Monday, February 4, 2019

How was your weekend?  Mine was good and I guess I didn’t really need it that badly after being off Wednesday and Thursday and a 2 hour delay Friday!  Hope I’m ready for a full 5 day week!  Are you?  How was your weekend?  

I’m linking up today with Lindsay, Heather, and Tanya.  Check out other posts right here!  

This guy left on Thursday morning so we missed him this weekend.  This is what he was doing and I’m happy he had a chance to get away!  

Thursday afternoon I had the pleasure of a happy hour with my old work friend V.  She agreed to meet during the 2 hours I have to kill while waiting for my son to have his theater class.  It takes some planning, but I like taking advantage of those moments to fill my cup (literally and figuratively!)

I had the “No Sleep Til Brooklyn”.  I don’t even know what was in it – just liked the Beastie Boy reference!  You know you are singing it now, too, if you are close to my age-lol!

And we had the guac!

Friday we went to school but the kids had a two hour delay.  Friday night was a theater rehearsal so other son and I tried a restaurant near the theatre called Ciao.  We really liked it and plan to take the whole family back!  

We shared ceasar salad, eggplant parm and breadsticks.  

We took cannoli to go for my other son.  

Saturday morning the boys had an ACT workshop and I took myself shopping to a boutique called 50Lou that I’ve been wanting to check out.  They have all locally made goods.  I will definitely go back for gifts!  

I also checked out a new biscuit place.  

I read this book this weekend and it was cute but rated R.  

I met two gals for the UK game later that afternoon – my sis-in-law J and my friend H. 

All I had was this water.  Just joking! 

We had chips and queso and pickle chips!

Theater son had a four hour rehearsal on Sunday afternoon and this guy takes after his mom.  He pulled out a beach chair and read in the sun.  Notice the snow shovels to the right of the photo.  Yes, Wednesday it was 7 degrees and yesterday it was in the high 60s!  Crazy!  

I started this book.  Claire Cook has written some really cute books and some have been made into movies.  One example is “Must Love Dogs”.  

I put a roast and vegetables in the oven and then picked up my son and came home and my hub was home!  We missed him but we’re glad he had fun.  

And, that was my weekend.  Looking forward to reading about yours!  We have lots of warm temps and rain this week before it gets cold again.

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to have a weekend to yourself! Scott used to hunt/snow-machine in Alaska and I’d just relax for a day or two and get things done. (Now, with dogs and baby, I doubt this would be the same these days lol.)


  2. What a fun weekend. You went to some of the most fun looking places. We are finally getting snow here and I think that winter has finally arrived. I am glad you got in some sunshine, also I hope your 5 day week goes by quickly for you! We just had our 100th day today. This year has flown by!


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