Friday, September 25, 2020

How was your week? Mine was pretty good! I did not leave my house Monday at 3:00 or Tuesday at 3:00 as has been my habit. So, I did not use my car from Sunday until Wednesday! At 3:00 I went out and read in the wonderful weather on my patio and I think it was a good change of pace. I had no pressing errands to run. I came in both days around 5:00 to cook dinner. I may have dozed off on the patio between 3:00 and 5:00, too. I also talked on the phone to some friends so that was nice, too!

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here.

Here are some faves and things that made me happy this week! What made you happy?

I am super picky about my coffee and my creamer. I use a Keurig and love, love, love the Costco Kirkland breakfast blend K cups. I also love Kroger hazelnut. I cannot live without my Dunkin Donuts creamer. It is so good. It enabled me to stop adding a sweetener to my coffee a few years ago. I have two cups each morning and really measure out the serving size for my creamer.

I took a chance on this Chobani Pumpkin Spice and I really like it! It is a light pumpkin flavor.

I have had an afternoon coffee a couple of days this week and for a little treat, I can put a bit of whip cream with the Chobani and sprinkle a bit of pumpkin pie spice.

I filled up my candy again like a Grandma! No offense to grandmas; it is a compliment!

I used my lights one evening this week. Hub says he wants to change these out and string more lights. These are pretty large and intense and I think we want to do something a bit softer. This kind of things makes me so happy.

Last Saturday I told you about my hometown trip, but I did not show you what I found. There are a bunch of cute little shops and I found these in one of them. This is a bourbon shot glass or measuring cup I guess. I thought it was so cute. They had tequila, vodka, and many more. I also bought this lip gloss that smells amazing – like cherry Chapstick.

Last week I went to Trader Joes to look for fall themed things for my charcuterie board. Fall is the time to go! There were so many goodies. I really like my pack of Old Navy masks so I wanted to recommend them again. They have adjustable ear straps and the material is thick enough but still breathable.

And, I forgot to tell you about our bagel and farm market date two weeks ago. Hub is really good about going along with my ideas – most of the time. We got bagels and found a fountain with a little table then walked to the farm market to look around. I was happy to do that together!

I polished my nails one day this week with Essie Smokin Hot. It is like a grey/brown color.

I have been filling in my wardrobe staples for fall and I needed the no show socks to go with my Madewell sneakers from the spring. I am really happy with these. You can find them here.

It is so easy to get down right now. I think we are all embracing fall even more than we ever have before – if that is even possible. I sent this quote to my sons – one of them is a big fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald. He is my English major son!

We have not been told what school will look like after October 6. There is a school board meeting next week to vote on the decision. I think we will be home for a bit longer, just due to the numbers in our area and the fact that our district is so large.

My sons seem to be doing well with masks and their mixture of in person, online and hybrid classes at college. Their college has a dashboard that shows how many positives, how many are in isolation, etc. They will be taking mid-term exams soon and they are set to move home November 20th. I am worried about them having to move home earlier if there is a break out, I am worried about the elections, I am worried about potential violence in my city, I am worried about being an effective teacher in this climate, and I am worried about my loved ones staying healthy and safe.

I know you are worried, too. I am trying to be thankful for the blessings and to think about what I can do now and not what I cannot do.

What were your favorites this week? How are you doing?


19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Do you buy your coffee at Costco or have you had any luck ordering from Amazon? We don’t have a Costco but I would like to try that brand.
    Loft has lots of cute kimonos and toppers on pretty big clearance online. I bet the bullet and ordered 10 items and the total only came to $70 and tax. Not bad! That’s my favorite this week. Have a good weekend.

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    1. Yes I go to Costco maybe every other month. I didn’t know it was on Amazon! I don’t want to steer you wrong – I light a light roast and this is perfect for me.
      Oh my gosh – I might have to look in Loft today! I am going a bit crazy with fall stuff though! Happy Friday!


  2. Your day date looks fun! Per my kids’ request, I’ve started buying candy corn and can’t seem to keep the candy bowl filled. We have zero will power (well, I do with candy corn…but they don’t!) My gma always had a candy drawer and we loved that growing up. Yeah for the English Major…👏🏻I ❤️Fitzgerald! And…I’ve been constantly thinking about my Louisville family and friends. Continued prayers for you all! Have a great weekend

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    1. Thank you! I will try to get him to go to a pumpkin patch next! I love the good brands of candy corn and one piece makes you want more! I like the candy drawer idea! Out of sight but you still know it’s there!
      Yes my English major is so passionate about books and it’s fun to talk with him.
      It’s been an emotional week. That’s how I started class yesterday and I had better attendance than I expected. Bellarmine canceled class yesterday. All sporting events have been cancelled with JCpS schools bc of our curfew and it makes me sad for our kids bc they need anything they can get right now, you know?
      Thank you!

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  3. I would love to keep a candy bowl or two scattered around the house but know it would be impossible to keep filled (party me; mostly the boys– ok maybe mostly me; partly the boys). Our first week of distance learning went OK and you were right– google classroom is a very easy platform to use. I have sat near enough my son for the past 3 days that I can hear what is going on and wow! you teachers are just rock stars with how you are handling this all!

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    1. I know – I am tempted!
      I’m glad you are linking Google classroom! Thank you! It’s like learning a whole new job but I appreciate the ability to do my job safely from home!
      Happy weekend!


  4. i always love to check in and see what you are up to. you seem to have the best ideas for socializing and last minute fun plans! and…. did you know if you mix candy corn and peanuts in equal measures (i like dry roasted peanuts) that the combo tastes just like a payday candy bar. dangerously good if you like paydays!! have a great weekend!

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    1. Awww thank you Rita! Yes! My sister in law taught me about that combo – just haven’t gotten any peanuts yet. That is so good! And, it reminds me of fall. I hope you Have a great weekend, too!


  5. That’s a great roundup of favorites! I like that nail color, but I’m not quite ready to change to darker colors. I agree about the kids. My heart is so sad for all of them. When they were so used to great in person education and interaction, none of the options seem good enough. We’ll have to keep making the best of things!


  6. I feel so bad for you and I am so grateful that I get to live my life in such a normal way. Don’t get me wrong, we are of course careful with social distancing and all cultural events are off. The last episode of Swedish Idol was sent from the participants’ hotel rooms – and three of them was diagnosed
    with covid, they still performed! So it’s a fact, young people don’t get especially sick.
    Well, for fun I’m enjoying the amazing fall, September is delivering and it’s so beautiful (even though I’m not prepared for cold weather).


    1. Thank you! But I’m ok – I feel bad for others that have it worse! I have heard that while the virus may now be more contagious that it seems to have lessened in severity?
      Our September has been simply wonderful – weather speaking! I know – not ready to be cold!


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