Thursday, October 29. 2020

I am so excited that I learned to make this! Guess how I learned? Students at my school just created a video with cooking demos that they shared with the student body – virtually, of course. I watched the video and was so excited for this recipe, especially. I have since made it a few times. The only ingredient that I did not have on hand was oyster sauce and the bag of frozen peas and carrots – so you may have most of the ingredients, too.

It looks professional, right? Sorry, that sounded braggadocious; I am just that excited. I like it better than the restaurant version! You can control the butter and soy sauce amounts and I used low sodium soy sauce!

I made this for dinner again Monday night and added chicken that I had cooked myself and brushed some soy sauce on while cooking. Quote from Tom: “This is way better than anything we have ever bought from a restaurant.”

You will need:

rice – already cooked and chilled- I used the Trader Joes frozen Jasmine rice. You microwave it, empty into a bowl, and pop in fridge to chill


frozen peas and carrots mixture

2 eggs

soy sauce

oyster sauce (found in the grocery next to the soy sauce)

You could add shrimp or chicken or another protein if desired.

First, put about 1 tbsp. butter in a skillet.

Crack the eggs and mix them up with a fork in a bowl and then cook them in the skillet until they are browned. Chop them into smallish pieces and set aside.

Now put another pat of butter in the skillet and add frozen veg and saute about 2 – 3 minutes until warmed up. Just add the amount you desire.

Next add in the rice. Add a little more butter. Add soy sauce and oyster sauce. I added about 2 T. soy and 1 T. oyster but you can taste and add more. Start with a little and add more to taste. It can get to be too much and/or be too salty.

Stir around until the sauces are incorporated. Cook for a couple of minutes and then add in the egg and cook for a minute or so.

That is it! So good!

Let me know if you try it!


16 thoughts on “Easy Fried Rice at Home

  1. That’s a really tasty recipe, I’ll definitely try it with chicken! It looks very similar to one of the meals that we buy from our thai kiosk in the forest! They will close for the winter now, but I can make my own thanks to you!
    I like your shoulder strap in yesterday’s post! I tried to find it on the new Swedish amazon site (opened yesterday, yay!), but they didn’t have it…
    Now I’m back in the city, waiting for my little soldier girl! Pork chops for dinner of course, and a lot of milk in the fridge!
    Enjoy your Thursday!

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      1. No shopping this time… but I was very close to order this year’s Christmas jammies for the girls… Can’t stop that tradition, can you!?
        Little soldier came home with a b u z z c u t… I’m still in chock!


    1. Wonderful! I get so tired of the same recipes and I get so many ideas from blogs. Let me know if you all like it! I am trying Carolina Charm blog lasagna soup soon!


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