Monday, June 15, 2020

What a full weekend! How was yours? I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more so go here to see some weekend recaps!

Let’s go back to Thursday morning… my highlight appointment. My stylist came out to check my temp before I could go in. The processing part was not fun. I could smell it really bad under my mask at first but then I got used to it. Each station had a plexiglass partition and there were only a couple of other people. When I processed I had the room to myself for part of the time so I loosened my mask. Anyway, my hair looks much better!

The boys and I also did a book store trip that day. I picked these two and I am already finished with American Dirt. I could not put it down! Anyone else read it?

Thursday afternoon I had a friend come over for happy hour but I forgot to take any pictures. It was so nice to see her and it had probably been since January since we had gotten together in person.

The mornings have been cool like Michigan lately. I say that because I love summer Michigan weather. I wore a sweatshirt and brought a blanket each morning to the deck.

Friday Tom was off and we decided to go boating for a picnic lunch – just the two of us!

It was gorgeous and we had the river to ourselves almost!

That evening the boys wanted me to make homemade pizza again using the Skinny Biz recipe so I did and it turned out even better. I preheated the pizza stone and cranked the oven to 500. Next time I am going to do real mozzarella and a better sauce and we will be in business! Thanks again to my reader Kim for telling me about this!

So we left the boys with the pizza and went to the grand opening of these little temporary shops. They were too crowded so we just set our chairs out and listened to the singer.

It was really nice to be out in the nice weather and hear music!

Saturday was Tom’s birthday so I got him an Ale 8 slushie from the gas station (we are very fancy!), a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from McDonald’s, and a glazed donut from a local shop. One present was from me and one was from Mason. Jack told him his gift was going to the guitar shop to get a couple of things Tom needed.

This made Tom’s day and he is wearing my gift while eating his breakfast treats. If you need a Father’s Day gift this might be an idea. Tom is very picky about his clothing and he is obsessed with these Free Fly brand lightweight long sleeve tees with hood. His favorite store in town is Quest Outdoors and they carry the brand. You can also go on the Free Fly website and maybe have something in time for Sunday?

I made a delicious iced coffee late morning. I bought these milkshake straws that I found at Kroger and they make it a little nicer, too. It’s so funny that I don’t even think about buying coffee out any more. It just doesn’t even cross my mind.

The whole family got in the car to do the guitar shop excursion in the afternoon. Mason and I went to World Market next door while they did their guitar accessory shopping.

And, Tom picked Taco Luchador for his birthday lunch/dinner. I think we ordered around 4:00 and it wasn’t busy at all. We did wear masks while ordering and then went outside to wait. We thought about eating on the patio but decided to just take it home. Jack didn’t feel comfortable eating on the patio for some reason. This is the frozen sangria swirl margarita to go!

I got a vegetarian taco that was delicious and we ordered sweet potato fries along with many other things. This was my plate.

Then, after we ate we went to a small brewery for live music. The boys came, too. We only stayed for an hour but it was nice.

And, Tom is wearing his gift from Mason. Mason fell in love with this shirt with hermit crabs embroidered on it. We said this is Tom’s spirit animal.

Sunday morning I started my day on the covered patio reading in the rain. It is one of my favorite things to do and I’m sure you are tired of me talking about sitting out in the rain! My friend who came for happy hour brought me the best smelling lavender eucalyptus candle so I lit that. I was eager to read more of my American Dirt!

I finished it later in the day on Sunday. I know it will be made into a movie.

Sunday morning Tom got invited to go wake surfing and yes, he is wearing a wet suit because it was cool.

I made homemade bread to take to….

a little dinner for my niece Brooke who turned 19 yesterday and Tom who turned much more than 19 Saturday at my sister in law’s house here in town.
I got Brooke these cute little earrings and money.

We had charcuterie,

the most delicious salad with honey goat cheese, green apples, sunflower seeds,

and a pasta with sundried tomatoes, corn, pine nuts, artichokes, and parmesan and my bread.

The birthday girl and her dad.

My dog niece – Look at her eyelashes!

It was a nice little family dinner and a nice way to end a full weekend.

What about you? What was your highlight? We got out a little more this weekend. We were mostly outside and when we did go in we had masks on. There were so many cars out on the roads around here this weekend. Also, we drove by the mall and the parking lot was packed! I really hope that we don’t undo the good we accomplished. I don’t know if people are shopping for Father’s Day or they just want to get out so badly or a combo of the two? But, I was one of them. I still am not doing as much as I would normally do on a summer weekend, of course.

Hope you have a great Monday!


24 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. What a fun weekend! I wish I had your weather, it’s hard to enjoy anything outside. Now I want to read that book – you have me tempted and hungry! So much yummy food. Looks like your husband had a nice birthday – and your niece too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The weather here was just amazing. We will get hot and humid but our June weather is usually just like this. The book is on a difficult subject but it’s so well written. I want my boys to read it, too. Have a great Monday and thanks!


      1. I don’t know if I described it well enough.
        Briannas creamy balsamic from Kroger
        Spring mix lettuce, sunflower seeds, Granny Smith apples, and Trader Joe’s honey goat cheese.


    1. I decided it was silly not to buy some books while I wait on the library. The boys and I went to Barnes and Noble and it made us so happy. I haven’t bought a book in 3 years for myself so I figured it was ok. Why is the library being so slow with curbside pickup?


  2. I just started American Dirt. I am really enjoying it, so far. We have to discuss when I am finished. The weather was glorious this weekend, wasn’t it? I went for a long bike ride on Sunday, and Bob went on a morning fishing trip. My mom came over for dinner, too. Happy belated birthday to Tom!

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  3. We went out to eat this weekend for the first time since March! They were practicing social distancing, and I felt very comfortable. It was nice to get out (besides grocery shopping), but we’re definitely not back to normal over here. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Did you eat on a patio? That’s how I’m feeling safest. But our patio weather won’t last much longer because it will get so hot! We had the most normal weekend we have had. It makes me nervous but we are still mostly staying home.
      Glad you had a great experience, Kelly!


  4. So much fun, thank you!
    I finally ordered “Where the crawdads sing”, so that is in my summer reading stack (together with some crime books – why!? I don’t like crime!).
    We spent the weekend without kids, because the toilet tank was full and teenage daughters can’t “use nature”… spoiled little things LOL

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      1. Well, right now one of them is on the computer (Pinterest? youtube?) and the other one is playing “Red dead redemption”. Today they actually went to the gym, but I guess they are waiting for mum to end school so we can go to the cabin…
        I’m looking forward to the book! Can you believe that Delia was 73 when she published her first book! That’s inspiring!

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  5. Hi! As always I enjoy reading your blog. I wanted to let you know my hair salon let me sit in my car while my hair processed. You might be able to do that next time. Getting my hair highlighted was one of the first things I did when our state reopened. Take Care!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ann Marie! That is genius! I will ask to do that next time! I waited a few weeks but it was good to get back to the salon. I haven’t gone to the nail salon yet and I think I will keep DIY ing for a bit. You too! Thanks for the idea!


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