Friday, November 15, 2019

Happy Friday!  What a week!  I was out every evening except one and I am ready for some down time this weekend.  I am linking up with Andrea, etc. so go right here to see other posts!  

My first favorite was seeing these two laugh and hang out when Mason returned from Europe.  The laughter coming from their game room/study room in the basement warmed my heart.  

Mason brought me a mug to add to my collection!  I just love the size of these mugs and everything about them!  

I cannot remember getting snow this early!  And, it stuck around all week due to the cold.  Ignore the shutter-less windows.  We have new ones ready to be hung – another part of the makeover project going on at Casa Scott!  

I really loved this book and finished it last Sunday.  It was cute and heartwarming.  

I started this.  It seems a bit dry and a little different style than my normal chick lit easy reads.  No one recommended it – just saw it on a library shelf and it sounded interesting.  It is about the family dynamics in the 70s of a upper class family.  

I put my monogram on my beautiful rose gold Bru mate koozie from my sister in law.  It is so pretty and really keeps your drink cold!  

Hub and I saw this Sunday afternoon after I had already done my Hello Monday post.  He said I would not get to pick the next movie.  I liked it but it is probably a wait until it comes out on DVD/streaming service type of movie.  I love the two main characters, though.  Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding are soooo cute!  I swear I got my hair cut before I saw this movie.  Her hair is cute!  



Last night I finally tried Narci of Grace and Love blog and Kellyann of This Blondes Shopping Bag blog Zuppa Toscana.  It is good. My kale needed a bit more time to get less crunchy, but I really liked it and it was perfect for the weather.  

I found time for a drink – look at that giant ice cube – of bourbon and gingerale – with my good friend and former co-worker of 17 years.  It always feels nice to do something fun during the work week and this was so nice!  Tell me about your week!  What was your highlight?  

Happy weekend!


12 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Glad you tried the soup – I do love it! Your rose gold tumbler is so pretty and I love the monogram on it. I was dying to see that movie – I love the song so I figured I’d love the movie – ha!!!
    Have a super weekend!

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    1. It was good! I will do a couple of tweaks next time I think! I used Narcis recipe so I should look at yours to compare.
      You should see the movie – don’t mean to discourage!


  2. I can’t believe you have snow! I thought I lived in Santa-land! We rarely get snow before Christmas, and I thank every day I can get to work on my cycle or moped!
    No highlights this week, it’s a bit flatline over here right now. But I have absolutely nothing to complain about, life is good!

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    1. I know! I can’t remember it ever happening this early. Most is melted now and we will return to warmer temps in 40-50. Of course it slowed our driveway process down and we couldn’t use driveway or garage when we really needed them! How do you get to school when you can’t ride or moped?


      1. Hard to renovate in snow! Especially the ground! LOL
        Well, I actually have studded snow tyres for my bike, so I think biking will be ok. Normally I just bike from one side of the city to the other, so I’m not sure what the suburban winter roads will be like… One more year before we can move back. My school is normally situated in the middle of the Old town (17th century buildings!) and it’s SO pretty, especially at Christmas time. Now we are located in a modern office building beside a highway… Well, contrasts are good I guess?…

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    1. I would like it thicker next time so I would reduce water. Also I don’t think it needs bacon with the sausage. Also I need to cook down the kale more. I’ve been making a soup
      every weekend lately!
      Google Zuppa toscana!


    1. I think you will like it! But, I wanted the kale more cooked down and less crunchy. Frozen should be fine. And I want it a little thicker next time. It has great flavor!


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