Wednesday, March 13, 2019

What I wore Wednesday

This is short and sweet today because I have been bad about outfit photos. Plus, I believe you’ve seen all but one of these!

Also, above you see my cute co-worker who bought her second pair of Rothy’s in lemon drop! How cute are they? They are the rounded toe just like the mink color that she and I both have. I think a second pair only a month after buying her first is a strong endorsement! These ain’t cheap, y’all, but worth it if you would rather have one pair of fabulous flats rather than five pairs of uncomfortable flats that fall apart.

What have you been wearing lately? It’s that confusing in between winter and spring time when it’s hard to know what to wear!

Happy hump day!


10 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

    1. It really has been confusing! We will reach almost 70 today and where you Floridians would be in a sweater I guarantee I will see flip flops – lol!
      Have a great day!


  1. I just love that But first coffee t-shirt! That is so me! I’m a huge coffeedrinker… Nice outfits all and all! Can’t wait to come to the states and do some shopping! Do you ever shop clothes from amazon? Today I’m wearing my warmest winter jacket… When will the winter end!?


    1. Thank you! We will reach 70 today they say! Yay! I love these graphic tees. I do have some things from Amazon but I’m really picky about fabrics these days and like to touch things in stores. I usually only order Amazon clothing if a blogger recommends. The Hofi leggings with pockets are amazing. Have you seen those? That is my favorite clothing purchase. Hope you get warm weather soon!


      1. Ok, Hofi leggings are on my list! We always shop stuff from amazon when we go over the Atlantic, but I’ve never dared to buy clothes, only sneakers (because I know my size).


    1. I think the flats have some give so I think they might work. I believe they have a good return policy. The round toe are very flattering on the foot maybe due to the v shape inside on top of the foot. They might have some FAQs on website or reviews about wide feet? I wouldn’t keep them if they aren’t perfect for you, though. Hope that helps!


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