Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Happy Wednesday! Today is The Style Six right here if they are hosting it today so close to Christmas!

Last Friday I went to Fleur de Flea vintage market. It was really cold out but I knew we would be inside the whole time. I wore my A New Day poncho from Target, my A New Day white long sleeve v-neck, my new pants! and my Madewell tennies. I also believe in bringing a crossbody purse when doing something like this. This is my very old Sak bag from consignment with my new Amazon bag strap.

Let us talk about these pants. They are listed under the Aerie Crackle product you guys! The fabric is like butter. They hold you in and are super warm but not in a bad way. I am 5 foot 4 and these run true to size. They have a flattering seam down the middle and look at the cute cut outs on the bottom. Click on the link “my new pants” above and then they are the last black color offered in the color selection. I also wore them to wore that day with a festive plaid button down and my gold Tieks. Anyway, I think you will really like them. I predict that more of a flare yoga pant will come back in style soon. You heard it here.

Monday we celebrated Christmas in my hometown with my mom. I wore my Lucky black booties, black leggings, black button down (my normal black tee was dirty) and this Amazon pink plaid that is 3 or 4 seasons old. This was taken at the antique mall we visited in the afternoon.

I also wore my Christmas mask!

The best masks I have found are called Pomchie’s and I found them at The Prickly Pear boutique. I have had my black and leopard for a long time. They are $5 each and are so comfortable. I don’t know how effective they are but they did pass the candle test – meaning I can’t blow out a candle while wearing.

I went a little crazy and got 4 Christmas masks – one for my mom.

We took Panera to my mom’s house because she loves it. We ate, opened presents, played The Game of Things (it was fun and easy!), and then we went downtown to an antique mall. We had a nice day and my mom liked her gifts – a pillow for her new couch and a notepad set from The Stationery Studio.

My mom gave the boys old books and money (Mason) and a guitar pedal and money (Jack) and Tom got a biking shirt and candy.

I got this beautiful sweater coat:

This cute kimono for spring:

And, this cute kimono for spring:

Prediction: We will see more long sleeved kimonos?

And, these red/cranberry Matilda Jane pants! I have these in black and I got them hemmed. I may keep these this length because they work with a slight bootie heel. You all know how I feel about Matilda Jane pants for women. The quality is top notch and they are unique and funky but you don’t sacrifice comfort.

So, you can see I made out like a bandit in the fashion department!

Do you like receiving clothes? I have – ever since I can remember! I especially liked new shoes and put them on right away. My mom says she dressed me up like a doll for the three years that I was an only child and it’s her fault that I like clothes and shoes.

Thanks for visiting me today!


17 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday + New Clothes

  1. Starting in junior high my mom would decorate the Christmas tree in gift cards and money for my sister and me because we wanted clothes and she didn’t want to pick the wrong things. This was way back when lots of gift certificates were still paper so she would tie them on with ribbon. We loved it!

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  2. You received some cute pieces from your mom – she has great taste! I especially love that kimono that she gifted you from Stitch Fix! Your mom’s house is so festive – I love it! I bet it was fun growing up in your parent’s festive home. Merry Christmas.

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