Friday, May 1, 2020

The fact that I was able to type May made me feel just a bit more positive. April was hard, you guys. I think we can all agree on that. But I did learn some lessons and I hope I am a better person for the last 7 weeks.

This week went by really fast for me. I guess I was busier with more live classes and a training and a couple more errands outside of the house?

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. so go right here to see more Friday Favorites. I am so glad so many are still blogging. It is a ray of light in all of this and I like to hear first hand what life looks like in other states. I feel like my state (Kentucky) has been one of the most strict? We had some medical services open up this week – chiropractors, some dentists, and more. We got word this week that some other businesses would open May 10 with certain guidelines, retail could open May 20 with limits on numbers of people and mask requirements, and May 25 – wait for it…. social gatherings of 10 and some beauty services like hair salons. Would love to hear what has already opened in your state and how it is going! I am currently determining who my favorite 10 people are for May 25th – Just kidding!

So here are some highlights from the week…

We had really nice weather Monday and Tuesday and Ernie and I benefited from a walk. Wednesday and Thursday the weather turned rainy and cold – sorry Ernie.

Bravo re-played a show called Gallery Girls that I enjoyed. New York City art gallery employees and their drama was the theme. If I watched it when it aired originally I really cannot remember it!

I made a spiked Limoncello lemonade for a virtual cocktail hour with my sister Molly on Tuesday.

I made a strawberry cobbler from Southern Living Tuesday night and it was to die for. I halved the recipe and used too big of a dish but it was probably the best dessert I have had in months. We put a little scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. I will share the recipe soon if you are interested.

I took a silly photo to send to my friend when I was getting ready for one of my live classes. There is one of my black tops I told you about on Wednesday!

I got fixed Monday-Wednesday this week. Thursday I took a morning shower but just left it at that because there were no video meetings. It really made a difference to get ready this week.

Wednesday night we had a surprise delivery of these signs for the boys. I cut out most of it but you get the idea. I will tell you our school but it feels a bit weird putting too much out there, you know? (She says, entirely too late!) Anyway, it says our school name and Congratulations Class of 2020.

Evidence of Thursday hair below – I tried to go to Trader Joes at 9:30 thinking Thursday may not be a popular day to shop and thinking that the opening rush might be over. Think again, Amy – the line was longer than the last time I tried to go. We are talking 40 people standing 6 feet apart with masks on.

So, I drove to Fresh Market and was happy to see only about 8 cars in the parking lot. I wore my new cloth mask for the first time. Um, it does not work with glasses. I will wear contacts next time. I read that you can put shaving cream on your glasses and wipe clean and they will not fog up. I guess I should buy some and try it. It feels so weird to wear a mask and I cannot fathom trying to teach in one next school year. I pray that will not be our reality. Our governor asks that we wear masks starting May 11, but people have already been doing it. I feel like I have aged 10 years lately – the lines on my face!

And, the sign asks that you wear one.

I got two $5 chickens, fresh chicken to put in the freezer (butcher says they are running low?), elote corn salad for Mexican tomorrow night, Q grapefruit soda to make a paloma cocktail, and gourmet tater tots that Melanie Shankle recommended.

So, my two outings for the week were to buy face masks and to go to Fresh Market.

Today I have a virtual faculty meeting and then a Kroger pick up and I am going to try to get my lessons ready for Monday so I can avoid so much Sunday work. We will see if that works out.

Our family is still eating dinner together every night and I cooked all but Wednesday when we got pizza. We are still watching Community together on Netflix and really enjoying it. The boys are working second shift on school work or getting up a bit earlier when they have live classes.

How was your week? Any faves?

Have a great weekend!


17 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. FL will start re-opening on Monday and I am happy because it feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I have no plans to go anywhere but it still feels good. I hope to have my family over for Mother’s Day.
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. I know – makes you feel a bit more positive. We still are supposed to social distance until May 25 but I have a feeling many will break this for Mother’s Day. My mom is taking it very seriously though. She is in Indiana but they do almost same as we do.


  2. May 1st! The weather is horrible, it’s pouring down and it’s really cold… Me and husband is chillin’ in cabin; tv on, open fire, sponge cake in oven… Quite cozy I must admit!
    Life is very normal here in Sweden, but all social gatherings are of course banned. This weekend is a big festivity for students, so one of the big parks have been covered in chicken manure to stop them from partying there! It’s true!
    This morning we sad a final no to a trip to the states this summer, it feels absolutely surreal!
    Recipe for that strawberry thing would be delisch!


    1. Tin-Tin,
      I wish I could bottle up this weather for you. May is probably our best weather. I never get to enjoy it because school in May in the US is crazy town. We work all day and have so many weekend and evening events usually. I kind of like working from home some days. I am in shorts and a tank and just had to move to the shade and there is a light breeze. I’m trying to drink more water but I’m going to go make a Paloma soon. Tequila and grapefruit.
      Your day sounds cozy but for January! Haha!
      I’m so sorry about your summer but I bet you will have fun anyway and enjoy your best Sweden weather. Then in 2021 you will appreciate FL more.
      Recipe coming tomorrow. Can you get strawberries now? Ours aren’t the ripest but for this recipe they work.


      1. Yes please, send me some sun! Sweden can be fantastic, just so you don’t feel too sorry for me, but this spring is so cold. I thought the temperatures were rising in the world…? The thought of a drink on the patio in shorts and tank… Enjoy!
        Yes, we have strawberries, not Swedish yet, I guess they are from Spain.
        You are so right; 2021 will be a blast. And this is also a reminder that you shouldn’t take things for granted… Florida should not be under-appreciated. It really is paradise on earth!


      2. I hope the sun comes to you soon. I got a bit of a sun burn yesterday. We went to a friend’s patio last night and sat far away. I can’t wait until we can sit closer!
        Enjoy the rest of your cabin time!


  3. Any! I NEED that recipe! Food is bringing so much comfort to us right now! I’m glad your mom is taking the distancing seriously. Have a great weekend 😊

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    1. If you can’t wait til tomorrow let me know and I will just take a photo of the recipe! Food is bringing too much pleasure! Yes, makes us worry less. You too!


  4. So happy to see May! I started working remotely this week, so it’s been a bit of a challenge! I bought beautiful strawberries this week, so will look forward to the recipe tomorrow! It looks delicious!
    I went to Trader Joe’s last Friday at noon and there was only about 10 people in line and waited less than 10 minutes to get in. I think first thing in the morning is the busiest time. I’m finding that most places anyway.
    Sunny and warm this weekend so planning on grilling out and enjoying the sunshine! Have a great weekend!

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    1. You will love this recipe!
      Google strawberry cakey cobber by southern living if you can’t wait! Yes the am is probably the busiest. Same for us – sunny and warm until Sunday I think! Have a great one!


  5. It sounds like Tx is much like Florida that Kelly Ann mentioned. We are partially opening today – some retail and restaurants at 25%. I think the rest will come in a few weeks. It’s nice to have a hopeful feeling. We will still stay at home most of the time, but nice to have the option.

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    1. Yes, it does make it feel a bit better – that you have the choice! It will be interesting to see if citizens make smart choices. Have a great weekend!


  6. That recipe looks delicious!! I think my kiddos will love it too! I just learned about Palomas this spring – they are so delicious! I tried one with vodka instead of tequila and it was even better!! Have a great weekend!

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    1. Recipe just posted! Let me know if you make it. Oh my gosh – Q grapefruit soda is delicious and I used it for the first time yesterday. I bet Tito’s would be great, too.
      If you like chick lit Bromance Book Club is cute and I just bought the next one Undercover Bromance. It’s what I need right now!

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  7. We had to start wearing masks last week and I tell you I can not wait to rip that thing off the moment I walk out of a store. It feels so weird and I’m not sure if it’s psychological or what but I swear it makes it harder to breathe too. Our state isn’t opening anything for at least another 3 weeks.. but I was so thankful NOT to have heard from my doctor’s office about my appointment on Monday so I really hope that means they haven’t canceled.

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    1. Same here! I cannot imagine how hot they will be in August and now I feel for the medical people who have always worn them!
      It sounds like you will have your appointment and I hope you get a good report. I touch my face more with the mask on and my glasses fog up and I can’t breathe either.


  8. Hey stranger! April felt like the longest month of my life probably because I was still going to work and then waiting to find out how that would all change. Trader Joe’s…its been so long and I miss it so! Maybe just maybe I can get by there and hope there aren’t 40 people in line!!! That lemonade looks great 🙂 I make strawberry cobbler but in a much more basic recipe from my grandma!!! So good sooo soooo good! Hope your Sunday is perfect!


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