Friday, November 29, 2019

Do you participate in Black Friday? I do not. For most of my married life Friday was the day for our second Thanksgiving feast so I couldn’t participate even if I had wanted to.  

Sometimes I will order things on Cyber Monday. This year I am really going to try to shop locally.

I will try to shop:  

Little boutiques

Mom and pop hardware store near my house that also has unique gift items

Museum gift shops


Not locally owned but great sources for presents:

Book store – also has toys, games, puzzles


Many years I will do a theme like slippers or blankets for all

Umbrellas make a great gift

Car kit with scraper for the winter

An experience like a play gives family something to look forward to

Membership at zoo or museum is a great gift

A few more favorites this week:

These are so good!  I may not buy them again because they were that irrestible!  


This is what $20 of popcorn looks like.  I treated my students to this while watching a movie during our short week.  It is from GFS – Gordon Food Service.  It is like a warehouse store but without a membership. 

This is really good.  It does have 150 calories but I was thinking this would make a nice afternoon winter treat on the weekends.  You put the powder in your mug and then brew the coffee on top.img_0415-1.jpg

This book may just be one of my favorite Shopaholic books.  It is also a good reminder before the crazy of the holiday. 

We had a beautiful day Monday and I sat outside for a bit after school. 

What were your favorites this week?  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving or that you are still in the midst of your celebrations!