter is 23 and pretty “hip” and into beauty products and she REALLY likes Kristen Ess stuff!

    I love your sandals! SO CUTE! Have a fun Spring Break!!!
    Your town is so fun that you live in!!! Is it a big city? I love supporting local/”ma and pa” places as well!!!!


    1. I think I am liking it a lot, too! Now, I feel hip – lol!
      Thank you! We shall see how comfortable they are when I wear them out!
      Thank you so much – I am excited to get a screen break.
      I live in the biggest city in my state but it really has a small town feel in some parts. Louisville, Kentucky is where I live. It feels so good to support local!


  7. Cute homegrown local coffee shops are the best! We have a coffee truck here in town that Taylor and I frequented quite a bit during lockdown but haven’t been back to in awhile. Not once this year! Will have to change that STAT. My highlight of the week was taking my mom to my happy place and she LOVED! all of our changes and re-do’s. especially the fireplace. She was just crazy for it! It was a nice relaxing week. My plantar fasciitis is giving me ALOT OF FITS so I took this week off and I might take next week off too. From walking and working out. Although it kills me to not do some sort of workout . ….. I have a dr appt on Tuesday so hoping he can help me !!! Ok off to clean up the backyard and get it ready for spring and summer! Golf tomorrow at our club and dinner out after, Of course our favorite local Mexican restaurant! Have a great weekend!


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