Friday, April 3, 2020

How was your week? How was your “now normal”? I heard that term and liked it. I hope you and yours are continuing to stay healthy at home as our Kentucky governor keeps saying.

This week went by quickly even though I only left the house in the car a couple of times for pick up of essential items.

I am linking up with Andrea, etc. to share some favorites from the week.

I got out my spring plates from Target a few years ago. I really like using these seasonally. I have a fall set and a Christmas set.

I lit this candle that I have had for at least a year. I don’t like the smell so it will go back to being decor in my pink and white closet.

I was desperate for any hand soap at all and this was a nice surprise from my Kroger pick up. It smells really good in my opinion if you need some, too. I will try to find more of this scent.

I thought this was a small bottle, but it turns out I ordered a 2 liter and I am not mad. I love this for cocktails or for adding to lemonade or a Crystal light stick. I love a little fizz.

Kroger pick up has been awesome. They don’t even come to your window anymore. They simply open the back or you open for them and they even put your receipt back with the groceries. I would say we are at least 6 feet apart.

I learned how to write on photos – above is my process for unloading. I feel like a crazy person!

Ernie continues to be such a good boy. He loves us being home!

I threw my old planner out the window – who can look at all those crossed out events?

I found this from our local bookstore – called and bought it over the phone and did curbside pick up. Guess what is in my new planner? Nothing! Just kidding – it is full of Zoom meeting appointments!

The boys and I love to have a sucker for after meals. I got these from my Kroger online order, too.

What were your favorites this week? I am going to try to post some recipes this weekend if you care to check back here tomorrow!

Stay well,


9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I just told someone yesterday that I’m THRILLED I bought an academic planner last summer because it goes to June this year. I feel bad for the ones who splurged on a new 2020 planner in January.

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  2. I have not gone to a store in a week! I have only left the house to take walks, that feels so weird. My husband has run to the grocery a few times. I wish our Publix had pick up!
    Hope you have a good weekend, I’ll be thinking of you this afternoon when I make my margarita!

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    1. I haven’t been since Sunday morning and now I’m too scared to go without a mask. I can’t believe your Publix doesn’t offer it! I already scheduled my next one and will simply add things as I run out.
      I’m almost out of tequila! I might try liquor delivery!


  3. Happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s been three weeks…..I walked the neighborhood yesterday and actually talked to my neighbors who were out too. One neighbor was doing yard work and gave me a pot of daffodils. He sat them on the ground and let me pick them up. We’re really learning this social distancing! So nice and made my day. I talked to three of my coworkers and just did some catching up with work. I’m picking up a homemade mask today and then making a trip to the grocery store.

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    1. Sounds like you looked at the bright side yesterday! So nice to get daffodils!
      I don’t have a mask and now I’m really freaking out about going in a store! Happy weekend! I hope to feel more positive later on today when I get out


  4. Well, my week was very normal compared to you… I’ve worked in school every day, I’ve been to the doctor (normal appointment), I go to the food store every day, I did my hair at the hair stylist today… I know that people with “normal” office jobs are recommended to work from home, but hey – I’m a soldier, I mean, teacher! 😀
    Of course things aren’t normal here either, but I would never wear a mask! My doctor said that we will all get it… so maybe it’s good to be done with it… ???

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    1. My husband and I were just saying that – but what if we already had it and don’t know – we have very little testing!
      You are so normal!
      What’s that like? Since I love learning about cultures I love hearing about how different countries are handling this.
      Take care and happy weekend!


      1. Well, Swedes are very “cool”, especially in the cities. Our social security is rock solid, so I guess people can relax and depend on the fact that society will take care of them… But… our economy has been crazily good for a couple of years and people have been real spenders… Big cars, big houses, perfectly renovated apartments (most bought with bank loans…), so I wonder… I think the economy going down will be a big chock for everyone…
        Have a lovely weekend! And don’t be afraid to be outside and/or meet other healthy people -70!


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