Wednesday, November 25, 2020

I am linking up with The Style Six here if they are having their link up today!

Here are some not so great photos just to show you what I have been putting on lately. I do my hair every day to be camera ready for virtual teaching but I have given my skin a break from the makeup most days, except when I go out to do something other than a curbside pickup that is!

This is what I wore to meet my friend Beth last week for a happy hour cocktail. Basic black leggings, black Lucky boots, and one of my three Target A New Day ponchos. I love these and have worn the burgundy and the tan the most lately. I am also wearing my 50% off Kendra Scott necklace from my birthday. It can be one, two, or three strands and I love it.

For teaching the next day I wore this “You had me at pumpkin spice” old tank top, a Target cardigan, comfy grey Matilda Jane consignment pants, and new Amazon rainbow earrings that have sadly since come apart. I may be able to fix.

My Costco star sweater that was $12.99 and is super soft.

Guess what! They are now $9.99 and I am a little bit mad. If that $3 was holding you back, go now! Did you know you can shop there without a membership if you have a gift card? I think that is correct.

Old Free People top (my only Free People item), navy capri leggings, white Madewell sneakers to teach in.

Detail of the sleeves.

Dinner out in the bubble Saturday night – last year Target Wild Fable faux leather leggings(seriously so good – size up one), the tan Target poncho, and last year’s Kendra Scott half price birthday necklace. I guess the legging and poncho look is a bit boring but I love it.

Teaching outfit – new Amazon sweater that is soft and wonderful with my Aerie crackle leggings (size up one IMO), and I decided to put on my grey Tieks.

I am trying to wear everything in my closet or donate right now. I have some stuff that needs to go.

Sunday when I spent some time on the patio I wore my only tobaggon/cap for winter. I looked at my camera to see if it looked weird and yes, Amy, it does. Why do most look so cute in theirs when I…

look just like Harry from Home Alone? I did have to Google and see if it was Harry or Marv, FYI.

Anyway, it kept me warm but this is my cross to bear.

What have you been wearing lately? I shower and get dressed everyday and I also put on perfume (and deoderant, of course!). Who do we dress for, anyway? I dress for myself I have decided.

I have no idea what I will put on tomorrow. I usually like to wear something in Thanksgiving colors – brown, orange, mustard, olive.

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Amy, I can’t take it… Harry from Home Alone… HAHA! Please don’t set your head on fire!
    Today I’m in jeans and a purple/dark blue flannel shirt, it looks ok but nothing more. After reading your post I’ve decided to wear leggings every day next week! I have a fantastic pair in velvet, but they stain everything; socks, underwear, t-shirt… I don’t even dare to sit in the sofa with them on…
    Enjoy your break and Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I’m dying 🤣😂😅My husband laughs when I try on a hat, so I get it. I have one that is sort of a boggan with a small bill like a ball-cap, it looks just ok on me. I love the leggings and tunic also. It becomes my uniform this time of year-so cozy and still cute. Going to try a couple of the recipes from yesterday…btw; I found Tony Chachere’s at Dollar Tree here in NC…bottle looks slightly different but tastes the same. My son loves it also. Please show us your Christmas recipes too. You are so funny and I just love the blog. ❤️Blessings…


  3. Also, Travis and I talk about toboggan every winter. Being from Missouri, I know a toboggan to be a sled and I say stocking cap. Years ago, when we were dating, Travis called me me after a UK basketball game. He said he’d sat next to Ashley Judd. I asked what she was wearing and he said, “jeans, a UK shirt and a toboggan.” I said, “Uh?! She had a sled on her head?” 😂 Id never never heard of a toboggan used that way


    1. We just had that conversation last year at the airport with a family from Michigan. Mason was leaving on the Europe trip and it came up somehow. So funny! I think my Dad said stocking cap but I would never say that. I guess I just say hat more than tobaggon. And, I would only call a sled a sled. My mom was from Chicago and my Dad was from Southern Indiana so I am sure I am a mix. We have the same discussion about soda, soft drink, pop, or Coke. I call everything a Coke!


  4. I have a headband that I wear over my ears instead of a hat (which flattens hair). I’ve had this headband since HIGH SCHOOL and I love it. I just wore it yesterday at recess.

    I have that Costco top from last year in Navy. I do like it.


    1. Good idea – I could go to the winter ear warmer headband route. My Dad loved to say that 80% of your body heat escapes from your head. Oh good to know you have one that is a year old!


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