Monday, January 6, 2020

And, break is over!  Today we have just teachers at school and tomorrow students will be back.  I ended the break with a really fun weekend.  

Here we go!  

Thursday my friend and I ate lunch at Royal’s before going on …

a tour of Copper and Kings which makes brandy and gin and various other spirits.  We had both been wanting to do this for quite awhile!

Friday I set out to add some green to my house and started at Trader Joe’s.   I think everyone is in the same boat.  After the holiday decor comes down we want minimalism and natural decor? 

I had fun sprucing up the spaces just a bit. 

Saturday the whole family went to the Picasso exhibit at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.  This is the first time that these pieces have left Europe. 

Saturday evening I stopped by a gig with my student’s band.  He had asked me to come and it was on the way downtown to our dinner reservation.  They were really good! 

Then, we met our friends in The Galt House hotel’s new restaurant called Walker’s Exchange. 

It was really good and it was a fun way to end the break. 

Sunday I made myself do the grocery before the sun was even up! 

I spent a couple of hours meal prepping and doing school work.  I am trying to adapt my Mexican quinoa dish with cauliflower rice.  I think it’s going to be good! 

Meal prepping and refrigerator organizing going on…img_1141.jpg

And, that’s all that is worth mentioning, I think!  

How was your weekend?  I hope it was great!

My January calendar has never been so full.  I am nervous that I will make it through January without losing it!  Maybe there will be a snow day to help a girl out?  Ha!  What about you?  Do you dread January?  It is normally so cold but it looks like the first half at least will be warmer than normal.  

Make it a productive Monday!


8 thoughts on “Hello Monday

    1. Mine usually is and I love to hunker down and pray for snow days! This year it’s looking too warm and we have Pride and Prejudice and lots of college things! Enjoy your slow January!


  1. I have two days left of sweet break, then I’ll start with a day with only teachers, just like you. Christmas tree and Santas are gone, but I’m keeping the lights for one more week, they are needed in this dark country! I think January normally rushes by quite quickly, so I’m ok with it – especially this year that is crazily warm. I love snow, but life is so easy without it!


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