Thursday, July 16, 2020

Let’s talk about books and t.v.! Thanks for all of the sweet wishes on my anniversary yesterday! Like many teachers in the summer, I try to catch up on movies, t.v., and books. I do a pretty good job of still taking time for myself during the school year for these things, too. As my kids got older I was able to start reading for pleasure again! Hang in there, moms!

So, I thought I would talk today about what I enjoy when I’m not doing household or family tasks right now. I tend to watch a very tiny bit of news in the morning but then not turn on a show until lunch time. I watch a little bit more in the evenings – a show with the whole family and then maybe a show with one or both boys and then my trashy t.v. alone! I read in the afternoons or evenings – usually outside. I’m not sure why but I prefer reading outside to inside! I love t.v. and I love books. For me, it is an escape so I usually want to read or watch something funny or entertaining and not too terribly heavy.

The DVR is the greatest modern invention of my time (well, one of them!). I set my favorite shows to tape everytime they are on which is called a “series recording” and then don’t have to watch them at any set time. Ladies, learn to use your DVR if you have one. It is life changing. My best friend won’t learn and I can’t even handle it. I have offered to come show her! You can even set shows to record from your cable provider’s app.

For awhile at the start of our stay at home order, I wasn’t able to focus on much – t.v., movies, or books. I think I have watched Bravo shows the most and thankfully they had mostly been produced before the pandemic. It has been weird seeing people filming from their homes with their own cameras. I have liked my cooking show people filming at home – that has been cool!

Here is a snapshot into the entertainment world of Amy right now…

T.V. Recently:

Belgravia on Epix – Belgravia is an area of London. The show only has one season and 6 episodes. It is done by the creator of Downton Abbey if you were a fan. I think I might like this story line better. I have ATT Uverse still (we haven’t decided how to cut the cord yet) and found the first two episodes on my on demand free shows section. I got a free trial of Epix to finish the rest. Let me know if you check this out!

Counting On – TLC – This was formerly 19 Kids and Counting and now we get to see all the Duggar kids grown up and married and having babies. I know they are controversial, but I am intrigued by their way of life. I used to watch so many TLC shows. Remember A Baby Story – I was obsessed. Now, there aren’t that many.

Sweet Home Sextuplets – TLC – I am a twin mom and I always have been fascinated with families with multiples. The mom and dad are so sweet and patient. The older brother and older twins are sweet and cute and now they have 9 kids. They are renovating their house so I like that aspect, too.

Bravo – I have to do a separate word about this channel. I love almost everything on Bravo. I also like Andy Cohen. I love, love, love my podcast Watch What Crappens where they make fun of Bravo shows. I find myself wondering what the hosts will say about a given episode!

Right now these are the three Bravo shows that are on and that I am watching.

Below Deck – a crew working aboard a luxury yacht with the super rich clientele. Love it!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – I do not love this group of women. They are so petty and hard to watch. But, I watch anyway.

Real Housewives of New York City – I love this franchise! These women are insufferable, too, but they are much more entertaining. I think I enjoy the New York, Hamptons, Berkshires locales more than any other group.

I can’t wait for Real Housewives of Salt Lake City!

Netflix – Netflix is still my preferred streaming service. We have Hulu and Prime, too.

New Girl on Netflix – This is such a fun show. The characters are truly endearing. The writers are incredible. I really think you should check this out. My boys think it’s really funny.

Scrubs on Hulu – This is our family show now. We are all really enjoying it. I caught a few snippets of it when it was on live t.v. but I didn’t really get into it. I treasure our time watching our show as a family. We have done The Office, Schitt’s Creek, Community, Letterkenny, Arrested Development, Psych, Cheers, Frazier, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some.

Books Recently:

That Month in Tuscany – I finished this in just a couple of days. It was a fun escape!

American Dirt – Heavy but sooooo good!

The Lie that Binds – I really enjoyed this!

The Honey Don’t List – fun, especially if you are a home renovation person.

28 Summers – not her best, but I did like it.

Next Up:

500 Miles From You by Jenny Colgan (currently reading)

The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo

On The Bright Side by Melanie Shankle

What should I watch and read! I need suggestions!


10 thoughts on “Entertainment Thursday

  1. I am obsessed with the Real Housewives – I can’t stop watching and wonder how they feel when they watch. They are so self obsessed. I need to check out New Girl. We started watching Goliath last night and it is good, I think it is on Prime.
    We also loved Queen of the South on Netflix – it was wonderful!

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    1. I know! It’s a guilty pleasure – are they really friends because I don’t treat my friends like that! I don’t know anything about Goliath but I did watch a bit of Queen of the South – interesting premise!


  2. I love the Real Housewives. New Jersey and Orange County are my favorite. When I was working from home at the beginning of the pandemic, I binged Southern Charm. Love it! Also, my hubby and I are obsessed with Yellow Stone. Best show hands down. It’s on Paramount network. Not sure if AT&T has that network. We are on Xfinity.

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    1. Yes – I love those but NY is my fave! I love Southern Charm! I love that Bravo did reruns for awhile, too. Maybe I would like Yellowstone – I have heard others talk about it. Thanks ally!


  3. This is a great list of things to watch. I love the Real Housewives. I think Potomac starts soon. I used to love a Baby Story! In college, I remember watching it and House Hunters between classes. Loved TLC & HGTV

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  4. OK, for series I’m watching Lost in Space (Netflix) with family right now. It’s flirting with the 60s sci fi-series, and we’re really enjoying it! We also saw Into the night (Netflix), a French series that worked really well in English.
    For books I can only recommend fantasy, that I’m really nto right now, but I don’t thing you want that… I have “Crawdads” on my nightstand, I look forward to that!


    1. I have heard of Lost in Space but haven’t watched it. You are right that I don’t like fantasy. I did read Crawdads and it was really good! Enjoy that cabin!


  5. I also watch all the bravo shows and love Ben and Ronnie on watch what Crappens. I listen on my headphones when I walk, and I’m sure my neighbors think I’m crazy because I’m always laughing out loud.

    A really cute travel and food show on Netflix is somebody feed Phil. It’s stars the guy who created everybody loves Raymond and he goes all over eating different food and it’s just really cute and feel good TV.
    Although it’s marketed to a younger audience, I really enjoyed Never have I Ever on Netflix created by Mindy Kahling.
    Unorthodox on Netflix was also really good but heavy.
    My husband and I somehow got started on Suits on Amazon prime. It’s the one with Megan Markel although she is a terrible actress 🙂
    We also loved The Good Wife.


    1. Yes! I worry about the same thing when I’m listening!
      I just found Somebody feed Phil and plan to watch! I need to finish Never – started in Feb or March before the world got crazy and just forgot.
      I know – I saw Meghan on a Hallmark movie and she was bad! Lol!


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