Friday, September 27 2019

Happy Friday!  I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here!  

For those of you following along on my dip nail journey – ha – this is four weeks tomorrow!  Sorry for the poor photo quality but you can see the regrowth at the cuticle.  I got tired of my first dip which was pink/salmon very quickly but as I am definitely more of a dark color person, this has not gotten old for me.  I plan to go back to get them redone either tomorrow or early next week.  What color should I do next?  I am thinking a wine/burgundy color – too soon for that?  

I have not really done much this week except work and go home!  I am starting to look at paint colors for master bedroom and mudroom.  Here is a mudroom photo that I really like.  I would like to do a grey somewhere and maybe the mudroom would work for that, but it will need to work with new kitchen color and I have not decided that yet, either!  

I do think I will stay in the warm tones for the bedroom.  And, I want that to work with the master bath.  Any suggestions?  I do believe we will use Sherwin Williams paint.  

I am trying this at level 2 and I have never done this before with that low of a level of Spanish.  I do this at level 3 and above.  I am excited to see if they can carry on a conversation only in Spanish after just having one year and 6 weeks of Spanish.  I know it is all up to me and how I set it up.  I am excited because I have some really great kids and I think they can do this!  img_9388

Our boy Jack joined choir for the first time as a senior.  I am proud of him for doing this and we witnessed his first concert Tuesday night in our open air courtyard.  

Back to house stuff – here is a kitchen color I like.  

I ran out this week and this is a lotion I really like.  It is very similar to Oil of Olay I think.  

Drywall started on our project this week and this will be my closet!  Just mine!  I have never had a walk in closet!  I get to help figure out how to configure the rods and shelving.  I am so excited about this.  My clothes are seriously unorganized right now.  

What have been your faves this week?  

Any color suggestions are appreciated!  Should mudroom and kitchen match?  Should master bed and bath match?  Would it look more modern and interesting to have complimentary colors?  

Happy happy weekend!  We are busy but not all plans are firm yet – see you back here Monday to find out what we did!



16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. The construction process looks to be rolling right along. How exciting! When I was picking out paint colors for our addition, I used those long swatches of paint colors to help me…you know what I am talking about, right – they look like a bookmark? Anyway, I found a series of colors on a swatch that I liked, and then used 3 of those colors in our addition…so the paints were complementary and all in the same series, but different, too. I used one color for the laundry and master bath, a different color for the hallway and guest bath, and a yet a different color for the master bedroom. I liked how it turned out. Good luck with decisions – paint is a difficult choice sometimes. Happy Friday!

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    1. That is really helpful! I may need to ask you what colors you used, too. I think I spelled complementary the wrong way but I was too tired to check on it! Lol! Maybe I can see your colors before Noche?


  2. That mudroom is gorgeous. I love that it’s on the main floor. It’s so much easier to switch out laundry when it’s arranged that way. It was my lifesaver when we had a newborn.
    We did a lot of gray with teal accents in our Colorado house. I knew it wasn’t “forever” so I experimented with the main floor and then Scott found a color palette on Pinterest that he liked and we did those in the basement. I tend to go more the blue-ish gray route if I’m left to choose colors.


    1. I can’t tell you how excited I am! Did I mention the built in dog wash? Hub thinks grey is too cool of a tone and we should stay with warm natural tones of the rest of house. It’s hard!


  3. When we redid the house, we painted everything the same color and it makes it really easy to keep up with touchups. If you try a grey tone, make sure you paint a sample swatch to see how it will look. I really wanted a grey, and tried several popular shades. They all had a slight lilac tone in our lighting.

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  4. I don’t think burgundy nails are too soon; that’s a perfect transition to fall color. I loved picking paint colors for the house… and have changed just about every single room at least once if not twice! I just love colors…

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  5. I’ve seen burgundy nails here and there and it looks perfect for now.
    We did some remodeling on bathrooms a few years ago and the painted the master bedroom for flow. I had the hardest time getting the perfect grey we kept getting bluish grey. Finally I talked to one of the girls that help with colors and she recommended the perfect one, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. How about a taupe color? They can have a grayish cast.
    Have a great weekend!


  6. So many fun things! I love to follow your house renovation! We have a greyish/taupe color in one of our bedrooms, and it creates a very nice and cozy feeling! You should absolutely match the rooms, that is so smart!
    And while we talk about colors; maybe you could choose a mauve color for your nails? That is the chicest over here right now!
    Have a lovely weekend! Please sit outside in the sun and have a coffee; that’s what I miss the most now when fall is here.

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    1. Thank you! I was wondering if I’m talking about it too much? Grey taupe or greige (grey/beige) is what my bff suggested. She is good at design. Mauve is a good idea. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!


  7. I love my dip nails!!! It’s definitely not too soon for wine/burgundy colors. I’m currently sporting charcoal on mine! I have heard Agreeable Gray is a popular Sherwin Williams shade. It’s a very lovely shade! Happy renovating!!

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    1. Charcoal would be pretty! Still leaning toward wine but I am seeing how long my current looks decent. It’s over 4 weeks now!
      Agreeable grey is one of my picks! Thank you!


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