Thursday, December 19, 2019


When I became a parent I wanted to make the holiday special and I felt the pressure that it was now up to me!  I wanted to be intentional with Christmas so I started some traditions at a pretty early age – age 3 with my twins. 

“Something to wear, something to read, something you want, and something you need.”

I can’t remember where I first heard this quote, but it really resonated with me.  

-We gave the boys new pjs on Christmas Eve and they would immediately put them on.  

-We also opened a family gift on Eve which was always a new game.  

We still do both of these things with our teens.  

We always gave them new socks and underwear in their stockings.  Now it is really the only time of year they get new items in these categories.  They both did start liking the fun patterned/printed socks so we gave them socks for Easter I think. They never complained about getting these items and seemed to like them.  

We also give them new clothing.  They don’t care about name brand but they love soft worn in t-shirts with funny sayings and they love cozy warm clothing.  

Our boys love owning books and they always have.  They loved the library but they wanted to have books to keep, too.  Now that they are teens we usually do a Barnes and Noble gift card. They enjoy perusing the shelves and this makes for a nice family activity over the break.  

We try to give them something that they don’t think they will get.  I love surprises.  There is nothing better than seeing them be shocked at an awesome gift.  It was a record player last year for Mason.  It was a drawing pad and software for Jack recently.  

We knew that we wanted to keep it simple and not too overwhelming.  There would be gifts from grandparents, aunts and uncles, too.  

I also do stockings for them.  They really like opening their stockings, I think.  Everything inside is wrapped.  All of their gifts are wrapped under the tree, too.  And, Tom and I do each others’ stockings.  It’s a lot of fun.  

Have you ever asked your kids their favorite things about Christmas?  I recently asked mine and neither mentioned the gifts.  

I heard: “time at home that day with nowhere to go, watching Ernie look in his stocking, eating  Chinese food after Christmas Eve service (we have only done this once but I guess they liked it!)  

What traditions or advice do you have?  


12 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts on Christmas with Kids

  1. I agree, kids never remember the gifts they remember who was there and what they did when it comes to holidays. One of my very favorite classroom guidance lessons was the one I did in December asking the kids to tell me about last Christmas – draw a picture, tell a story. They rarely mentioned what specific present they got! Then we’d always read The Gift of Nothing. So special! Love your traditions and your mantle looks amazing!

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  2. Love your fireplace! We do want, need, wear, read too but our kids are still little so we do a couple small presents from “santa” we also do stockings and my husband and I do each others as well! I’m going to ask my kids their favorite part of Christmas today!

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  3. We always bake a cake or some dessert and put a candle on it and sing happy birthday to Jesus on Christmas Day.
    We also still bake cookies and leave them on a special plate with milk for Santa (well, I do it)—my kids are 17 and 20! 😊

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  4. My favorite growing up was how we weren’t allowed downstairs until my mom and dad came and got us at 7am. (Recently, my mom said that was because she needed that time to get the turkey in the oven lol)

    I think about this a lot. Next year will probably be when I cement some traditions.

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    1. Same for our family. I would wake up my sisters and we would get the youngest to wake my parents up and then we could go down and see. Things will get so fun for you soon!


  5. Wow, how sweet, I love Christmas! We have a slow and cozy day, eat a fantastic dinner and open presents in the evening (24th in Sweden). My kids have a hard time telling us what they want for Christmas (well, except the EarPods….) but I guess that is a good thing!

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