Friday, January 18, 2019

Happy Friday to all!  I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. so go here if you want to see the favorites!

Copy of Thursday Thoughts

This is really good! Bolivian black cherry is the flavor and it’s carbonated. It’s got more flavor than a seltzer water.

My high school girls have been talking about You on Netflix. It’s dark but I liked the first episode. It has Dan from Gossip Girl.

This book – I had to put down my more serious book about Hemingway for the time being. This book is cute so far. It’s like a cooler Big Bang Theory. A group of professors decide to try online dating.

Does your dog have a Kong? You put peanut butter inside and it makes them so happy!

On Wednesday I did laundry instead of cooking. I went to our Mediterranean restaurant to get take out and enjoyed a few moments to read with a tea.

And here’s what our food looked like!

I only get three meals and it’s enough for all four of us plus leftovers.

The outfit challenge has been fun this week. Today is plaid shirt day! It’s been so much fun! Thank you if you participated! I thought I would do it again!

Monday – something you haven’t worn yet this winter

Tuesday – black and white stripes

Wednesday – leopard

Thursday – a cardigan

Friday – jeans (maybe that you haven’t worn in awhile)

Happy Friday! We have another snow chance this weekend and we are already off Monday for MLK day.

What were your favorites this week?


18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. It got dark in a hurry! Ay! And it’s not appropriate for high school girls in my opinion. Thank you and you too! I really want a monogram vest now! Happy birthday to your son!


  1. My favorites were… your outfit list that made may week more fun and variegated (is that a word!?). I will follow you next week too, already have a striped shirt in mind for Tuesday :-). Other fun stuff were my husband’s birthday (Swedish cake is the best!), movies tonight (Beautiful boy) and a clear blue sky over my beautiful city. I also listened to an interesting podcast on optimism (Goop) that was really good. Didn’t you mention that you did a podcast?


    1. I wish you had a blog! Love your favorites! I was a guest host on a podcast and we are trying to start a new one. We haven’t fleshed out all of the details yet. I love podcasts. I will have to look that up. I have to be in the right mood for the right podcast.


      1. Thanks, you’re sweet! Yeah, I don’t know why I didn’t jump on the blog wagon many many years ago. I think it has to do with integrity, I don’t have Facebook and so on. Yes, I also have to be in the right mood for podcasts, if and when I walk to school I enjoy it, but otherwise I really don’t have the patience!


      2. It’s not too late. I like WordPress. I listen to mostly funny podcasts right now. Watch what crappens makes me laugh!


  2. Every day is plaid short day for me. Well, in a perfect world. I thought I’d have to leave my husband when he asked me not to buy him plaid shirts for Yule this year. A wife can only take so much!

    Peanut butter in the Kongs are awesome. I have to distract my dogs from hanging out in the yard all day because we have a pack of coyotes in the city. A peanut butter filled Kong keeps them occupied for at least 3 hours.


  3. I am sucked into Parks and Rec but might start You sometime soon. I really want to see it. I also need to get my hands on that book. It looks so good. I hope you have a great weekend!


  4. That book title made me laugh! It seems like quite an amusing read! I have really enjoyed the clothing challenge! Can’t wait to participate next week- I’ll email you my pics this weekend!


    1. Haha! It is really cute so far and just what I needed. I’m glad you enjoyed it! One day next week is leopard for you! I had a little harder time coming up with themes this week!


  5. Happy Friday!! Fun favorites, and your food looks yummy! I used to blog years ago. I really loved it, it just consumed so much time! Anywho, I do enjoy reading blogs, looking forward to next week’s wardrobe themes, I bought a leopard belt :)) Also finished “All We Ever Wanted” , very good!! Have a great weekend!


    1. Yes, it can take a lot of time. I think that’s why I’m fine with staying low tech and just like I am now. I’m glad you liked the book! Look for My Favorite Half Night Stand if you want a cute and easy read.
      A leopard belt would be so cute! I’m looking forward to doing another week challenge!


  6. That book title is worth picking the book up!!! I read your Rothy’s post this week and that is so funny because I bought a pair of $5 flats at Walmart and one of my coworkers looked at them and said, “Oh man Rothy’s!” I said, “Oh man no way.” Haha! I am hoping you have a great weekend!xo


    1. The book is so cute! I’m about half way in now. $5 is hard to beat! But, I think I’m going to wear the heck out of mine. Happy Friday! Snow is coming! It may be headed to you!


  7. I saw the ad for ‘you’ on Netflix too and wondered about checking it out – will give it a go this week. Kongs are great – I used peanut butter quite a bit for Humph – it’s great to keep them quiet for a few minutes isn’t it?


    1. Be careful because once you start you it will be hard to stop – and not appropriate for C! Yes, I love the Kong for Ernie. He brings it to me when I get up in the morning for coffee! It’s our ritual.


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