Friday, September 19, 2019

Hello Friday!  How was your week?  Mine was pretty good but hectic as I think all September weeks tend to be.  Linking up with Andrea, etc. today!  

I picked up this little apple diffuser at Trader Joes last Saturday because I have dedicated September to all things apple!  It was under $5!  

I also got this apple cider jam.  I am hoping to do something cool with this.  Stay tuned…


This scent has made my week sooooo happy.  I love it.  I think I would use it as a body wash or lotion, too, if it came in that!  

This is our favorite salad around here lately. Baby spinach, cheddar cheese cut in tiny little chunks, red onion diced, and green apple.  Hub has been using Poppyseed dressing and I have been using just a bit of EVOO.  

Also, I love my fall plates.  I bought them a few years ago at Target. 

I really want to make these Smores bars but I know I will eat too many! Chasing Sweet and Simple blog posted them but I have made them before and know how delicious they are.  

So, I am a Spanish teacher and we celebrate Day of the Dead.  I have noticed how popular the skull has become for the general public.  I found these really nice glasses at Dollar Tree.  How cute!  

Look at this!  I really want to re-create this!  I love charcuterie boards and this is just too cute for words.  

How was your week?  Any fun weekend plans?  I would love to go to Bourbon and Beyond which is a bourbon and music festival but my kids and their plans come first so we will see.  

Make it a great one!


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. That apple cider jam looks amazing. I’ve been on the apple kick too, although I did try the pumpkin cream cold brew and like it because it’s not as sweet as the PSL.
    I just watched A Chef’s Life last night on PBS and it was all about Bourbon, pretty interesting, I wish I would have acquired a taste for it.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

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    1. I tried the jam on farmers market bread – oh my! I didn’t love the pumpkin. I think I didn’t ask for it the right way! If you want to like bourbon I recommend Four Roses and have it with some diet Canada Dry. Play around with proportions. So good! Also good on salmon – bourbon oj and brown sugar!


      1. I do like cooking with bourbon, I have a great bourbon carrots recipe. Last night we had salmon and I was looking for a different way to cook it, we usually grill it on a cedar plank, I wish I had thought of using bourbon!

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  2. Great inspiration, thanks!
    Quiet weekend over here, working on some Ikea cupboards for the kitchen… Maybe some “fika” outside today down by the dock, 66°F here today, believe it or not.

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