Friday, December 25, 2020

Wishing you the best possible pandemic Christmas! Stay safe, mask up, and enjoy the simpler holiday this year!

I did a deep dive into my non-digital photos from Christmases and winters past. Get in the photos, moms! I have so few photos with me in them. Put on the clothes, do a little hair and makeup because you only get one Christmas 2020, o.k.?

This photo was on the way to sing in church and someone (Jack) was not feeling very jolly this Christmas Eve. My boys had a very long train obsession and these were their train ties. Look at their hair. My sisters liked to tease me that I could finally look like I had naturally colored hair since my twins turned out to have my exact highlights! Now their hair is very dark. They started out dark, turned blonde for several years, then got dark again.

Better moods upon arrival at church – I guess!

These t-shirts said “My brother is the naughty one” and “Don’t talk to my teacher”. I just thought they were funny. They were angels (most of the time…)

I don’t know what we were thinking – horizontal sledding with our babies? That is our old chocolate lab, Archie, supervising. And, yes, that is about how much snow we typically get – the grass is still showing!

This really shows how much we have changed our house. This was before we built the garage/patio and the old stoop and railings.

The first time we attempted skiing – and the last – ha!

Christmas at my parents’ house with Aunt Kate and Aunt Molly.

My mom’s Christmas card one year – My parents only had grandchildren in pairs until their 5th one. I had twins and then 4 years later my sister Molly copied off of me.

We used to say Mia (from the bottom left above) looked like a china doll and you couldn’t look away. This thing is almost 14 now! Here is a close up of what she looked like as a baby. She liked very few people and I was one that she liked – just saying…

Christmas morning reading the paper after presents had been opened. Not a flattering picture but there was no place I would rather be.

Moms of teens – put your phone on silent and just take the pictures. Tell your husband to do the same and get you in the pictures.

This year stinks but you know what – there will always be something. It will never be perfect because perfect just doesn’t exist. Get dressed up if that is what makes you feel good. Put on the makeup, do the hair, cook the traditional foods or don’t! Do what makes you happy this year!



9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! I should have made mine but it gets harder. We had such a long Thomas the Train obsession we thought our boys were going to talk like British senior citizens. They were using words like curmudgeon at age 3.

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