Thursday, December 13, 2018

Do you buy teacher gifts?  When my boys were in elementary school, I tried to get parents to pool together for a nice gift card or I would do gifts that were pretty substantial.  When they hit middle school and had as many as 12 teachers between the two of them we switched to a card and a bag of homemade cookies or maybe a special gift for one or two teachers that really made an impact.  

It really can add up, but I also think it’s the perfect time to say a thank you for essentially helping you parent while your kids are at school.  There is no person outside of the family that has a bigger impact on a child than a teacher.  

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So, I’m coming from the perspective of a high school teacher.  My very favorite gifts to get at the holidays (or the end of the year) are handwritten notes.  It’s very special if my student writes it himself.  But, I also appreciate it when a parent writes one.  Is there a certain instance where the teacher went above and beyond for your child?  I would mention that instance.  Most teachers do not enter the profession for the money.  That would be dumb, right?  Lol!  I have saved every.single.letter/card that I have received over the years.  I have also tried to print out many of the emails I have received.  I cannot tell you how much I treasure these notes.  

So, hands down my favorite gift is just simply a handwritten note or card.

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I also love even a $5 gift card for Starbuck’s or a local coffee shop.  Most teachers love coffee.  Don’t feel that $5 is too little.  We really do appreciate any amount.  Please do check your school’s policy about gift giving.  My school does not have a policy against it, but I have heard that some do.  

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I have gotten gift cards for Target and various restaurants.  We have a locally owned ice cream shop that has gift cards and I was the recipient of one last year.  

Ask your child if their teachers mention a particular restaurant that they love. Does their teacher always have a particular drink?  I have a friend who gave a 6 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper 12 oz. bottles along with a sweet handwritten note.  

Now, I’m not saying don’t do this because the thought is always appreciated, but teachers get a ton of mugs and ornaments.  I do not need any more ornaments.  I would like the mug if it was personalized or had a special meaning.  But, as a high school teacher I do not want anything with apples or the alphabet on it.  But, again, I always appreciate when anyone gives me a token.  

I would love a personalized notepad.  It may be too late to order this for Christmas, but that would make a great end of year gift.  Teachers are constantly writing notes and this would be a great gift.  

I would love a personalized water cup or bottle.  We usually have to keep a lot of water on our desk because we can’t leave our rooms often.  

I love good pens.  I love dry erase markers.  I love regular markers.  We go through a lot of these items and buy most with our own money.  An office supply store gift card would be really appreciated.  

Any teachers out there want to chime in?  I hope I have given you a few ideas!


10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Teacher Gifts

  1. Great post Amy!I was always so touched when a parent or student thought of me because as the school counselor I often got overlooked. I agree with your suggestions and I too have kept handwritten notes and emails, it helps to have them on hand when a bad day rears its ugly head. When my boys were in high school we always baked for the teachers and they loved it. In fact I was thinking of having my younger son deliver some this year too a few of his old teachers who really enjoyed the cookies!
    It’s almost the weekend – yay!!!


    1. Thank you! Yes, they are great to read when you have had a bad day. Yes, we have a special family merengue recipe that teachers like. I will try to put it on the blog and try to make them this year if I can.


  2. thanks for this post! I stopped giving gifts after elementary school, but this has given me great ideas for those special teachers of my 10th grade daughter.
    Merry Christmas!


    1. I’m so glad. After I re-read it I thought it was kind of all over the place! Haha! But seriously at the high school level we appreciate even a candy cane because we don’t get much appreciation many days! Thanks for commenting Laura and hope you come back!


  3. I saved every card from a kid, as a general rule, over 8 years (and some from when I subbed!). I don’t think parents need to get big/expensive gifts for teachers, but I can tell you that I never liked getting candy. It was always Lindt truffles and I didn’t like them lol.
    A $5 coffee giftcard or a favorite candy bar or snack was always the best.


  4. My two very favourite material gifts are gift cards and a pair of fuzzy socks with a dog on them because my student knew I like dogs ❤ So, so sweet. I think I love anything really though, whether its useful or a multiple or not. The thought makes my heart go squee.
    My one on one child's mum spoiled me often but it was her heartfelt notes that got me every time. THE BEST GIFT.


    1. Yes! It’s totally the thought! Love these kids so much! I cherish the notes and keep forever where I may not always have the material item.


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