What I wore Wednesday

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

So, yesterday was my AP Spanish exam; I teach a course where the students take an exam to try to earn college credit.  It’s a lot of pressure to prepare them.  I made a breakfast for them yesterday and it will take me a few days to recover – haha!  

So let’s go back to last week… I’ve started wearing many of my dresses.  This is one of my horse scarves for Derby week!  img_6630.jpgOn the last day of our school week, teachers were encouraged to wear Derby attire.  I got this fascinator for $12 on Amazon.  Oh, the dress is also from Amazon from last summer and it’s what I wore on the first day of school.  

You saw my rainy Derby party outfit on my Hello Monday! post.  I wish I had a matching fascinator!  

Cinco de mayo Sunday Funday outfit.  I think this dress is too short for school after putting it in the dryer – lesson learned.  I line dry most of my stuff so I don’t know why I didn’t do that with this dress.  

I picked up this Universal Thread for Target dress over the weekend for $19.  A blogger talked about it – can’t remember who.  I think it is sold out online but you can still find in stores according to the blogger.  

And, that’s all I’ve got!  Are you wearing dresses more now, too?  Any favorite outfits?  

See you tomorrow – I hope!  


12 thoughts on “What I Wore

  1. Dresses are my favorite when it gets warm – they are so much better than shorts. I love your rainy day Derby outfit – I think your fascinator would have worked very well with it! I also love that kimono with the dress you said is too short. Some of my dresses from ON shrink up even when I line dry – drives me NUTS!


    1. Dresses are much cooler! The fascinator was a pale pink and the dress had no pink so I didn’t wear it but you’re right – it probably would’ve been fine. I know – I size up at old navy sometimes because of shrinkage. Have a great day!


  2. As usual you look smashing, your makeup is perfect and you always have a positive look! No dresses over here, weather is crazily cold for the season… Boring! But Florida is lurking in the horizon, so Weather – bring it on, you can’t stop me! 😀 I haven’t have time to read blogs for a couple of days, but now I have a quiet time between classes, sweet. It’s a tough month for us teachers! (Did you make breakfast for your students!? You’re a saint!)


    1. You are too kind, Tin-Tin. I think I just look tired! When do you leave for Florida? How long do you stay? May is the worst for teachers! Plus there are lots of kid activities if you’re also a mom! Yes, I made breakfast! Recipes coming soon!


      1. You don’t look tired! But I know the feeling, once a parent told me (in January) that I looked awful compared to when she had met me in August… (lol) We’ll leave for Florida in the middle of June, and I can’t wait!


      2. Thank you! That parent was pretty bold! It’s times like that when I wish I had a snappy retort! The middle of June will be here soon!


  3. I was just telling my teacher friend how much I MISS wearing dresses every day! I mean, theoretically I still could but now it’s shorts season so maybe that’ll be easier than pants. (I reallllllly hate pants.)
    I love the camo dress.


    1. If it gets hot in PA dresses seem cooler to me than shorts! And, it looks like you made an effort but feels like pjs! Lol! Thank you! I love camo! I thought a hot pink sweater would look good with it, too!


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