Friday, April 10, 2020

Now I kind of know what day of the week it is! I am linking up today with Andrea, etc., so go right here to see some more Friday Favorites posts.

How was your week? In a weird way the weeks go by quickly after Monday. Do you feel that way, too? You guys, we started this basically a month ago. We found out March 12 that we would be out of school and it is already April 10. On one hand, it is hard to believe and on the other it feels like the new normal or the now normal. Our governor pretty much asked us to stay at home from the beginning so we have been doing this since the get go. By the way, Kentucky is getting national recognition for response to the pandemic. Our governor is getting high praise and we are flattening the curve according to reports. The teachers had a big hand in voting in our new governor.

So, my Friday Favorites aren’t really typical Friday Favorites, but more like highlights or things I want to share from my week. I will try to do one recipe per weekend and then on Monday I will share the weekend as usual. Tuesday – Thursday are a hodgepodge of tips, recipes, thoughts, things that might help somebody out there?

So, my first favorite is definitely your response to my post yesterday. It felt a little self-indulgent but at the same time it was therapeutic to express my feelings. I am a senior twin mom and there is so much uncertainty about how this year will end. Your comments were so sweet and I really feel like I have made genuine friends through this blog. Thank you for sharing what you are grieving, too. I will be thinking of you and your losses, too.

Sunday night the Zoom Cousin Chat was a success! This was a screen shot of all 9 of us and some extra visitors! There are 4 girls and 5 boys. We sent this photo to my mom, her sister, and her brother, too. Each of the three – my mom and her siblings – had three kids, too! I am the second oldest cousin on both sides of the family, by the way. My other side of the family has 9 cousins, too! We represented KY, IN, MI, MA, and OH. I don’t think we would have done this is it weren’t for the current situation, but I will say we have done a great job of seeing each other at least once a year for many years. We have always had an April meet up in Indiana at a state park and sometimes a July meet up on Lake Michigan.

So, Monday was our teacher work day and I was really anxious about my plans and how I would do converting everything to Google classroom. I use a lot of technology in my classroom but I still do a lot of things the old school way. I talk, sing, dance, play videoclips and stop and talk about them, use paper, give handouts, give paper quizzes, play games on the white board, and so much more. I spent several hours Sunday getting my first week’s stuff ready and then I felt better. I have learned so many new platforms in the last week alone.

A custodian sent us this photo – a group of students had left us notes of encouragement all over the building and chalk messages on the sidewalks. I was so touched!

So, Monday I had 3 Zoom/virtual meetings. The weather was gorgeous so I set up shop outside. The meetings were at 9, 11, and 1. At the same time, I had 4 technicians in and out of the house changing out our heat pump. They were there from 7-3. It was a pretty crazy day and I am glad for the mute button on Zoom. I figured it would be less noisy outside and I was right.

I also baked some bread for dinner that night and I was loving life thinking the work from home thing could be kind of cool. It gave more structure to my day and honestly, as a high school teacher, I never thought I would ever have the chance to work from home.

My Dinnerly box arrived and I made the roasted broccoli, rosemary pork tenderloin, and potato wedges and we had the homemade bread.

I went out to the patio for a bit after dinner.

I called my husband out and we tried to see the International Space Station but we were unsuccessful.

Tuesday was my first time leading a virtual class. It was so good to see their faces! I set up my laptop to be at a better height.

Tuesday was a big day because after I worked I had a Kroger pick up. My sister told me that these Corona (I know – don’t judge!) Seltzers were better than White Claw or Truly and I do think I agree. I have only tried cherry and mango so far. I was able to get a 12 pack in my Kroger order.

Wednesday morning I started my day as the sun came up on my deck. The stain is dry and I am so happy to have this additional space back.

I made the boys a lunch on a cafeteria tray on Wednesday to make them laugh.

I took my classroom outside Wednesday and it got hot! I am not used to looking at a computer screen for so long. I need to remember to take more breaks.

Wednesday late afternoon I got out to pick up our Honeybaked Ham. They gave me a specific window of time and there were only 2 other people in the store with 6 foot markers on the floor. I was in and out in about 3 minutes. I really wanted to go to Trader Joe’s next door but there was a long line waiting to get in, so Trader Joe’s is a luxury I can’t have right now. I have plenty of groceries and my Dinnerly foods. Last night I made cheeseburgers and tonight I’m making the lemon pepper chicken. I want to support the local restaurants but I am a little bit scared of restaurant food and I also am trying to use what we have and not spend too much money. So, we are doing take out maybe two meals a week total.

Our family started watching the comedy Community. Did anyone watch when that was on t.v.? We are really enjoying it and because it is about a community college it is pretty timely with the stage our boys are in.

And, now Jack has made his college decision! Whew!

Today I know I will be ready to hang up the laptop until Monday. I think it’s very easy to work more at home than in a school or office. I really need a set schedule and more boundaries between home and work but that will come next week I think. I feel lucky to be working and I really can’t complain.

If you are still here, what were your favorites this week?

Stay well,


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Glad you have that first week of virtual school under your belt! I love working from home but it is an adjustment. We aren’t really doing take out much, I do want to support restaurants but it is a bit scary. I heard that one of the deli workers up the street tested positive, ugh.
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Me too! I’m especially worried about things that aren’t cooked, you know? I guess we could as easily get it from a worker packing our pick up groceries? We just don’t know enough in my opinion. Happy Good Friday!


  2. I have never commented on favorite Friday, but I feel today that I need to. I’m still working at the hospital in administration and it is stressful. Fridays I work from home and get a little time away. My favorite right this minute is sitting on the couch with my 10 year old son, working on my laptop while he laughs on xbox with his brother playing upstairs. My pup is between us asleep. I have a hot cup of coffee beside me and the sun is streaming in the windows. I actually slept last night which has been rare for the whole night. Also, we did a crazy game dinner on Wed where I put out a bunch of finger foods and we just played cards and snacked and laughed. We may try to do that once a week in the middle of the week. Its too easy to just move through the week with one kid in ipods and the other on his tablet and me and hubby vegging out on the TV. Although its totally ok to do that too. My final favorite is GRACE. For each other, for ourselves and from our heavenly Father. This too shall pass. Happy Easter All!

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    1. I love your favorites! It sounds like you are savoring these simple pleasures in life. I love your idea for finger foods and games! We have to give everyone Grace now more than ever! Blessings to your family this weekend and may we this country have a rebirth after this!


  3. Your Dinnerly dinner looked good. My favorites this week were the few warm and sunny days we had and being able to get a lot of yard work done, grilling out and the super moon.
    Have a blessed Easter weekend.

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