Monday, October 1, 2019

Happy October all!  It is now socially acceptable to make all things pumpkin!  

Hubs’ name:  My friend and faithful blog reader from Sweden guessed it on the first try – Tom!  

I am linking up with Tanya for her Prime Purchases.  Go see her – she is a sweetheart!  


Most of these items are for my son Mason.  He is in a women in literature class this year and the travel journal is required for his Europe trip and the Adidas are his back to school shoe.  

The mascara primer is for me.  The other beauty things are for my best friend – a favorite things basket.  The fortune cookies were for a school activity.  My students wrote fortunes in Spanish and I surprised them by attaching them to a cookie the next day!  

I have been buying the Amazon e-gift card and I really like that.  Everyone can find something they like that way!  

And, the killer bee glasses have been so fun!  

What have you primed lately?


11 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

  1. I bought makeup for $10 cheaper than Ulta on Amazon the other day: I didn’t have to leave the house and it arrived the next afternoon.

    I can see how Amazon would really come in handy with teens in the house…so many times, I had to “wait for the weekend” until we could get to the mall lol.

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