Monday, March 23, 2020

How was your weekend? Did it feel any different than the week? You may have been ready for a break from online school/homeschooling? I am linking up today with Heather, etc. if they provide the link up today here.

Our Friday was gorgeous and sunny until dinner time. I took advantage of the weather and spent some time outside. Then, from Friday evening until late Sunday afternoon it was chilly. The trees are blooming beautifully here.

Hub installed our blinds. They open from the top or the bottom by simply pulling on a little plastic piece. I was adamant that I did not want the beautiful windows and doors covered by treatments. I think I am going to like these. They were still super expensive but we saved a lot of money by installing them ourselves.

Friday afternoon before it turned cold we took Ernie swimming in the river where we keep our boat. Can you tell how high the river is from all of the recent rain? It was a lovely shade of brown, too. It was nice to go somewhere.

We got carryout for dinner – trying to support local restaurants. I am worried we will lose that option eventually. I hope not!

Then, Friday evening, Tom and I bought a ticket to livestream our favorite singer – Bob Schneider. It was really cool. Support your favorite artists like this now if you can!

After the concert ended at 9:00, our power went out! It was only out for two hours but it was the weirdest thing. We didn’t have bad weather or anything. I decided to read my book by clipon battery powered book light!

Saturday morning my plan was to hit the grocery at 7 when it opened for just a few things. Well, everyone else had the same idea. I don’t know if you can tell, but the parking lot had at least 100 cars. There were lots of people wearing masks and rubber gloves while shopping – that is a harrowing sight. I didn’t find everything but I did get a pack of ground beef. There are many shelves that are either almost bare or totally bare but they were trying to restock some shelves. I heard some people complaining about not finding things. I hadn’t been in Kroger since maybe Tuesday?

I made Joanna Gaines chocolate chip cookies. I accidentally bought the mini chips.

The day went by super fast because we worked on setting up our new bedroom now that the windows are covered.

For dinner, I decided to make mexican at home. I made chicken enchiladas, queso with Rotel and Velveeta, and Spanish rice. For dessert I made chocolate chip cookie sundaes and I also had my homemade margarita.

Here is what the bedroom looks like so far. I am happy to report a good night’s sleep and we both can’t believe how spacious the room still feels with the bed in it.

Sunday the boys helped Tom move our washer and dryer up to the mudroom!

I started this book. It was so cold I didn’t want to go out but I did take my walk and I called an old friend, too.

We ate dinner as a family and then Tom and I played trivia using the Zoom app with our friends. It was really fun!

How was your social distancing weekend?


7 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Our weekend felt like a weekend, because the kids started online school this morning. They both had a few hours of conferences and assignments to keep them busy. I guess it’s the new normal for now. I plan to go to the store tomorrow or Wednesday. I hope it’s not crowded!

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  2. what’s scary is people wearing masks who do not need to be wearing masks, Only wear masks if you are sick. Gloves I get but wearing masks I do not. They are asking people to NOT use masks unless you are not feeling well.


    1. I know! It’s crazy. I’m trying to use what I have at home for meals but I will need milk and chicken soon. I’m not sure if I should do to store or do an order? Zoom was very user friendly!


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