Wednesday, May 13, 2020

I really have not shopped much since mid-March. I showed you my one Loft item, my Old Navy order, and a few random Amazon purchases here and there and that is it. I don’t really need much right now. Normally I would be so excited to add a few things to my spring wardrobe. I love all the fun colorful accessories. I love summer shoes. But, I am waiting for the most part. I have plenty of things I love from last year if I do end up having places to go this summer. My main reason, though, is I don’t want to have to do returns. I have a little UPS/Mailboxes, Etc. just up the road and I have gone in there once since this started. I can just take Amazon returns there if I need to.

I mentioned on Monday that I couldn’t tell you what I sent for Mother’s Day, but now I can!

For my Mother in law, I sent a hydrangea that is supposed to get planted. I love hydrangeas and I think she does, too. She loves flowers and gardening. Here is the link if you are interested.

For my mom, I sent pajamas. She seemed to like them. She loves her pajamas and prefers pants. Here is the link.

This is not Amazon, but remember I told you about Noonday Collection? These are what I ordered and even better they are from Guatemala since I’m a Spanish teacher. They are gorgeous!

My robe is downright embarrassing. It is 15 years old and hub gave to me for Valentine’s Day. I wanted a lightweight summer robe, so I picked this below. They are calling most of these bridesmaid kimonos. Isn’t that funny? I guess that is a trend right now. Here is the link for the robe. I am worried about the sizing. I will let you know how it turns out.

Do you all follow Amanda of That Inspired Chick on Facebook or read her blog? She is like Sheaffer of Pinterest Told Me To/Sheaffer Told me To but with Amazon and She posted that this romper was on Lightning Deal and I went for it in navy. I hope I can wear it out with a kimono? Here is the romper. There are tons of options including pants. It is no longer on lightning deal, but still a good price.

Amanda also talked about these “no muffin top” underwear and they are fabulous! I really needed some new undergarments. Click here to see.

And these are just pure fun for summer! I can’t wait to get these! Click here for these.

What have you purchased lately?


14 thoughts on “Amazon Lately

  1. I am with you, Amy. Have not buying much of anything for me personally. Seems like I am spending more money than usual to get the yard, porches, and patio in good shape because I think that is where I will be spending most of my time this summer. 🙂 I did buy some comfy Birkenstocks (metallic with a platform sole) for wearing around the house and out and about. I have also taken advantage of the great deals at JCrew – prices are really slashed since they declared bankruptcy. I really needed some new T shirts, so have been stocking up. I love linen tees for summer, and JCrew has some good ones.

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    1. Yes, we seem to be spending money on outdoor stuff and groceries! I would love a new pair of Birks and thought about white. The deals are great right now at so many places that it is tempting!


    1. Thank you! I’m surprised you don’t know That Inspired Chick. She lives in McKinney and links up with Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer and that crew. She posts lots of deals on Facebook.


  2. I’m doing an amazon post on Friday …I just uploaded my pics to my post yesterday—-& it was mostly book, comfy clothes for me and games/books to keep the kids occupied 😂I always love see what others have ordered

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    1. I love to see what others pick, too! Amazon is overwhelming for me without other people’s recommendations! I hate spending money on books when I have a full wonderful library near me! I am frustrated that we haven’t gotten the Greenlight on the library or any future dates that I know of. But, how will they sanitize books? Is there a need to? I don’t need any more comfy clothes and I don’t want to encourage myself to be too comfortable! Lol!

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      1. I was just talking about the library situation yesterday. I was thinking surely soon they can get a plan to sanitize (if needed) and curbside pickup…I’m on the waitlist for so many books…we need to get that ball rolling 😂

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    1. Yes, I think that is the reason for my recent purchases. I’m winding down the school year and I’m just over this. I’m sure that is why you are, too!


  3. The only thing I’ve bought for myself is a pair of flowery sneakers. Other than that, what we’ve spent has been on landscaping. But I keep doing the thing where I visit websites, fill the cart, and leave.

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    1. Those sound cute! Landscaping is so expensive!
      I do that a lot, too. Sometimes it fills the shopping void. I am rarely impulsive with online shopping and usually sit on things for a bit.


  4. Great finds! I love the earrings from Guatemala. I also follow Amanda and love the deals she finds. My online shopping (and all shopping) has really decreased recently. Have a great day!

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