Friday, July 24, 2020

O.k., time needs to slow down now. Are the weeks flying by for you, too? I am linking up with Andrea, etc. so go right here.

We have had lots of rain this week. One of my favorites was enjoying coffee on my covered patio in the rain.

I also went to my friend’s front porch for a socially distanced happy hour. She made an amazing peach bourbon drink.

Her porch is so cute!

I am loving curbside pick up at the library. I make an appointment each week to get at least one book that they have ready for me. This week I got…

I have enough to keep me busy!

Before the rain started this week, it was still so hot and Ernie didn’t even want to walk.

My trusty water spray bottle really helps in the heat!

I finished this. It was a bit slow to start but it is a really cute story.

I treated myself to a small container of the much talked about Bum Bum Cream. I ordered it from sight unseen or smell unsmelled. I’m glad I did. It’s smells like summer! It is a kind of vanilla tropical smell. I am using this instead of fragrance right now.

I still love, love, love my Glade Cashmere Woods but I did want to try something more summery. Tanya of The Other Side of the Road blog told me about this and she was right. I ordered the candle and the plug ins in Hawaiian Breeze from Amazon.

I placed another order for this popcorn on Amazon, too. I really like it.

I had been curious about baked oatmeal and tried this recipe from Budget Bytes here. It is more of a fall or winter breakfast food, I think, but I liked it.

I wanted to check back in about this product. I don’t think I will buy it again. I just don’t think it works that well to justify the price.

I think this works better. I am quite brand loyal to my Dawn dishsoap because I think it’s the best!

Everything is so green because of our rain. It’s so pretty and I am glad to have a slow paced life to enjoy it. I know that things will get busier for me soon but I hope to still maintain a good balance.

The rain was flowing through our rain chain from the gutters.

You know I love Target Universal Thread – they make masks in various sizes for $4 for a two pack! This seems to be a nice breathable material. I got L/XL but it’s a bit too big. I think I will try to loop the elastic to make it fit better.

I forgot to tell you that we also had lunch together on our anniversary. We tried a new sandwich shop. Tom tried out my new necklace fan under his buff to take back to work. He only has to wear his buff when entering the building or in meetings. Most of the time he is in his office alone and doesn’t have to wear it.

I had a really good veggie sandwich.

This weekend I hope to try to make this drink!

And, please follow Cattle Baron in Cashmere on Instagram. Doesn’t this make you upset?

I only have 2 more weeks of freedom and 3 more weeks with my boys at home. I just typed that and got a pit in my stomach.

What were the highlights of your week? Any fun weekend plans?

Happy Friday! Fridays will mean more to me very soon!


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I hope you like Simple Wild. 😃 we didn’t get any rain this week…at least not at my house. I was hoping to get a day off from watering the plants yesterday. It looked like it was going to rain but didn’t!

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  2. Hi there! I agree that Dawn power wash is a disappointment! Your books look good, I’m going to start On the Bright Side soon. I might buy that lotion!

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Thank you! The lotion smells like summer definitely but I started with the smallest jar to be safe! Happy weekend Sharon!


  3. I like plain old Dawn dish soap too– I keep a small bottle in my laundry room since it’s great at taking cooking oil stains out of clothing.

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  4. I have a mini jar of the bum bum cream (from a subscription box), but I haven’t tried it yet. It’s very hyped, so I guess I will have to try it soon! But I’m quite sensitive to smells… I just can’t stand the smell of self tanners…
    Such a strange summer! It’s unfathomable that I’ve been here in the woods for 5,5 weeks! I’m so used to Florida’s pulse and energy, so I feel a bit cheated on all the fun…
    I start August 12 – you?

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    1. Use it now while it is still summer! By the way, I don’t use it on my bum bum. I use it on my arms arms only. It’s my summer perfume! I am VERY sensitive to smells and get headaches if a smell is too artificial, flowery, etc.
      It really has been such a strange summer! I start August 10 so about the same. But I have a meeting this week and I can do a training ahead of time to have August 14 off when I think boys will move in dorms. We have to sign up for a 2 hour slot.
      Our work starting aug 10 will be virtual. It will stink to be behind a computer screen all day.
      I will maybe bring laptop outside. We purchased a WIFI extension that reaches our patio back in the spring and it’s been a lifesaver.
      My house is getting ready to be quiet and empty I guess. But I am excited to get it really clean!
      We boated yesterday and are going again today. I feel cheated of a vacation, too, but I’m lucky to have the things I have to keep me entertained.
      Happy Sunday and enjoy the last of your cabin weeks!


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