Tuesday, December 29, 2020

So that my post yesterday didn’t get too crazy long, I decided to only talk about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In today’s post I will talk about the rest of the week and update you on a few other random things.

Tom is now back at work after being home from December 18-27 and it’s just the boys and I. They get a Covid test on January 3 and then can move back in the dorm if all is well on January 5. I’m not sure they will get the results back that quickly, though…hmmmm. Also, their first week of second semester classes will be virtual only. Then, after that, they will have a combo of online, in person, and hyflex which is a mix of in person and online. I am getting sad about break being over. I think the combo of the cold weather and them going back will be hard for me. Plus, I have a lot of uncertainty with my job/school. They say we may go back in person in March. It’s just hard to not know. O.k., Amy, let’s enjoy this week and leave the worrying for later.

So, Tom has been working on the Master bath. The plumber did finally come back Saturday, December 19 and I guess he plumbed. Then, Tom had a part to do involving the insulation and the subfloor. There was a lot of cussing involved and I asked Tom if he thought the subfloor was sub-par and he wasn’t amused.

Photos that may interest some of you:

One evening – Tuesday – Tom wanted to go to Taco Tuesday at Agave and Rye. The inside was open but I have said I am not dining inside yet. So, we sat on the patio.

They have really unique tacos and chips and queso. Yum! Over than that, I cooked dinner every night, I think!

It was 19 degrees the day after Christmas, but I was excited to go to Target for the first time in a long time. I went around 7:45 a.m. and bought some wrapping paper. I didn’t really need to stock up but it was kind of fun to see what they had.

I couldn’t believe that they were already stocking for the next thing – and that the Christmas was pretty wiped out.

I thought this paper from the dollar spot for 50cents was super cute. It is the half roll size which I also like.

Do you do after Christmas sales?

I had a bad, bad thing happen. My mom gave me red Matilda Jane pants for Christmas and I washed them. Well, they came out of the washer with tons of giant blue patches! I was so upset! I washed them again. Again, they came out with blue patches and maybe even more!

Here is the culprit:

Say what? I asked Facebook what to do and then I went and bought Tide Free and Gentle and washed them again. I am happy to say that all of the blue is out – I had never put them in the dryer and wasn’t going to – I was only going to lay flat to dry. I am done with blue pods. I did read to put the pod in the bottom of the washer and not on top of the clothes and I have been making that mistake, but I am done with these little blue devils.

The day after Christmas, Tom’s parents did a drive by for us to exchange gifts. I wished they could stay and have some food but we have to do what is on their comfort level.

I picked up pizzas for dinner the day after Christmas because I was tired of my food. Tom likes this one with jalapeno and pineapple.

Whoa – this was huge!

We played some Rummy.

I finally got Mason in a picture.

Sunday we had a nice surprise. My high school friend Jim has a junior in high school and wanted to tour the boys’ college – unofficially – and Jack and Mason served as tour guides. We had a much warmer day of 50 and it was nice to walk around campus.

Then, we sat at two patio tables in a tent next to each other at a nearby burger place. They claim to have invented the cheeseburger? I had a hot buttered rum!

Tom had a traditional burger and Jack is my chicken boy and had a chicken sandwich.

Mason is my foodie and wanted to try the black bean burger so we split that and brussel sprouts.

They are also known for milkshakes and alcoholic milkshakes. We had non-alcoholic milkshakes to go for dessert.

It was a nice day and so nice to see my old buddy. I am still in touch with a lot of high school friends and Jim is one of them.

So, we have spent most of our time at home, but we have had a couple of fun outings, too.

What about you? What has life lately looked like?

I am taking Christmas decor down, by the way. Once it’s over, it’s over and I want to move on! I am going to focus on fresh and clean de-cluttered spaces, plants, twinkle lights, and cozy. Are you like that, too?


12 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Fun days! And you had 19 degrees!? That’s crazy! This is our second warm winter (41 today) and it’s not normal! But life gets so much easier without all that snow… Even though it’s beautiful! We had a lot of snow on Christmas Day and our cabin in the woods looked like straight out of a fairy tale!
    Yes, some of us like renovation pictures! We have a bathroom to fix in the cabin, so… We actually managed to fix the water pump that was making a lot of noise, and I’m so proud! (thank you google!)
    I want to get rid of Christmas tree and decorations, but we’ll wait until after New Year’s.
    Enjoy your day! Do you have to work or can you chill?


    1. It’s been a nice break so far. It seemed so long at first but now it is flying. Sometimes it’s nice to have a warm spell. That is true – snow can be a pain. I’m glad you got a white Christmas, too and I bet the cabin was lovely! Google and Youtube are so helpful! My decor is down and I have added plants!
      I don’t have to do anything until January 4th!
      What is the virus situation in Sweden now?
      Kentucky is doing really well compared to nearby states.


      1. Covid is bad right now… The government has really stepped up with closing libraries, sport facilities, and restaurants and bars have to close at 10 pm. I really miss the cinema! That is something we always do as a family during the breaks.
        Fantastic that you are totally free until the 4th! Me too! But when I start I have to unpack the whole school again, phew!


  2. Hola!! Just stopping in to say hi! I head back to campus on Friday and I’m not too excited. I’ve been spoiled being home since November 10. Hoping you guys may be able to go back in March!! Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo! ❤

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    1. Hola! It’s gone by too fast. You will miss your new fur baby. I’m not excited for my kids to leave again. I’ve loved having them here to cook for and just to know they are here. I have a feeling second semester will fly for college students. I have a feeling it will drag for high school. I don’t think we will be back in March but I hope I’m wrong.
      Thanks for stopping by the ol’ blog. I hope you have a great second semester and I know you will be home a lot to see your baby.


  3. I used to do after Cmas sales but stopped that a couple years ago. I was buying to just buy. Then Cmas would roll around again and I would buy MORE forgetting what I had bought the year before. So I stopped and this year I didn’t have to buy anything for wrapping. I had to laugh about the sub-floor being sub-Par. That is something I would say to Tony and he would DEFINITELY not see any humor. We don’t work well together. Even after 23 years of being together ….oh well. We know our strengths !!! and our weakness (as a couple). I am going to purge even more after the first of the year. I have been going thru both houses and cleaning out a TON OF STUFF. I take coast items to our local goodwill. And some of my lululemon and older Athleta (that I am tired of) I sell on Poshmark. Ok, well I am off to walk down by the ocean. High of 65 deg. and its gorgeous today. Tony loves ham (ugh not me) so I promised to make a spiral ham this afternoon so we can have hot ham and cheese sandwiches tonight and for lunches etc. I can do it a few times and then I am done. Yuck. Ham is not a favorite – can you tell? HA! And oh my those blue pods ARE THE DEVIL! I don’t use pods at all. Athleta advises to not wash their clothes with pods and well you know all I own is Athleta. (and now Vuori!) HAHA. So I use clear liquid detergent only. But everyone do you! Ok Happy New Year!

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    1. I know – sales aren’t really good. You buy things just because they are cheap. Renovations test your relationship don’t they? Tom and I both are the oldest child and want to be in charge. Ham makes me feel yucky. Too much sodium. It’s so weird that I never had a problem with the pods until recently. I’m only using clear from
      Now on!
      Happy new year to you too!


  4. Hi Amy, first time posting here… Up here in Alberta, Canada our COVID restrictions are having all the restaurants, schools and sports teams( gyms and facilities closed till Jan 13). The store that I work in had 15% capacity only. Our numbers are still quite high. Over the last four days we have had over 100 deaths. Our daughter who is a chef is still working, the restaurant she works in is only curbside or skip the dishes. We are the city that is hosting the World Junior Hockey tournament and there is obviously no fans in the stands. I am really enjoying your posts! Have a good night! Holly

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    1. Hi Holly! Thanks for posting. That is really strict but for good reason. Have they started giving the vaccine in Alberta? I bet it is getting really cold there. Thank you so much for your kind words. Stay safe! I am assuming you are still working outside the home at the store? I’m glad your daughter still can work.


      1. Hi Amy, I think starting next week our Premier said that we have 16,000 doses coming for seniors in the seniors homes. It’s not so cold here in Alberta – today I was out and I just needed to wear a light winter jacket. Have a good day and Happy New Year 🥳 Holly

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  5. We are taking down Christmas decorations today, and I can’t wait to have a fresh, clean space. I like the bare look of January almost as much as the festive look of December.


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