Tuesday, February 2, 2021

It’s time for everyone’s favorite post of the month lately! Tanya hosts her Prime Purchases as an opportunity for us to show our Amazon goodies. For the first time ever, I will be showing you every.last.purchase.I.made.this.month. In the past, I didn’t show the boring things. But, I was involved in a frugality challenge during January, so I am bearing it all. Spoiler: I did really well.

Honestly, sometimes Amazon is quicker than waiting on your next Kroger pick up order. I seem to go through these scrub heads quickly and I think it’s gross to use them too long, too. They didn’t fit on my current handle I was using, but I had saved another one which I think was Scotch brand and they fit.

Jack told me he needed new socks and I have been really happy with Amazon Essentials brand in other products. I ordered this pack for him.

I have not tried these yet, but I am excited. I have two dark spots on my face I am going to try to work on. I also recently heard about turmeric oil for dark spots. Any recs are appreciated!

I am trying to eat better and I am doing pretty well with the occasional treat. I really love this popcorn and like the price and the individual bags. Yum!

I can’t wear sweaters and sweatshirts to teach in when I am in person. The heat is so intense at school. Working from home, I just want a one piece outfit – a top, a sweatshirt, or a sweater. I ordered this and it was too big so I returned and went down a size. It is a really nice sweater!

This was my biggest splurge. These white booties have not been worn outside the house yet, but I have some ideas for how to style them.

I could have sworn we had a shoe horn around here but I found this boot horn and it’s been a nice little tool to have.

And, I talked a bunch about my new coffee contraption. It’s a lot of mess and work for a weekday coffee cup or two. I have gone back to my tired Keurig. I descaled it and it is working o.k. I am still thinking about my coffee quandry.

Also, I ordered this cute sweatshirt but I returned it because it ran really small and it wasn’t the cozy thick sweatshirt I was expecting. It may work for you, though.

I am pretty proud of myself after my excesses of the last couple of month of 2020.

I returned things when they weren’t perfect.

I added to cart and then sat on said cart instead of impulsely ordering right away.

In fact, you do not want to know how many things are sitting in my cart right now saved for later! Ha!

Are you a big Amazon shopper? Any favorites this month?


12 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

  1. I have definitely been better about shipping things back too! Though I miss just printing off a label and having my husband take the package to work for UPS to pick up; it’s actually more of a hassle now to find a local Kohl’s or UPS store.

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    1. I am lucky to have a Mailboxes Etc. less than a mile away in the same shopping center as Kroger. They do give you a long window to return but it can be a hassle.


    1. It’s such a cute design! I swear they use fake pictures or a different product sometimes; it seems very dishonest. I have a Mailboxes, Etc.less than a mile away and in the same shopping center as Kroger. Love it!


  2. I have been really impressed with Amazon Essentials brand too! That heart shirt is so cute, what a bummer that it wasn’t what it looked like. I can’t wait to see how you style those white booties! Way to go resisting spending! Have a great day!

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    1. Me too! Their black tanks are what I wear to bed. I’m going to try to wear them as soon as we have a dry – no rain or snow – day! Don’t give me too much credit. You will see my clothing purchases tomorrow! I just didn’t buy much from Amazon!


    1. I am going to try to be brave! it is not wet out, but I imagine a Magic Eraser will help me out! But, they are shockingly white! Ha!
      I sleep in black tank tops and shorts. I used to buy from Target but they are not the same anymore- used to be super soft. Now, I get the Amazon Essentials brand. I only have two but I plan to buy more now that I know they wash great. They are also great for wearing under sweaters.


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