Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Did you read my money post here?  Several people commented on their spending habits and many of you are like me – you try to save where you can so you can spend where you get more bang for your buck  Also, I know a lot of us are trying to spend less as the new year starts.  Have you ever read the Refinery 29 money diaries?  I recently read one about a twenty something girl who lives in NYC.  I found it fascinating – especially where she said that she spent $43 on transportation one day.  So, I decided to chronicle my spending last week.  I did not include household bills – with the exception of groceries – or the daily expenses of my husband.  I simply recorded my own personal spending, eating out, stuff like that.  Here we go….

Saturday 2/1:

I had already gone to the grocery store on Thursday, so no groceries needed.  I did not do a whole lot this day – stuck around home and watched t.v. and did laundry and cleaning.

Dinner Out:  $35 at Taco Luchador with husband.  Brought some of the food home for son.  Other son was at a party.  This fed three people and we had leftovers.  I thought this was well worth the money.

Sunday 2/2:

$60 Kroger for the week

$30 Trader Joes for the week – this included re-stocking of two bottles of liquor to have on hand.  

It was a small grocery bill this week because I did another small one on Thursday.  

Monday 2/3:


All I did was go to work this day!

Tuesday 2/4:

$6 Gravely Brewery

A theatre mom asked me to go to a brewery during theatre class that day.  I had one beer.  It was nice and pretty darn cheap!  I only had one beer and tipped.  It was well worth the $6.  

$32 Chick Fil A – Since I was not home to cook dinner hub had to pick this up for us. I was not happy that I hadn’t planned.  

Wednesday 2/5:

$4 Downtown parking garage (son had an audition for a Shakespeare program) – I could have driven around to look for street meter parking but I am intimidated when I go downtown.  

$36 Son and I had dinner at El Mundo (This was a real waste of money because our food was really bad.  I was trying to spend time with my son while the other son had his class – so while we did have quality time I think we could have spent less and had a better meal.)

Thursday 2/6:

$13 Crescent Hill Craft House  – met my friend for a snack and drink after school because we had not seen each other since November.  I was entirely more social than normal this week but I am trying to say YES more this year!  This included one drink, a split appetizer, and tip.  I thought it was well worth it.  

Friday 2/7:

$0 Tom, Mason and I had a dinner to attend for Mason that was paid for.  Jack stayed home and made a grilled cheese.  

Weekly Total:  $216 -I could have cut this down without the Chick Fil A and the El Mundo.  I feel that this is a lot of money on food and fun during the week, which is not typical.  I am planning ahead better for dinners this week.  

I did not buy gas this week but Saturday morning I filled up.  I usually only get gas once every two weeks.  

Thoughts on the Week:

I did zero online shopping.  I did not enter many stores to tempt me because I just didn’t have time and I was quite busy and just not tempted to shop online, either.  I was very social because I went out with two friends, but I only spent $19 combined.  I was very organized this week with my coffee, breakfasts, and lunch prepared at home and brought to work.  I could have done better with a pre-prepared dinner Tuesday night instead of a $30 Chick Fil A trip for dinner.  I also regret spending so much Wednesday night on a bad meal.  Overall, I am happy.  It was interesting to do this exercise!  Hope you enjoyed it!  



6 thoughts on “A Weekly Money Diary

  1. You would love the grocery diaries on Kitchn.com
    You could submit one to them! Since it’s just my husband and me now, I have been trying very diligently to track our food spending and eliminate waste by cooking smaller amounts and getting really good at freezing leftovers immediately and saving them for a night when we don’t have time to cook.

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    1. Cool! I will check that out – I have used their recipes! I am really trying to eliminate waste and I would like to do at least one meatless meal but hub may not go for that. I am really trying to freeze more – such a good feeling to take something out of freezer!
      Thank you so much for commenting, J!


  2. I completely understand being intimidated by downtown Louisville. I went there last April for a work trip. I got in the wrong lane for my exit, and I ended up in Indiana. 🙂

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