Wednesday, June 24, 2020

It is hard to wear earrings with my mask! But, on the rare occasions I go out and can wear earrings – I like to change up my earrings for the season. I gravitate toward white in the summer and I need earrings that work with my new red sandals, don’tcha know? Ha! I love that I am not alone in planning outfits around my shoes.

I took myself to Versona this week. It was my one outing of the day and I wore a mask. There were 3 employees and 2 shoppers besides me and it’s a huge store. I love how they have their earrings organized by color.

I came home with 4 pairs for $22 total.

I have these in burgundy and wear them quite a bit in the fall and winter. I like this style and love the lucite I think it is.

This next pair are gold hoops with little seed beads.

I have a multicolored pair like these below but since I love black and white outfits I thought these would be worn a lot. Again, it is the lucite material.

And, finally these were on the sale rack and I had been thinking about getting leopard. I think these will be worn more in the fall.

One pair was $7.99 and the rest were $4.99 or $2.99 each. You can’t beat that. I don’t want to be shopping much and I hate shopping in a mask, but the stores are having some great deals right now. I feel so bad for them!

What are your favorites types of earrings?

Where do you find your earrings?


12 thoughts on “Summer Earrings

    1. I love that idea! I let my second holes grow back. I think I only wore two in college?
      I have a raffia pair that I love! I have fall and winter earrings in a box now and change them up!


      1. You should try to re-open your holes, just use some force…! I did it on my husband and put my diamond stud in… funny!! Many pictures were taken!
        Good idea to separate earrings according to season – maybe an idea for a post on organizing? I could really use that…
        We’ve had 86° here for a couple of days, can you believe it!? It’s like Florida!


      2. I’m a baby and that sounds painful. I can’t even see the holes anymore! That is funny! I don’t have a great system for my earrings. I can show where they are but I’m not sure it’s the best.
        Wow that is hot for Sweden!


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