Monday, December 16, 2019

Hello Monday and hello dear readers!  How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good.  I think it really gave me time to recharge my batteries and get ready for a very busy week that will hopefully put some closure on the first semester of school so I can truly relax for two weeks until second semester starts.  I am linking up with Heather, etc. at My Glittery Heart so go right here!  

Thursday night was Jack’s winter choir concert.  He was only part of three songs, but it was nice to see him in his tuxedo and enjoy the beautiful music.  


I tried to stay up later than usual Thursday night but I just couldn’t.  Why?  Because I had a much needed personal day Friday!  Typically I take a day off to do shopping and errands some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas if I can. 

It is very hard to be a mom and a teacher at this time of year.  I am not trying to be a whiner but add to all the many tasks that the mom does all the many tasks it takes to finish the semester.  The kids are distracted, we have content to finish, we have exams to create, give, and grade, grades to enter, parents to contact, and the list goes on. 

Friday morning after doing some things around the house, I met my friend at a new coffee shop.  We sat and talked and drank from real mugs and shared some breakfast.  Then, we headed to a new boutique to try to do some shopping together.  Then, we separated to start our long lists.  It was a nice treat. 

I wore my hair straight with my suede headband and my plaid shirt. 

We split a pumpkin muffin

and a chive biscuit

They really don’t serve decaf! 

I ran to two stores after saying goodbye and then the traffic was insane.  I ordered a to go spinach salad and went home to eat and then I couldn’t make myself go back out.  What is it with traffic around lunchtime on Fridays?

I have been on the list for this for a long time and finally got it earlier in the week.  It was a bit slow to get started, but now I’m really enjoying it.  I did not like The Royal We.  I felt that it was too long.  This is moving much faster for me.  It is about the fictional American monarchy.  It’s a little goofy – the American royalty are called “The Washingtons” but it’s also interesting to think about what if we did have this type of government.  

Then the boys came home from school and one went to a birthday party and one went to a band gig with friends.  Tom and I had his annual work party to attend. 

It was a nice event as always.  Tom looked nice all cleaned up and he even smiled for the camera. 

I did not get much sleep Friday night because one boy came home late and I waited up.  The same boy took the ACT Saturday morning so this was not ideal.  I headed to Target after he went to the ACT and I stayed inside for 1.5 hours and it was glorious.  I love when I can go early.  I knocked out several items on my list. 

And, I got to enjoy a skinny vanilla latte. My green polish matches my cup, too! 

Tom spent many hours working on the house this weekend.  

I bought ingredients and made the Starbucks medicine ball tea.  Yum! 

Saturday afternoon I had a beer in my slim can holder with my monogram from Heather

Saturday night we had all the chicks back in the nest after busy days for both and we used Door Dash to get Qdoba delivered. 

Ernie is such a sweet boy. 

I spent the evening reading and watching t.v. and went to bed super early.  This cookbook is really good and I hope to make some recipes after the new year.  I got this from the library after a blogger recommended it.  

Sunday I did our cards, grocery, laundry, and did some more shopping.  I started the weekend with zero gifts and now I am well on my way to being done!

I will show you the card after I send it!  img_0776

Now I am doing school work in hopes of having a smooth week ahead.  I hope you had a great weekend!  


P.S. – If you read my Friday Faves post, I did buy the Loreal Ever Pure Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner and it was my friend Tanya’s recommendation.  I love it!  Go see her here!  

13 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. This time of year is hard for teachers, so glad you took a personal day! I have gifts to wrap but have decided I’m not doing a Christmas card this year and it feels good to let it go. Next year will be different and I’ll be back on my A game!

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  2. I’ve been wanting to read that book; it sounded cute. I think it’s great you take a day off at this time of year; having worked in a school myself for years I remember how crazy this time of year felt.

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