Friday, May 15, 2020

Are you ready for a major hodge podge of favorites this week? Linking up with Andrea, etc. right here.

How was your week? Are many of you finishing up the distance learning school year? My friends in town with kids in the private schools are. We go until May 27 so it doesn’t seem that close even though I know it really is.

This week I did a Hello Monday post, a Tuesday post about Outdoor spaces, a Wednesday post about recent Amazon purchases, and a Thursday post about last summer’s favorite clothing. So, many of my favorites today are updates on those posts.

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to Jen of When I showed my Wayfair pick that is currently out of stock she reminded me about the Better Homes and Gardens line at Walmart. I know this isn’t a great photo and I haven’t seen it with my own eyes yet, but I chose this set (Tom liked it, too.) It is two chairs with pull out ottomans. I thought this was a cool feature and we would push them in when not in use. It also comes with a table.

I decided to also get the matching storage bench/ottoman.

The storage bench comes today! and the rest is supposed to come Monday. We still don’t have the railing material in and we have to do one more coat of the stain but I am excited for this to come together. I will miss my anti-gravity lounger but I am sure I can still use it.

Majorly shifting gears… Do you love Nothing Bundt Cakes? If you have never tried one, you must! A few weeks ago my 19 year old niece who likes to bake sent me this recipe that she found on Pinterest. It starts with a cake mix and you just add instant pudding powder, eggs, sour cream, oil, and water. You are supposed to also add chocolate chips but I didn’t have the mini kind it called for and then I forgot to add big ones. I know I didn’t do a great job with the icing, but this tasted so good and so similarly moist to the real thing!

Our weather wasn’t great this week on Monday-Wednesday, but I sat outside in my little covered corner to read and drink a Paloma one afternoon.

I know a lot of parents are going to be struggling to make this summer feel like summer. We almost always had a pool membership but even when we did I liked to have some water toys for the yard. I came across this cool sprinkler thing at on Instagram and thought I would share. I have a feeling the water toys are going to go quickly. And, you know what? Most kids would think this was just as fun as going to the pool if not more fun. Maybe you can have socially distanced water play in your yard?

I really want some new Birkenstocks and I am thinking white or rose gold. I know that white isn’t that practical but who wants to be practical all the time? Look at these Birkenstocks, though for fall maybe? I think this brand is a division of Birkenstock. These could be great teacher shoes!

My 12 year old niece is really becoming quite the baker, too. I love when my nieces are old enough to text. It just adds more fun to our relationship. This was our sweet exchange this week.

I had a fun Facetime with my work friend this week, too. It’s so nice to see faces!

My navy romper came and I am happy with the quality. Check out my Wednesday post for more info. Sorry for the bad photo.

My silk kimono robe came in, too. I think you need to go up at least 2 sizes. I want this a little bit more roomy because it is a robe. But, the quality seems decent. We will see after I wash it!

And, my earrings arrived and they are huge! What do you think? Too big?

My sister said this new movie release on Netflix is hilarious so I plan to watch this with Tom this weekend. Warning – this sister and I and our husbands like slapstick comedy that isn’t too high brow.

What were your favorites?

Do you have any weekend plans?

We are still socially distancing around here but on May 22 (our governor changed it from May 25!) we can be around 10 people! So, if today is May 15, can I be around 5 people? Just kidding!

Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. You are going to love that storage ottoman, we have one – it might even be from Walmart – and we store all of our pool towels in it, so handy! I love Nothing Bundt Cakes – YUM – I have made a white chocolate raspberry recipe from Pinterest and it turned out well too. I have yet to try a flavor I didn’t love. Your new robe is so pretty, I hope it washes well. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  2. I can’t wait to see your patio furniture. I do like the ottoman feature. Also, we love nothing bundt cakes! We usually buy a few of the smaller ones, so everyone gets what they want 😂

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      1. I’m pretty sure the moist cake is achieved by the sour cream, 4 eggs, and the instant pudding. I’m telling you the copycat recipe is really close to how NBC tastes.

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      2. I make a bundt cake from mix and match mama that has that instant pudding. I think that helps so much. We will have to try NBC recipe though. Hadley is excited because for her last Girl Scout meeting next week, they are using leftover Girl Scout cookies to use in a baked recipe and will talk about it in the zoom meeting. And then create a little recipe book from all of the recipes

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      3. It must help it! Her Bundt cake and bar recipes are really good but I don’t like her main dish recipes that I’ve tried. That is such a fun Girl Scout idea! We have no more cookies or sources of cookies. My husband loves Thin Mints!

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  3. After some googling I realize that bundt cake has to do with the shape, not the content, right!? Every Swedish household has a pan like this, and I do a cake almost every weekend! But today I will use a normal round pan and make a Tosca cake.
    I took this Friday off to have a long weekend in the cabin, I just love it here! We bought some flowers and material for a new patio. I did some hard work removing small rocks that are lying around here and there…
    We’ve started My name is Anne, and it’s absolutely wonderful! I thought it would be too cheesy, but even my husband likes it (!).

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    1. Yes, the Bundt name is for the pretty pan. You make a cake every weekend? Wow! Is that to go with your Hygge coffee routine? Now I will have to look up tosca! Have a great long weekend and you will be so happy with your results!


      1. “Hygge coffee routine” 😀 Yes, correct! You’re so funny! (Have I told you that I refer to you as my Kentucky Lady? :-D). Well, I don’t make the extravagant kind of cake that you did, just a plain sponge cake or brownie or something…
        BTW, “Anne with an E” is the correct name for the Netflix show… It has made me sleep better in the night, promise…! (no gun shots, violence or other upsetting stuff that can disrupt my beauty sleep)

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      2. I call you my Swedish friend! I talk about you quite a bit and hub and others probably think I’m weird! Haha! My sister and my mom had an obsession with Anne of Green Gables which I think that is based on? I should try it. I’m still a bit agitated and having some trouble focusing. I spin my wheels more than I would if it were a normal break, you know? I taped the Downton Abbey movie and will try to watch that today. My son and I are watching Big Little Lies bc he read the book for Women in Lit class. He fast forwards the sex scenes.
        I like to watch light and funny before bed!


      3. Cheer for the Internet! So cool!!!
        Yes, Anne of Green Gables is the one. I think I read it as a child, don’t really remember. Maybe I appreciate it so much because of the crazy times we’re in? Downton Abbey probably has the exact same effect, I mean, how upset can you be about English country houses and inappropriate outbursts? LOL
        Big Little Lies were great, as is the Swedish main character Alexander Skarsgård!

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      4. It really is! I was 7 years older than that sister so I didn’t really watch it! I just love that about DA. I want to watch Belgravia but I can’t find it. There is another show I am liking called Larkrise to Candleford, too. I love the clothes and the way of life.
        Is Alexander Perry? I will look that up!


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