Thursday, July 25, 2019


Did you create a summer list or bucket list?  I posted mine back in early June so I thought I would do a brief check – in – because my days are getting numbered!  

Celebrate end of my twin boys’ junior year – we had takeout of their choice but we didn’t celebrate in a big way.  They are so sweet and prefer my cooking to going out.  They rarely ask for anything.  I did make a point to tell them how proud I was of them when their report cards came and when they received their AP exam scores.  One took 4 AP classes and the other took 3.  

Celebrate hub’s bday – He wanted BLTS st home because our boys were recovering from wisdom teeth surgery.  He’s easy to please, too.  

Celebrate Father’s Day – He wanted to see Men in Black so we did.  The boys could finally start eating more normal foods and enjoyed some popcorn.  I didn’t anticipate how hard Father’s Day would be for me as the first one without my Dad.  I had some sweet friends reach out to me.  I need to remember to always do that, too.  

Celebrate completing my 25th year of teaching – not really but isn’t summer a reward?  Ha!  I cannot believe that I have been teaching this long.  I started at the young age of 22 and am now 47.  I only took off one semester with my babies but of course I had all of the summers and breaks.  I also had them at daycare/preschool right next to my school and could pick them up at 2:30 most days.  

Use my salt cave gift card – yes – see post here

Get regular 10 minute neck and shoulder massages at The Relax Place – no!  Why have I not done this?  

Watch Big Brother with my son that likes it – Yes!  We are enjoying this but it’s getting hard to watch.  It reinforces values while we watch and my son talks about how people shouldn’t act that way.  He’s so sweet.  

Go to my first movie alone – not yet – might do Lion King or Yesterday.  There haven’t been any chick flicks that I wanted to see!  

Take a pizza on the boat – not yet!  

Host people on the boat – This has been a bad year for boating.  We’ve only gone out 4 times due to all the rain and high water.  We did take one of our couple friends out and had brunch and that was really fun.  


Read some good books – Yes, but I’m not reading as much as I usually do.  I think it’s because my outdoor space is compromised due to my renovation and because it was either raining or hot most of the time when I did have a chance!  I prefer to read outside in the afternoons with a drink.  

Declutter – Yes, I’m happy to say that I finally got motivated.  I’m still working on this, though.  


Meet friends for coffee, brunch, lunch, happy hour – Yes!  I think I’ve told you before that night is not my most social.  I get tired early and I think I’m more fun in the daytime!  lol!  


Exercise almost every morning – Hanging my head over this one.  I have no excuse.  I have enjoyed leisurely mornings of coffee, blogs, books, t.v.

Get all professional development hours done before school starts – I am on my way.  I think I can make this happen which will lead to less stress when school starts. 

Other things I’ve done:

Outdoor concerts – 2 so far

Saw 3 movies at the theatre – 2 with whole family (MIB and Spiderman) and one with just hub (Stuber)

Tried some new recipes – Southwest bowl


Driving lessons with boys

ACT tutoring with boys

Serious college list making/visit planning with boys  (They started visiting last year)

Helped husband with renovation moving parts and picking out elements

That’s all I can think of so far!  What about you?  Have you accomplished what you wanted?  What do you still want to do? 





9 thoughts on “Summer List Check-In

  1. You’ve done a great job! You need to join Leslie (Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After) for her seasonal Bucket List link up – I will have to remember to email you! I think it’s a fun way to keep track of life. Your sons sound like such great young men! This is an exciting year for them!


    1. Thank you! Oh – didn’t know about that link up – please do let me know and I will start following her.
      They are really good boys and we are really going through a lot of changes right now. It’s bittersweet but exciting!


  2. Wow, your summer sounds great so far! Keep on enjoying it! It’s so easy to start a count down too early… What are your boys doing right now? I think my girls are getting a bit bored…
    Well, we had the bathroom on our list and it’s done, yes! HomeDepot is a jungle and it’s confusing with inches and feet…
    I’ve read a lot, which I enjoy immensely, some bad and some good. I read my first Elin Hilderbrand and liked it a lot!
    We will spend my last two weeks in the cabin, but we got sad news a couple of days ago – our boat is stolen! I loved our boat 😦


    1. I’m so sorry about your boat! Maybe it will be recovered? Are you back home? My boys are starting to be ready for the structure I think.
      Yes Home Depot can be crazy! I like Elin and I’ve read all of her books for easy summer reads.


  3. We have one week left in beautiful Florida!
    Well, the boat might be recovered, but the motor will be gone, for sure… (we have a problem with boat motors being stolen in Sweden, it’s crazy and makes me so mad!)

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  4. You’re really making the most of your summer break! I loved the movie Yesterday, and my daughter did too. We liked it so much we might take the guys and see it again. 🙂


    1. I’m trying! Yesterday may just be the one I see alone! My music loving son wasn’t interested! Hope you are enjoying the last of summer, too!


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