Wednesday, September 23, 2020

I am linking up today with The Style Six so go here to see more fashion posts and I am linking up here for the fall link up with Emily and Sarah where today their theme is fall fashion!

I am having fun wearing my early fall clothing. I realized I needed some staples. I love a v neck t-shirt. I mentioned buying these last week and one of my readers wanted to see which ones I picked.

Target A New Day white v-neck t-shirt below. I sized up and am really happy with the fit. This is super soft.

Same shirt in burgundy. I really like this color. It is my school color and the college color of my boys, too!

Old Navy olive green linen blend. This is not as soft but it hides flaws a little better due to the material. I also sized up one in this.

These will work and already have worked under my kimonos and my cardigans.

So, I have a confession – I have been wearing exercise bottoms for my 11:00 a.m. walk and business/teaching attire on the top. When it is time for my walk I change shirts and then change back after my lunch break!

Old Navy sleeveless blouse with Lularoe kimono – All are old.

Sunday boat outfit. Old camo sleeveless dress and new Target Universal Thread cardigan.

Hometown day trip outfit: Old Matilda Jane consignment pants, MIA Sofia clogs, new embroidered blouse, and Target Universal Thread cardigan.

My sister is my guest appearance! She is wearing DSW BOC brand clogs, Meijer patchwork jeans from a couple of years ago (smart purchase as these are super trendy now!), design t-shirt, and drapey jacket. I thought she looked great and comfortable! I ordered her shoes for me! They were on sale for $40.

Old Matilda Jane pants from consignment, new embroidered blouse, and Target Universal Thread cardigan, with Old consignment Birkenstocks.

New Amazon Umgee sweater – you guys, I loved it! It is so soft and the perfect weight, black capri pants and black tee. I got fully dressed this day for a meeting with my principal.

My other new Umgee item from Amazon. I love this fall kimono and this is why I wanted the new white v-neck t-shirt.

And, finally just my new embroidered top to teach in sitting at my computer with my blue light blockers on.

I am trying to have fewer items in my closet but more items that I love. This goes against my bargain shopper nature, but I am working on it! I also know I need staple items. These are not especially fun to buy but without them you cannot put an outfit together, you know?

What are you wearing lately? Have you made the switch from summer to fall? I put all my white things away and anything that looked super summery. I know the white thing is not a big deal anymore but I wear so much white in the summer that I am ready to say adiós and move on. Over the last couple of years I have been looking for fall colors in lighter weights for this time of year. It has helped a lot!

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11 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday – Fall Staples and a Guest Appearance

  1. Yep, I have firmly transitioned to fall at this point. With temps in the 60’s this week I’m mainly wearing jeans and sweaters now (usually with a t-shirt underneath in the hopes it will warm up).

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  2. I’m still wearing white as we are in the 100s through at least next week. I try not to think about changing to fall clothes at least until October. That said, I did order a lightweight leopard print dress with short sleeves that I can start wearing now. I ordered the Universal Thread cardigan and like the weight and fit, but the rust color was more of a terracotta color that doesn’t work for me. I may exchange it for the olive color. Those embroidered blouses you have are really pretty!


  3. I am definitely doing the same – rocking the business attire on top, and leggings or jeans on bottom. Gotta love Zoom meetings! Lots of cute outfits – I love all the flowy tops / kimonos. They are in such pretty fall colors! Thanks for linking up!

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