Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Happy April Fool’s Day! It’s not too late to plan some fun and innocent little pranks! Google them or check out my post from yesterday for a few little ideas. I haven’t decided if I will pull any pranks yet; life itself seems like a giant prank right now so I might not need to add to it for the other adult and the almost adults in my household.

I thought today I would do a chatty post just telling you what is up. I did not drive my car anywhere on Monday or Tuesday and I guess it’s starting to feel kind of normalish now not to drive much? Today I have a Kroger pick up. Yes, I just did one on Friday and then I went to the store early Sunday morning for a few items. With all four of us eating all of our meals at home, I need to plan better and we simply require more food, I guess.

I told myself I should take my travel coffee mug and just go for a drive one morning. I also love to drive down to the river and just watch it flow. The neighborhood streets seem so quiet. I love seeing all the people walking, riding bikes, etc. with just their family units I hope. We’ve had open windows and we cannot believe how loud the birds are! Ha! But, they give us hope and it’s such a welcome sign of spring and new life?

My husband is still going to work like normal but his building is very empty. Most people are still continuing to work from home. I am a little bit worried about him going, but he only interacts with a few people and he isn’t going out for lunch anymore because he can’t – only carry out now. He has been coming home for lunch and that has been nice.

I’m letting the boys sleep later than I normally would because it’s spring break and I think that sleep is good for the immune system. Next week they will need a more normal schedule because our distance learning starts.

My husband has been so busy and productive when he is home on the weekends – and a bit after work or during his lunch break, too. Here is the photographic proof!

He put our new shutters on the house and they look so much better. They are the same color as before but the old ones had multiple slats and these new ones have cleaner lines.

He stained the deck. We bought reclaimed wood for this project and the stain really brings out the beauty of the wood, in my opinion. We need to do another coat and then seal it, I believe. There will also be railings that will make it look smaller. I am anxious to furnish the deck but I don’t know exactly where to look or even what I want. I think we want two chairs and a table. I am wondering if Adirondack chairs with pillows would look good? I want to save room for some potted plants and it’s not a huge space. I have been looking on Wayfair but I am a little nervous about ordering without seeing it in person. We did have great luck with our covered patio sectional, though. Any suggestions for where to look?

Ernie got his first real bath in his new dog wash last weekend. He swam in the river and he needed it. Unfortunately he didn’t have real dog shampoo and he smells like boy Suave.

I cleaned out my linen closet including my makeup collection and that was so needed.

I feel like I spend a crazy amount of time each day dealing with dishes and cooking even though the boys pretty much always empty the dishwasher after dinner. We are running the dishwasher more than usual, too, I guess.

One of my sons made his college decision! I hope my other one makes his soon, but I think he is dragging his feet because of all of the uncertainty in the world right now.

What is up with you?

Stay well,


19 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Congrats on the college decision! That is HUGE! I love your new deck. I ordered an ottoman from Joss & Main (a sister company of Wayfair) and while I didn’t like the first one I was able to ship it back for free if I took a store credit. That was great because I did find one I loved so keep that in mind when shopping online. Find what you like and stalk it like it’s your J-O-B! I think there will be tons of sales! Do you have a World Market close by? They keep sending me text messages with all kinds of amazing deals!


    1. Thank you! I hope his brother chooses the same one – they would have different roommates- I just have a great feeling about it – small liberal arts and they both got amazing offers. His brother is being stubborn about going to the same school but we will see.
      Joss and Main is a great idea! I love World Market and we do have one but I assume it’s closed. Have a great day! Did you get a spring break?


  2. The deck looks amazing! Ernie in his shower – too cute! I am so glad that one college decision is complete. I have not bought porch/patio furniture in so long…but when I did, I got it at Garden Ridge…which is now called Home, I think. It was all fairly inexpensive, but has held up for years. Anyway…they are closed now, I am sure. At the moment, your only option for looking at things in person would be places like Lowe’s, Target, etc. Good luck with your search. Now….it’s time to run the dishwasher AGAIN! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Beth! That’s a good idea to just check those stores’ websites. I honestly didn’t think of that! It will give me something to do – lol. So I’m not the only one running the dishwasher more? Hope to talk to you soon!


  3. Beautiful deck! It’s still not warm enough here to get out our patio furniture. Hopefully soon! We were scheduled to go back to work next Monday and haven’t heard anything different. I hate the uncertainty. I’ve spent the last few days just going through closets and now have things to take to Goodwill but can’t do that! It’s still just surreal. Taking it one day at a time and staying healthy at home! Have a great Wednesday!

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    1. Thank you! It’s been cold here for a couple of days but we are supposed to be back in the 70s. I’m thankful for all the nice weather we have had. It’s really hard not knowing. I’m glad you were productive! I feel like I haven’t been very productive. Yes, all we can do is take it one day at a time. Take care Theresa!


  4. “He smells like boy Suave” – haha! You are SO funny! (my colleagues wonder why I laugh – can’t tell them I’m taking a break with some blog reading…) Ernie (cute name!) looks quite happy in the shower?
    Your patio looks great! We’re actually changing the wood on our patio at the cabin, and I think we will copy yours! Looks great with the planks in that direction.
    I’m fine over here! I comforted myself with browsing some shopping sites for summer clothes made for our climate… Not so Florida over here!


    1. Thank you! Lol! Ernie is such a good dog. I think he is confused why we are here all the time now! Your cabin will keep you busy! Are you going there for Easter break? I can’t remember if you told me. It’s nice to look at summer clothes but it’s still hard to believe we will need them to lead a normal life. Is your mother in law in Florida? Florida is getting hit hard because of New Yorkers and tourists I think.
      I get to drive in my car to pick up groceries soon. Enjoy the rest of your day! I’m glad I made you laugh.


      1. I’m also glad you made me laugh!
        Yes, cabin for the break, but we’ll probably be there on and off, we mostly don’t stay for more than three nights. It gets a bit too slow…
        MIL here in Sweden thank god… I don’t know what kind of insurance she has in the us…
        How nice with a little “car walk” (that’s what I and my husband call it). Blast some music and pick up a coffee, you’re worth it!


  5. I love your dog bath! We are thinking of installing one in our garage space. We are in the middle of demo/remodeling a house so any pics of finished projects make me smile, ha!

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  6. Glad to hear one son made a college decision. My daughter is a senior in college and living out of state for an internship but hasn’t been there for a few weeks and was told she can’t complete it. We are praying that she will still be able to graduate in May and understand the situation impacts all the people in her program not just her. As an educator, my heart goes out to all the student teachers and how this impacts their graduation as well.

    It’s just my husband and me but I also find we are going through a lot of food and dishes! In fact I have been running out of all my commonly used spices because I’m cooking 2 to 3 meals a day now. So glad we are able to afford what we need during this time and things aren’t as bad for us as they are for others.

    Love the house update. Everything looks beautiful!

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    1. Oh I am so sorry for your daughter! I bet you wish she was with you now. I know – there are just so many situations where things are not able to go on – I’m actually really scared for the fall semester, too.
      I am using lots of spices, too. I’m excited to get a meal kit delivery next week but now I’m worried about wiping everything down and food safety. Basically if it can be worried about, I will worry about it.
      Thank you; it is so fun to see this coming together. Stay well!


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