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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

So, some of my readers know that something VERY exciting happened to me a month ago…

I was the lucky winner of a $500 gift card to the retailer of my choice from the blogs Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer Told Me To.  I have been reading their blogs for 6 or so years but I never thought I would win anything, let alone such a generous gift.  


I was shocked!  It took me a couple of days to decide on my store and I finally picked Nordstrom because of their great sales, fast and free shipping and returns, and the high quality items available.  

I wanted to use some of it for Christmas gifts and some for me.   I didn’t know if I should go with a big ticket item for myself or lots of little things.  Well, I can’t stop my bargain hunting ways, so I think I got a lot for my money!

I bought 3 of these BP Tunic v neck black sweaters that are super soft.  One was for me and the other two were for my nieces.  I have already worn and washed mine several times.  Each sweater was $15 down from $39.  I really like the Nordstrom exclusive BP brand and have been happy with my items.  


Even though I had never used the Clinique chubette lip crayons, I bought this set for myself for $40.  I like the consistency and color that comes from these.  It is a nice every day lip color.  

I think I have found the holy grail of foundation that I have been searching for.  It is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation.  Nordstrom sent me a sample with my Clinique chubettes (they send you beauty samples with any beauty purchase) and the sample had me at first use!  It was only $42 and a little goes a long way.  It is light but full coverage.  Does anyone else use any Charlotte Tilbury products?  It was new to me!  

I love the look of Free People but I don’t love the regualar prices.  This top was really unique and on sale for $44.  Andrea of Momfessionals has it, too. img_5008.jpg

Next is the Bobeau butter tee that was $42.  Putting Me Together Audrey raves about these tees.  I don’t know why my photo is so bad.  It really is a great tee.  img_5007.jpg

Here I am wearing it.  


This sweater is super soft.  It is by Winter Wish and was $40. img_5006.jpg

This Caslon top is also super soft and was $30.  

This Caslon striped top is really unique with the stitching.  It was just under $20.  I have been wanting a black and white striped top.  

Not pictured:  two Madewell necklaces for my nieces that were about $20 each.  

And, finally, new short yellow Hunter rain boots that were on sale for $75.  I have had tall black ones for 6 years and had thought about adding a bright color.  This was the only color on super sale so I went for it.  I like the shorter length.  


Now, I still have some left on my card but I didn’t want to just buy anything and I even thought about saving some for spring.  

I felt like my closet was lacking just some basic tops.  Also, I love grey in the winter and needed some more of that color.  How do you think I did?  It was funny because I felt kind of guilty spending my gift card.  I was so careful and hesitant with it.  I am so appreciative to Sheaffer and Shay and didn’t feel deserving of it.  




18 thoughts on “My Nordstrom Loot!

  1. Girl, you got some major bang for your buck! I love that grey sweater and can’t wait to see you wear it. I have heard so many good things about CT make up but I have yet to try any myself. Everyone raves about it. I have also heard so many great things about that butter tee and your Free People top was a fabulous price, gosh that brand is so pricey!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was really hard to decide on my items! But, thank you! I feel set for winter now! Try to get a sample of the CT makeup!


  2. I love all of your picks. I need to check out those BP sweaters. I am so happy hat you won! You got some great pieces and got a lot out of your money. I also need to check out that butter tee! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was fun but harder than I thought it would be! Yes, check those items out. Today is their last day for their sale I think !


  3. Happy New Year Amy! I’m so glad you won! I remember when I read that post that morning and I wondered was it you?! And I was thinking what a blessing that it would be at this time!!! You totally deserve it, enjoy every cent!!! Love all your scores!


  4. That must have been such a blast! I’m happy for you!
    I love those chubby sticks, I buy as many of them as I can. Its lipstick I can actually apply without looking like a clown, ha ha.


    1. It was actually hard to decide but yes it was fun! I’m glad to hear a good review of the chubby sticks. These are small ones but I like the light colors and consistency so far.


  5. I am SO happy for you that you won this competition – it really makes me believe more that there is a balance to the world – you might feel low and out of the blue comes an unexpected boost! You sure picked some lovely things – the aubergine top and scarf are lovely – such a great colour combination. I definitely want to try Charlotte Tilbury – all of her products get such amazing reviews. What is the coverage and duration like – matte or a bit of a dewy look? J xx


    1. Thank you! I think the coverage and duration of the CT is pretty good! I love the lightweight consistency but full coverage. Thank you!


  6. You did awesome!!! I love the fuzzy gray sweater, it looks so comfortable and of course the Hunter Boots are adorable. You got a lot of great bargains and still have some extra dough to spend!


  7. I think you made out well!
    I love the shorter Hunter boots. The super tall ones seem like they’d get hot and uncomfortable (I wear rain boots a lot working around our property and that’s how mine always feel).


    1. Thank you! Boots are so practical for dewy mornings and I have been surprised by how much I wear them. The shorter are probably more practical. The yellow is so fun, too. Hunter quality can’t be beat!


  8. You definitely made good use of that gift voucher! Well done! I also want to try something from CT, maybe a lipstick though, we’ll see!


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