Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Happy Hump Day! I am happy to link up today with the ladies at The Style Six here.

So, I am really tired of my collection of sweatshirts and sweaters that I wore to virtually teach in from October-February I guess. Plus, it’s getting warmer in these parts. I have started wearing long sleeve blouses or short sleeved blouses with a cardigan. I only wear earrings for my accessories because I’m typing a lot and bracelets are kind of annoying. And, let’s just not talk about pants. What are these “pants” of which you speak? Let’s just say I am business on top and usually leggings on bottom.

Holy close up, Batman! I do not know what to do with my face for a selfie. I think I’m too old for selfies, but I have been documenting my outfits when I sit down at my desk.

New blouse and attempt at middle part. I have since gone back to side part.

Short sleeved blouse with cardigan.

New Universal Thread from Target blouse. I fell in love with the print. I feel like it runs large and I had to try a couple of sizes to get it right. I did Target pick up so it was no big deal.

Blouse from fall that I adore.

All of the above blouses are Savanna Jane except for the Target blouse. I love these blouses so much but they are a bit more pricey than what I typicaly spend. But, I am finding that I wear them so much that they were good purchases. I’m learning….

I spent some time styling outfits with my red clogs and white booties over the last few weeks.

My mom got me this unique long sleeved kimono for Christmas. A long sleeved kimono is a good idea, I think! I had a navy t-shirt that worked with it and I really like this outfit!

My mom also gave me this kimono from her Stitch Fix box. I am not positive about the yellow underneath.

I love my swing dresses and I tried it out like this, too. I think the booties are too white for the kimono, but I would definitely wear this outfit with different shoes.

New Chico’s blouse on super sale. I can’t get the time of day/lighting just right.

So, I have 3 more weeks teaching virtually from home…I am a high school Spanish teacher if you are new around here.

On April 5, my school is going to expect me to wear pants to work.

What are some pants options that aren’t leggings, joggers, or jeans? I am thinking I would like to get some sort of navy and black pull on capri length to continue wearing my blouses. I also plan to wear some of my swing dresses with kimonos and my colorful printed palazzo pants with solid colored tops. I do have some black Chico’s travelers pants that I will wear. I am thinking I should look at Chico’s and J.Jill for the kind of good quality, comfortable basics that I need. I will only be in person for 32 school days. Do you think I can wear a different outfit each of the 32 days? I’m not sure I’m up to that challenge or that I even want to!

What have you been wearing lately?

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14 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday – What are we doing for pants?

  1. I love all of the colorful blouses you are wearing! There’s an app for your phone “Golden Hour” and it tells you when the best time for pictures is – it really works. Lisa shared it with me and it’s made such a difference! The lavender blouse is perfect for spring!

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  2. I like pants that look like pants but feel like leggings! Lol. I have a few that just have a wide waist band that I wear… I think I got them from Dress Barn when our local store was closing.

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    1. Yes! That’s what I need! I found a couple of cute things at Dress Barn but ours is gone, too. Maybe they are all gone. I think I’m going to check JJill website!


  3. I am all about dresses. I do wear leggings under most because of the functionality of it all when teaching little ones. But yeah, pants are the worsttttttt.

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    1. I will get to either sit or stand at the front of the room with no walking around so I can wear dresses and I put those jockey biker shorts under. With the added layer of the kimono I don’t feel too bare. I just have to make sure they are comfortable length dresses. I’m not really into skirts so I do want to find a pants option for my blouses. So, I’m on the hunt for Capri – ankle length pull on professional pants that feel like leggings!


  4. 32 outfits for 32 days is a great idea! But maybe overwhelming…
    After 3 days of teaching from home I finally realized that I can wear tights every day! Why bother with hard jeans!? But today I’m in the school, it’s freezing cold so I’m actually wearing a knitted dress with jeans – nice and comfy!
    Guess what – I found a white skirt just like yours! I can’t wait for warm summer days!

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  5. I love your Savanna Jane blouses and the lavender one is so pretty! I have all kinds of “jeggings” pants from old navy that I’ve had for years…I’m black, gray and navy so those have been in the rotation this week with light weight sweaters. After spring break, I hope it’s warm enough for dresses with cardigans.


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