Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I wasn’t sure if I should continue with my regularly scheduled/promised fashion post today. I haven’t talked much about fashion here since February because it wasn’t a priority when dealing with much serious issues, like a pandemic. It still isn’t my top priority as I see our racial tensions come to a head in this country. I have much to learn, of that I am certain. I have been a public school teacher for 26 years and I am currently in an extremely diverse school. I have been blessed to teach kids from many different backgrounds. I also get to talk about cultural differences because I teach Spanish. It’s a great forum to open that discussion and build bridges of understanding. I want to be a better teacher next year for my minority students. I want to read more books to help me understand and I want to listen to more stories. It saddens me that we haven’t come farther in 2020. My city is on night 5 of a 10 day curfew of 9:00 p.m. This is like nothing I have ever experienced. I pray for safety from violence and Covid. Can you recommend any books?

My new sandals:

Have you heard of the Sam Eddelman Audrea as seen here? Many bloggers have been wearing these. I wanted something with a little lift that could be dressed up or down and was comfortable. The price was reduced and I ordered them from Nordstrom. I also think they will make a good teacher shoe if we get to go back in person. They kind of remind me of those slides that older men in Florida wear? That was really specific!

I promised you I would show you my TJ Maxx purchases. I returned my chair last Friday and picked up a couple of things. I didn’t even look at the clothing. All dressing rooms are closed. They are accepting returns which is nice. I just didn’t want to be in there for long, so I did a really quick look in the accessories and home goods areas.

These were a total impulse purchase because I had already ordered new Reefs. These are C & C California brand and they were on clearance for $8. They are quite comfortable with a really substantial sole.

I knew I wanted to look at sunglasses and they have great ones. These were $9.99 by Jones New York. I love the tortoise and the blush combo.

And, that was that for TJ Maxx. It was surreal and sad to be in there. All of their Easter stuff was 75% off and it reminded me that Easter was at the beginning of the quarantine.

These are my Reefs. I love this brand and these were I think $22 with 20% off from a Memorial Day sale. I ordered directly from the Reef website.

So, I probably did not need two new pairs of brown flip flops but I don’t really like my last year’s models and I wear flip flops most days in the summer. I just love to buy sunglasses, as you know. And, the Sam Eddelmans hopefully will turn out to be a good purchase.

I would really like to do a shopping ban for the rest of the summer. I’m not positive I can pull it off. It just seems like a great time to do one. I am not going many places, therefore it’s hard to shop. I’m also not going places much to wear clothing! Where do you stand on taking breaks from shopping?

When I do good places, I am feeling the white top and denim bottom vibe. I have a light denim skirt, denim cut offs, and denim slightly nicer shorts. And, you know I have lot of white tops. What is your “summer uniform”?

Thanks for reading, thinking of you and hoping you are staying healthy,


16 thoughts on “First Wednesday of Summer

  1. I really like Sanuk flip-flops. They are my “house” shoes. I wear flip-flops pretty much only in the house in the summer months (I hate being in bare feet? Something about feeling a dirty floor potentially?), so I get a new pair every few years.

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    1. I have thought about that brand. My husband and boys have had their loafer type shoes. I love being bare footed! It’s probably not good for your feet. Maybe I will get that brand in black as I don’t have any black flip flops.
      Do you get my comments? I just left one. It doesn’t show up for me so I thought I would check.


  2. I got those Sam Edelman shoes as well. In fact, I am wearing them right now at work! I really am happy with my purchase! The sole is so comfortable. I should taking a shopping ban but really can’t imagine for a whole summer! LOL! I have done a month at a time tho.
    Anyway, I just thought I would drop a line. I really enjoy reading your posts everyday! You are usually the first one I read. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

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    1. We are sole sisters! I’m sorry – I’ve been at home too long with no one to direct my stupid jokes toward!
      I wore them for two hours last night standing and I need to break them in a bit.
      I love summer clothes so much but I’m up in weight this year (quarantine) and I just probably should be happy with what I have!
      You are too kind to say that Kelly! That made my day! Have a good day at work!


  3. I like your new format and am glad you kept the little pink box at the top with the original artwork!
    I made a few purchases at the beginning of March never dreaming that the stay home times would be so long and once I realized that everything is changing I’ve definitely slowed down (stopped) on purchases. I get tons of emails with 30-40% off and am tempted while I look but if I wait and think about it I don’t but anything. I feel bad for the retailers, I can feel the desperation for sales and think that some of my favs may not make it in the long run.
    I’m not a bare feet fan at all, but it is really good for your core balance, try standing on one foot now and then!


    1. I had been trying to get that back! I’m trying to work on blog this summer and trying to create tabs or categories. I am the same – the prices are tempting and I feel bad for the retailers!
      That’s good to know – I should try yoga. But I can definitely stand on one foot!
      Have a good day!!


  4. Great new look/format for the blog. I also love the Sanuk flipflops…super comfy. I have been to TJMaxx and also HomeGoods, and it’s kind of depressing. The shelves are pretty empty with not a lot of new merchandise. Maybe they are trying to get rid of the current stock?

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  5. For books I can really recommend Michelle Obama’s Becoming. It taught me a great deal about growing up as an African American in the us.

    For flip flops I’m into the Brazilian brand Hawaianas. In Florida it’s all I use, and here too if it’s warm enough. I’m afraid I will be very sloppy looking if we spend the summer here in the cabin… I must try to not loose it totally and look like a crazy cat lady! (or something lol)

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    1. Thank you! I have had Havianas before but Reef are so much more comfy to my feet. I’ve missed you this week and I almost emailed. I knew you were finishing up which normally is so busy!


      1. Three more days of staff meetings in school… but it’s totally ok! I will not have to use my brain! haha!

        and speaking of school… thank you for describing what you’ve studied over the years (you commented a while ago). You are so well-educated! How interesting that you wanted to be a principal! Have you abandoned that thought?

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      2. Three days seems like torture though! There just isn’t that much to talk about until your brain has rested! Lol!
        You are so welcome! Many people don’t realize the education teachers have to have and the lack of respect is really crazy considering. I got my principalship degree and passed the 6 hour test in 2000, then got married and then I was pregnant with twins 1.5 years later. I always said that if I ever stopped loving teaching I might apply for an assistant principal job – you have to be an assistant first. My school has four assistants and one head principal. But, the job has changed and it is so much more pressure now I think. So, I think I’m fine to retire from teaching when the time comes. I have made about $3000 more per year because of this degree so that is quite a bit of money.


      3. Oh come on, three days are ok… (I hope)

        Yes, lack of respect… it’s the same here. We are really bad payed if you consider all the education. And unfortunately the main idea is that everything is the teachers’ fault… Parents are not involved as much as I think they should be. But what bothers me most is that everybody is an expert in teaching! Even though they haven’t set a foot in a classroom for thirty years…

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