Thursday, January 31, 2019

Yesterday was the best kind of snow day!  Well, it started out being an “extreme cold day” and overnight we got a bit of snow.  

Here’s why it was the best:  it was a Wednesday – smack dab in the middle of the week at the epicenter of two weekends AND because we found out at 2:45!  That is so rare that that happens!  So, this meant I could have an afternoon caffeinated coffee and I stayed up later than normal – or at least tried to.  

I woke up at pretty much the same time Wednesday morning and leisurely read blogs, had my quiet time, and drank coffee.  

My husband still had to go to work so before he left I put in a load of laundry so that maybe he would think I had a productive day planned – haha!

When the sun finally came up, this is what the view out my front door looked like. 

One son woke up and I offered up some French toast.  img_5388.jpg

I did my nails with OPI Funny Bunny.

I worked very hard to clear off my DVR.  The Bachelor still had not been watched. img_5392.jpg

I finally managed to get out of the house around 2:00.  I had to get dog food from Costco – and a couple of other things.  

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Costco parking lot so empty and I practically had the store to myself.  

I really want to try one of these taco kits next trip.  

Mission accomplished at Costco and since it was on the way home, I stopped at Versona.  I’ve never seen that mall parking lot so empty either.  I have finally figured out the secret to avoiding big crowds.  Go shopping when there is an extreme cold advisory.  

These are very similar to my Amazon earrings and only cost $8.  

I thought these looked like shamrocks or flowers or both!  

David Yurman look a likes.

I predict that super tiny earrings are going to be a thing.  I also thought the ones on the right could be a Kendra Scott dupe.

Aren’t these cute for Valentine’s Day? 

Did I buy anything from the above photos?  No, but I may go back.  Did I buy anything else?  You will have to wait and see!  

I came home and started watching season two of Mrs. Maisel on Kellyann’s recommendation.  It’s really good!  Then, it was time to make dinner because apparently these people still want to eat on snow days.  And, during my Mrs. Maisel session I got a text that we would have another snow day!  So, I’m off again today.  

I will leave you with this graphic which I think is true!  We will be warming up today and Saturday will hit 50 and Sunday will get up to 60!  Crazy!  


I know not everyone gets to enjoy a snow day as an adult and for that I’m truly sorry.  It is a wonderful thing to get a “free pass” on a weekday as an adult.  I don’t take them for granted!  I will have to pay the piper in March when we lose a couple of scheduled days off.  

What about you?  Snow days good or bad?  How’s your weather?  

Stay warm!



10 thoughts on “How to Do a Snow Day (as an adult!)

  1. Oh my gosh Mrs. Maisel just cracks me up thinking about it and I love the fashion! I just found out yesterday that she is Kate Spade’s niece, never knew that!
    A snow day that actually isn’t really snowing so hard you can’t leave the house sounds good. I’d love to have Costco to myself, dream come true!
    Enjoy day 2 off, it’s nice to get an unexpected break. Do y’all have to make up the days? We do if we have hurricane days. That’s the only bad part but I always enjoyed the time off!


    1. It’s so well written – had no idea the actress was her niece. It really didn’t feel that cold to leave the house but I was quite bundled up. Now we have to go the Thursday and Friday before spring break but I figured we would lose those. We have been having 3-4 snow days a year. I plan to be more productive today! Have a great day, Kellyann!


  2. Enjoy your second snow day Amy! As a teacher myself, they are some of my favorite things. Here in the Midwest we had an extreme cold day too. But back at work this morning, even though we got some unenpected snow . Boo! I’m pumping for my daughter and reading your blog before the craziness of the day begins. 🙂


    1. Thank you Jennifer! They really are such a treat! I want to go back tomorrow though. You should like a busy mama and teacher. I have so much respect for you because those were my toughest years! Have a great day and thanks for commenting, Jennifer!


  3. I am so hoping they are back in school tomorrow. My senior is actually saying he doesn’t want more snow/cold weather days, he’s just ready to graduate. You definitely need to try the street tacos- we had them for dinner Tuesday night and they are fantastic! Stay warm!


    1. Thanks for the recommendation on the street tacos – they looked like restaurant quality! Yes I want just a delay tomorrow! Good luck to your senior on avoiding more days!


    1. I hope you get one soon! I plan to get the kit next time. It looked so good but I had my meal plan already. Happy almost weekend!


  4. This is our 5th day off, 4 “cold” and 1 “snow”. I guess we have 6 days allotted for weather, any more than that, we have to make those up. Anyway it was a nice break, I did some Valentine’s prep ❤️. Only 1 day until the weekend, maybe I’ll get the street tacos for the Super Bowl!


    1. Oh wow! 5 days is a lot! You just have to embrace it, right? Yes, the street tacos would be great for Super Bowl! You can never go wrong with Mexican food!


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