Wednesday, July 22, 2020

I have talked about Costco before, but I think people are always interested in this topic. Most of us are still limiting trips out and one way we can do that is by stocking up on necessities. We have had a Costco membership for a long, long time. I briefly belonged to Sam’s Club but it just wasn’t convenient – about 20 minutes away – and I wasn’t using my membership. When I found out that Costco would be opening up 5 minutes away I signed up before they were even open! I had heard legendary stories of the wonder of Costco from people in other cities.

Now, do I think a Costco membership saves me money? That’s a tough one to answer. I do think we save money on some things like dog food. We get a 50 lb. bag for $35. I also think you might “save” money by not having to enter a store as much because the bulk items last longer. Because we all know that every time we enter a store, we will pick up some impulse items. I also think it might depend on your area of the country. Grocery prices can vary widely. I think groceries in Kentucky are fairly reasonable. It also depends on your family size and your eating habits.

Little known fact – anyone can enter a Costco and use a Costco gift card that you have purchased ahead of time. Also, I think you can get a one day pass. I would definitely say to do this before joining.

In our case, we go to Costco about once every two months.

Here is what I love: (I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments if you are a member)

Costco’s brand is Kirkland and their Breakfast Blend K Cups are my absolute favorite. One box lasts me almost two months because I’m the only coffee drinker in my house. I love this coffee so, so much! I would say it’s a medium roast which is what I like. I don’t do the super bold coffees. You get 100 K cups for $36.

Costco brand kitchen trashbags. They are great. This box lasts us forever.

Costco brand dishwasher tabs – Dishwasher tabs are so much better than the powder or liquid that gets so messy.

Costco brand laundry pods – same as above. I have never had an urge to eat one.

Costco brand dryer sheets (I know these aren’t good for you but I hate static – maybe I will try dryer balls and essential oils one of these days – tips?)

Costco brand toilet paper – very sad I had to buy Charmin this time because there was no Costco brand.

Costco brand paper towels – select – a – size is a must for me and these are great paper towels. I have been working on reducing use of paper towels and have done pretty well. We use cloth napkins for dinner now instead of paper towels. We have always used paper towels as napkins. My mom thinks this is weird.

Giant tub of M and M’s for only $10. Tom has a problem. Tom NEEDS M and M’s in the house at all times.

5 tubes of toothpaste for around $10. This is a great deal on this toothpaste that we really like – Crest with mouthwash.

Frozen tortilla crusted tilapia. This makes great fish tacos!

Individually frozen fish filets. I like to put cajun seasoning and some butter and this is so good. I am trying to serve more fish and less chicken.

Rotisserie chickens that are huge and only $5.

Their prepared foods – We love the spinach salad. They also have a Ceasar salad. They have street taco kits, and a few other yummy things.

Christmas gifts – I buy so many gifts here. They have some great things.

Boys clothes – I can find lots of things for the boys here. We almost always get jackets from here. They have great prices!

Peanut butter – giant containers and a really good price.

Ketchup – a great price on the kind we use.

My recent trip this past weekend:

I have to be pretty careful on the fresh foods because I don’t want to waste.

Do you have a Costco or Sam’s membership? Do you think it saves money?

What Costco recommendations do you have for me? I was trying to get in and out (because of the mask!) so I didn’t look closely at new products they are carrying.

Oh, I have also saved a great deal of money here for Christmas photo cards, contact lenses, and tires.


21 thoughts on “Costco Thoughts

  1. We get all of our vitamins at Costco,I order my Christmas cards, we buy all of our salmon, and large pieces of meet that I cut and freeze. BTW, I tried the dryer balls and didn’t like them, they did nothing for the static cling. I’m back to dryer sheets!

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    1. Yes to vitamins! I forgot about toiletries and vitamins. I really like their organic ground beef and need to do that again with large quantities of meat.
      Good to know about the dryer balls!


  2. We belonged to Sam’s Club when the kids were little for diapers, etc. I drove past one on my way to school, so it was convenient. I do remember the great deals on items like books, clothes, etc. We don’t live near Sams or Costco …& I always worry about storage. We have tons of cabinets in our kitchen but no pantry, etc. I do know some things from Costco would come in handy

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  3. Oh- my mom bought me the dryer balls & they work for us BUT they always end up stuck in the clothes or sheets and I end up having to take them back to the dryer 😂which is in the baseball so I just throw or roll the balls down the stairs until I’m going that way. Don’t want the static ball to get homered while upstairs 😄

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  4. “I have never had an urge to eat one.” I fell on the floor, so funny! Our lists are similar, but now I’m adding M&Ms to mine. We buy a pallet of eggs and oj on almost every trip (every other wk, family of 4 who eats like a family of 8). Their block cheeses are a great price and so is their butter right now. We also like their uncooked tortillas, 5.99 for 48ct, they cook up so yummy and tastes fresh. I’m not sure those are sold at all Costco’s, though, we live in AZ.

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    1. Haha! The colorful Tide ones do look more tasty!
      The giant M and Ms are a really good deal. The small bags at Target are $6 I think! I don’t buy the pallet bc I don’t have room in my fridge but I guess I could figure it out. The butter is a really good deal – forgot about that. The cheeses are, too. I don’t know if we do have those tortillas but I will have to look. Oh, and the Hawaiian rolls are a much better price than anywhere else. Have you made those ham and Swiss sliders? Now I feel like I need to go back to Costco because I forgot so much! I was happy to walk out of there for under $200 though!


      1. Yes, their Hawaiian rolls can’t be beat by a long shot! We have made those sliders but with cheddar instead since we’re not big fans of swiss. I love posts like these, but at the same time I feel the need to go out and buy stuff cause it all sounds good.

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      2. I am not big Swiss fan either but like it in these! Provolone works too! I’m the same! Do you ever read the grocery diaries on the kitchn website? Those give me lots of ideas, too!


  5. I still use liquid fabric softener but I’m trying to cut down on the quantity so I use the dryer balls too. I feel like the dryer balls help toss everything around a little better. I don’t always add oils but I love to add lavender and peppermint when I’m drying my sheets.

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