Friday, July 12, 2019

I thought I would make all of my favorites today from Trader Joe’s!  Do I talk about TJ’s too much?  Yes!  But, you know what?  I never get tired of this subject.  I’m constantly reading others’ reviews and constantly learning about new to me items.  They almost always have new products when I visit, too.  They change things up with the seasons.  

I realize if you live in a Trader’s Joe’s – less city you will feel out of the loop and for that I’m very sorry.  But, maybe you can find an identical product at your local grocer.  

Why I shop at Trader Joe’s a couple of times a month in addition to my regular grocery:

-Could I just go here instead of regular grocery, too?  Probably, but for a family of four it makes more sense to get staples at regular grocery for the prices.  But, keep in mind this is a whole lot cheaper than eating out or getting take out!  

This is a great store for those wanting to eat healthier but who can’t afford Whole Foods.  TJ’s isn’t nearly as expensive as Whole Foods from what I’ve observed.  

-This is a great store for young kids just out of college.  There are some prepared foods that are healthier options and there are smaller portions for singles.  

This store just makes you happy to grocery shop and that doesn’t happen for me anywhere else! 

-This is a great place for gifts and fresh flowers and plants.  Their bath and body products would also make great gifts.  

-Their greeting cards are all 99 cents and they are BEAUTIFUL! 

-The liquor prices are great.  

-If you are traveling this summer and have one nearby this could be a great place to stock up on snacks and breakfast items to save money.

-Some things are really affordable – nuts and cheeses, for example.  

My TJ’s favorites:

-Everything but the bagel seasoning

-Frozen already cooked jasmine rice

-Frozen green beans, broccoli, and corn to keep stocked in freezer

-Everything bagels (keep in freezer because they go back quickly due to lack of preservatives – that’s a good thing!

-7 grain bread – again keep in freezer for same reason

-Ciabatta bread and rolls (better than a restaurant)

-Brioche bread for French toast (keep in freezer, take out however many slices you need at a time)

Most recent TJ’s run photo below:  

I’m trying for first time:  

blueberry goat cheese log – to die for!  

bloody mary salsa – haven’t tried yet

Ale mustard – really good – we dipped pretzels in it

chili onion crunch – put it atop cream cheese and want to try it in a pasta dish.  The verdict is still out for me on this product.  

The Brioche is to die for!  

My boys like these turkey corn dogs in the freezer section

New product:  Everything ciabatta rolls – I used to make a breakfast sandwich for hub – amazing!  

I like to keep this cooked chicken on hand for nachos, pasta, whatever

Great prices on cheese.  I love mozzarella and tomatoes with balsamic glaze.

We love these sturdy lime flavored chips.  They work great for nachos!  

Where do you stand with Trader Joe’s?  

A. Stop talking about this store!

B. Who’s Trader Joe?

C. Huge fan!  Give me more!

If you said “C”, what products are your favorites?  How do you feel about the prices?  


18 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Trader Joe’s Edition

  1. I wish TJ’s was more convenient for me, it’s a bit of a drive and the parking is horrible! I usually end up getting lots of snack type foods I don’t really need but it’s a lot of fun to see all the unique products. A Sprouts store just opened near me and I really like it – kinda like TJ’s and Whole Foods got together had a baby and the prices are good!


    1. I know I talk about it too much but it’s just so great! I have heard Sprouts is really good. We don’t have one. Happy Friday!


  2. I just have to say I LOVE your blog!!! I am a fellow teacher (kindergarten in Minnesota!) and I just love all of your topics! 🙂
    We live about 50 minutes away from a Trader Joe’s, but we have so much fun when we do, go there! My 3 teenagers love all the snacks! I love their flowers, cards and bath and body products! I have given MANY away as gifts! I love their sesame honey coated almonds!!!!!!!! SOOOO good!!! I also love their cheeses!


    1. You are too sweet, Michelle! I love hearing from fellow teachers. I try to write about what I like to read about but sometimes I feel that I talk to much about Trader Joe’s and certain topics! Haha! I know that I spend too much when I go there but very little goes to waste. You have one more teenager than me so bless you! Lol! I hope you will keep reading and let me know what topics you want to hear!


  3. Big Trader Joe’s fan here! I’m lucky enough to have one 5 minutes from my house. I go there a lot!! The cheeses are my absolute favorite, their sparkling waters, huge selection of nuts, amazing health and beauty… wine, flowers….so much good stuff! I think the best part of the experience is how friendly the staff is! Happy Summer!!


    1. That is close! Yes, those are some of my favorites, too. The staff is just amazing. They will open anything for you to try. I love talking to them.


  4. I’m TJ-less!!! *cries*

    But we do have a Fresh Thyme Market, which seems to be similar. They usually have great sales on produce, the BEST fresh-ground peanut butter, and prices not too far off where I normally shop.


    1. It’s sad! We have a Fresh Thyme, too, but I really haven’t checked it out. I should do that this summer. Thanks for the tip!


  5. C. Huge fan! There’s a TJs about 1/2 hour from me so I go sporadically. First off I pick a bunch of flowers by the front door. Everyone talks about the peonies when they are in season, but I never hit it on those days. Last time I was there I asked and they said, oh they’ll be here tomorrow! Our favorites are the orange mini scones, orange chicken (frozen) and there is a microwave rice blend, I think brown rice, red rice and barley? It’s near the jasmine rice, I always throw the box out and just put the packets in the freezer but it has more body than white rice. Last time we tried a chicken piccata from the refrigerated case, it was quite good, but just 2 servings. Also the spicy hummus is good.
    At holiday time we look for the chocolate covered peppermint jo jos, such a treat! Also there is a cranberry goat cheese log that is yummy.
    Fun post! Have a good weekend!


    1. The flowers are gorgeous! I have seen the peonies but have avoided temptation. I saw a girl getting them for her wedding! I will have to try that rice blend. I love how the change up the seasonal stuff. I’m very impressed with the bath and body products, too!


  6. Our TJ’s is about 20 minutes away but parking is awful. *Maybe* I’ll start going back (haven’t been in a few months) because I’ve had it with Walmart.
    TJ’s in PA doesn’t sell alcohol. Annoying.


    1. That’s so sad that you can’t get alcohol there! In KY our liquor part of T J s has to have a separate entrance so I usually hit that first but definitely not every time I go. Try to go on a weekday as early as you can. Ours is super busy if I don’t go early. I’m hoping to stock up on easy beginning of school year meals there in August.


  7. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds. They are perfect when I’m watching what I eat and need a little something sweet.


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