Monday, August 31, 2020

Hello all! Can you believe September is tomorrow? I have mixed feelings. I think we all thought life could maybe be a bit normal by September and it is really not, is it?

I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya and many more here.

I have a post coming to you tomorrow on my experience as a teacher trying to do virtual teaching – if you are interested – but, this is a photo of what I did Friday after at 4:00 p.m. after another surprise training that should not have been needed. I have my sangria with a splash of ginger ale, my book, and a fan on me. I set my sangria down and fell asleep! It was lovely.

Shortly after this it started raining so I ordered Panera soup and half a sandwich for Tom and I and we watched the telly. Now I am back on the same level as Tom on Fridays and understand why he is fine to stay home! I did not drive my car anywhere on Friday. I think I had two days like that last week – Tuesday and Friday.

Saturday morning I was up early. I decided to hit the Farmer’s Market earlier than I did a couple of weeks ago. Two weeks ago I arrived at 8:30 and it was packed. This time I was ready to arrive at 8:00. I couldn’t believe how many people beat me!

The one I go to is in a church parking lot. There are also booths with jewelry, honey, kettle corn, flowers, beer, wine, and other cool things.

I had a nice time and this was my haul:

watermelon, kettle corn for Tom, white wine for me, corn, zucchini, cucumber, tomato, and a pimento cheese biscuit.

I also stopped by Walgreen’s to get my son’s Europe trip pictures developed. His trip was last November but I recently thought I should get his memory card out of our nice camera because he had mentioned admiring my photo albums. I had a coupon code and printed all 600 photos for him. I thought he could do something with them on his semester break.

I also picked up two fall magazines – my guilty pleasure.

I cleaned and did some school work and then had a snack on the patio. I love Triscuits! Do you like them? I once saw a meme that said “Triscuits – For those people who have always wondered what wicker tasted like”. I firmly believe they taste better than wicker.

I made a trip to Target after that to check out the Magnolia fall stuff. I wasn’t a big fan. Or, my store didn’t have much to see. I need to go to TJ Maxx and Home Goods. My fall decor is not doing it for me anymore and I really want to try to clean out my seasonal bins and donate what doesn’t fit my taste.

Saturday evening we had one of our couple friends over and I moved my early fall apple decor outside to the patio. We had bourbon slushies and food from a Cuban/Spanish restaurant.

I put my white hydrangeas and twine apples on the table. I also got mustard colored placemats at Target.

I went to pick up the food.

We had guacamole with plantain chips.

salad, short rib flat bread, ham croquettes, fish and pork tacos, and spicy potatoes. We took everything outside and just passed it. I also made a chocolate chip cookie and served it with ice cream for dessert. You can see it on the left below. I took the break and bake cookie dough and just pressed it in my pan and baked it. Yum!

We turned on our patio lights and stayed outside talking until almost 10! That is quite a record for us. It was so nice.

Sunday morning was sweatshirt weather and I took my coffee and book to the patio. I finished Eliza Starts a Rumor and I liked it. It was deeper than I expected. The writing style was a bit choppy but I do recommend.

I think this is my next book. I have so many library books right now. I really should return some.

And, Sunday was back to work to get ready for the week. I like to work on Sunday morning so that I can feel more free the rest of the day. I also went to the grocery and came home and put Dr. Pepper pulled pork in the crock pot.

Then, we went out on the boat for a bit and it was really nice. Tom and I enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches, half a baked potato and slaw for dinner.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


13 thoughts on “Hello Monday – Last Day of August!

  1. Looks like a great weekend! I went to TJ Maxx this weekend & realize I hadn’t been there since March! I still haven’t been to Home Goods…which I can’t believe. The cookie you made looks delish. Have a great week

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think TJ and Homegoods will be one outing this week. I have been trying to go out at 3 if I’m working from home! The cookie is super easy and best warm – just like the skillet cookie sundaes at restaurants! Have a great week!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What is kettle corns? Don’t tell me you put sugar on popcorns!? Crazy…
    I’ve never done “fall decorations”, so I’m waiting for some inspiration! Remember, we don’t have Hobby lobby over here…
    Highlight of my weekend: one more boat ride! I so hope for a warm September!
    Enjoy your evening!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it is salty and sweet popcorn.
      You can do all natural – real gourds and sqaush and pumpkin. I’m into white pumpkins!
      Only one more boat ride? That is sad!


  3. My middle son eats a family size box of Triscuits a week! I like them with cheese & pepperoni and might grab one or two but he will eat them by the handful and pack them in his lunch with nothing at all on them. I thought about stopping by our Farmer’s market this weekend since we were actually in the area when they were open but it was pretty packed and pouring rain so I opted to just skip it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! I tried the sea salt this time and I think I need to stick to original. Our farmers market is the same unless you get there right when it opens. I’m happy bc that means the vendors are doing well!


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