Tuesday, September 10, 2019

So, I like to do generic fall decor on September 1 and then add Halloween touches on October 1.  After Halloween, I take those down and do some Thanksgiving specific decor that I have but still use the generic fall from September 1!  Keep in mind I am pretty minimal and I do not invest much money.  I like natural decor and easy stuff!  

First, my hub had our front door stained and it looks so much better! 

I added the beautiful leaf doormat from Target for $12.  I love it!

I also went ahead and bought my giant mum at Kroger for just $9.99

Just a few touches in the corner on the side table.

The mantle.  I love the look of candy corn in a jar or vase.  

Kroger had these cute leaf bowls for just $1.59.  

Here is my minimal tiered tray!  I found these cute fake acorns at Dollar Tree!  

So, it is very minimal and I spent very little money! But, it makes me happy – especially in my renovation mess!

So, even if you have small children I think it is worth it because it makes your home more festive!

What do you think?  Do you get into the different seasons?


4 thoughts on “My Fall Decor

  1. I decorated for fall on Sunday. It brings a smile to my face to see all the pretty colors and I enjoy the little change of scenery in the house. Even if it is still 900 degrees outside! I picked up some cute fall items at Dollar Tree for my tiered tray back in August and thank goodness I remembered I bought them and where I stored them! Ha! I’m famous for forgetting things like that!

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    1. It’s the little things! I hid away my Dollar Tree things and forgot about them until I opened a cabinet. I was happy that I had gotten them! I need to organize my seasonal decor! I have tubs in the basement but they could be labeled better and I need to donate some things. Enjoy your decor even if the weather doesn’t feel like fall – we have high 90s this week, too!


  2. I do minimal fall decor too, but don’t really do Halloween. Maybe that will change with Wells (we’re not HUGE Halloween people, but I always see us letting him dress up and whatnot). I always saved anything “Halloween” for my classroom. I like to put up the decor on September 1st and have it last to Thanksgiving lol.
    And I paid $27 total for two mums at Lowe’s and I’m annoyed by that but one is a hanging basket so I suppose that was worth it.


  3. Wow, I love your door! It looks so welcoming! I also love the acorns (new word for me, thanks) and the leaf bowls! Well, we have the mums over here, but not the other cute stuff (I think). What is candy corn? And if it’s candy – how can you resist from eating it!?


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