Thursday, February 13, 2020

I guess it happens this time every year – I start getting really tired of my winter clothes.  I know it’s smart to get winter clothes on sale right now, but I much prefer my spring and summer wardrobe and I just don’t want to look at any more winter clothes.  Honestly, I wear the warmer weather stuff more of the year anyway – especially with crazy seasons and an overheated school building.  

I thought I would research some trends for Spring 2020 and tell you my thoughts and how I can translate them for a middle aged mom and teacher.  

Highlighter colorsYes!  I can get on board with this.  I already have a couple of pieces maybe that will work for this trend.

I love this necklace I have had for several years.  It looks great with a plain black top.  

This fun necklace with bright pom poms would work, too. 

These leather tassel earrings bring a fun pop of color to many of my outfits. 

I used to have the best Gap bright highlighter pink cardigan that was light and perfect for spring.  It stretched out in the shoulders and got discolored.  I plan to look for:

-another bright pink cardigan

-a bright yellow cardigan


The Disco Collar/Wide 70s collarUmmmm… I am not sure!  I personally do not wear a lot of button downs in the spring.  I will have to see this.


CrochetMaybe?  I think I could pull this off with accessories – maybe a purse or a vest?  I will not be wearing a crochet bikini.


Hot pants or really short tight shorts I do not think so.

Suit jackets with bermuda shortsI really do not see myself wearing this.  The bermuda length short is not the best length for my legs.  I do remember in the early 2000s wearing black shorts almost to my knees with wedge sandals.  Maybe I can find a pic!

Other spring wish list items:  

  • sporty sneakers – I have seen some Nike and some Tretorns that I love.  I am thinking a little bit of a lift would be good.  I also saw some Golden Goose dupes on Amazon that are gold and really cute but there wouldn’t be much heel.  I had Converse shorelines but they were a half size too small and not comfortable.  
  • Wide leg pants – I want to try this.

What are you excited to try?  What is on your wish list?  Any suggestions for me?  



6 thoughts on “Spring 2020 Trends

  1. I can crochet you something…but I guess not a bikini! 🙂 I am excited about changes in pant shapes….I have been wearing skinnies for so long…ready for something different. In the 2000s, I was rocking the bootcuts and flares…and really, that shape is more flattering for my body type, so I am ready. I am not sure about wide legs, though. Would have to try some on to see. I maybe could get excited about a wider collared shirt…I am starting to add more button downs to my wardrobe, anyway.

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    1. Haha! True about skinnies. I think I would have to find some that hit at right place and aren’t too wide and then you need the right shoes!
      I do have a pair from last summer actually! Buttons are great on you – not so much on me. I can’t wait to see the spring stuff in stores. Recon mission soon!


  2. First time this week I’m reading blogs! Sorry for not commenting! 😀 So much to correct!
    I enjoyed reading your blog entries in a bunch, especially interesting to see how much money you spent! 😀
    I love fashion! But at 51 I’m not wearing short skirts or shorts anymore… Well, I do in Florida! Everyone does! (and I mean Everyone!!) I’m not into neon colors, and not the 70s collar… But Bermuda shorts could be fun for summer! I’ll buy a pair of black ones that I can wear to school. And I want a yellow dress for graduation parties etc.

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    1. Thank you! I know – I am so busy right now at school!
      The money thing was eye opening! Florida has a style all its own! Do you read my friend’s blog
      This Blondes Shopping bag? She lives in Fl!


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