Monday, December 9, 2019

Wow – that went by quickly!  The first week back after a long break is always difficult and add to that the fact that I hadn’t meal planned, prepped or anything and by Friday I was wiped out.  I went to get my nails changed from dark grey to…

dark green.  I was really going for a very dark forest green so this isn’t exactly what I wanted.  They didn’t have exactly what I was looking for, but this is kind of fun and different for the Christmas season. 

We ordered pizza and it was so nice to stay home Friday night after a busy week for all of us.  I think I was in bed before 9:00.  That makes like three nights last week that I did that.  

Saturday we had tile workers early and we did errands, laundry, Jack did theatre, Mason did work on a scholarship application, and Tom did work on the back deck.  

Saturday night was the much anticipated reservation to eat in an igloo for Tom and I and my two best friends and their husbands.  Let me explain…

I had heard that a restaurant on top of a hotel in downtown Louisville called 8 Up would have 8 themed heated igloos for dining during the holidays.  My friend was able to book us the “fur and diamonds” igloo.  

The walkway into the igloo area:  

Our igloo – we had six people and they are supposed to hold eight. 

My two besties of 30 years – you can see the remnants of the fake snow that fell on the igloo.  I tried to dress to match the fur and diamonds theme. 

Outside of our igloo and you can see the summer themed igloo to the right of us.:

O.k., so this is like Instagram versus real life.  There was no table in the igloo so anything we ordered had to be put on the tiny coffee table or held in our laps!  This was the kale and artichoke dip. 

Everyone either got pizza or a sandwich or tomato soup. 

The service was really bad and it was very awkward to eat with the food on our laps!  We laughed about it but it was a fun experience.  The server had to unzip our igloo like a tent to bring us stuff.  I bet the employees hate the igloos!

One of my errands Saturday was the library and look what was on the shelf!  It is the sequel to Winter in Paradise which was good, but not my favorite by Elin.  But, I cannot put this one down.  I love to read on Sunday mornings with my coffee before my family is awake.  

I walked to my school’s craft fair on Sunday. 

And, I had brunch with my school friend who took early retirement and is going to move back to her hometown of Hilton Head where she will teach.  We ate at Noosh Nosh and enjoyed a mimosa.  I was talking too much and forgot to get a photo.  

Mason went to a friend’s house for the afternoon and Jack and Tom went to a play.  

Meals for the week:

Sunday – Texas Chili (below) and cornbread

Monday – Homemade mac and cheese and turkey sausage, green pepper and onion o a sheet pan

Tuesday – chicken spaghetti and Texas Toast

Wednesday – fish sticks, peas, and leftover mac and cheese 

Thursday – spaghetti 

I started following Cattlebaronincashmere on Instagram and this is a super easy chili and very different from my chili recipe.  


How was your weekend?  I hope it was great!  


9 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. The igloo idea sounds great, maybe not for dinner but for happy hour or a cocktail party. It looks so pretty and you were dressed perfectly for the theme! Sounds like they may need to work out some of the kinks but it could be very cool! Ha- pun intended!

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  2. Hi dear fellow teacher across the ocean! I survived the weekend and now I am so relaxed! I’m even hungry again…!
    Love your nails! Green is perfect for Christmas!
    Wow, that igloo restaurant… Well, you can’t blame them for not being inventive!
    Not many Hilderbrand books at my local library, but I ordered Winter in Paradise to be picked up next week – have you read it?

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