Thursday, February 20, 2020

Do not get dressed when it rains; stay home in your pjs! But, if you must get dressed, let’s discuss.

First of all, do not wear white when it rains! Do not wear suede shoes – especially lighter colored suede. I pretty much always wear black pants when it rains.

I have black Hunter rain boots that I have had for 8 years? I highly recommend getting a pair of tall or short rain boots. I often wear these to work and bring another pair of “normal” shoes to change into. Since I have tall boots, I often wear black leggings or skinny pant to tuck in to the boots. So much to think about, right?

I had heard of these clear umbrellas, but I finally took the plunge and bought one at Target and I love it! My handle broke unfortunately so another one from Amazon is currently in my cart. What makes this so great? You can put the umbrella down as close to your head as you want and still have total visibility. I love it!

I also have little rainproof loafers from Costco – not pictured. They are kind of like if some one cut off a duck boot and made it a flat. These are great for summer rain.

Also, I noticed Target started carrying a great brand called Okabashi. I used to see this brand at a local boutique; beware, these may be a lesser quality made especially for Target. However, I think these blush and black flats would be great for wet sidewalks.

Once you have the right gear, you may not mind the rain as much! My tall black Hunters in a fall outfit and my short yellows for the Kentucky Derby. I wear my black so much more! I am considering another short pair in black. One reason why I don’t wear the yellow as much is because they are more work to slip on and off. That is silly, but true! And, of course, you need some sort of rain jacket. Would you believe I got my black Columbia for only $10 at Kohl’s? I can’t remember how I worked that deal but it was a good one!

What kind of rain gear do you have? What do you recommend? It has been raining a ton here lately, by the way. I think Mother Nature confused snow for rain.

It’s almost Friday! Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “What to Wear When it Rains

  1. I have a pair of very colorful rain boots, Sakroots brand, and love them. They are a short bootie style. I think we get more rain in Indianapolis than Seattle! I need a bubble umbrella!

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