Thursday, December 6, 2018

  1. Start shopping!  Shop locally first.  This wonderful leather goods company was started by my former student.  I would love this leather clutch!


This is a great local boutique with great unique gifts!


2.  Drink my one annual Chick Fil A peppermint mocha shake  – maybe while shopping!


3.  Wrap presents while watching Hallmark movies.

4.  Play Christmas songs on the piano.

5.  Attend Christmas Eve service.

6.  Celebrate with both sides of the family even if my side isn’t the way we always do it this year.

7.  Listen to Christmas music – branch out with Spotify channels, maybe.

8.  Plan quality time with family and friends that I haven’t seen much of lately.

9.  Wear festive Christmas clothes.

10.  Do a family charity project.

What is on your list?


25 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – December Bucket List

  1. Okay, confession – I have never had a milkshake from CFA! Can you believe it? That peppermint mocha sounds good though so maybe I’ll go for it. I was thinking about a bucket list just yesterday and I do have a few things. I feel like the holidays will really begin next week when both of my boys are home!
    Praying your dad is home for Christmas!


  2. That milkshake (while shopping) sounds so good! Now that’s a great plan! You have so many great things on this list!


  3. Chick-fil-a’s milkshakes are my FAVORITE. I always get strawberry.
    I don’t have goals for December, except to make it to a mall to see Santa. And get our family’s Christmas presents in the mail.


    1. I’m not a big strawberry shake person but my hub would love – maybe I will bring that to him for a treat!
      When you have a baby, you can’t expect too much of yourself! Just enjoy!


  4. I like your list! Lists are awesome in general.
    I’m not sure what I’d put on mine… get an eggnog milkshake from McDonald’s…finally figure out what I’m going to make for Christmas dinner, ha ha ha. Ummmmm….OH! Pick out my books for Christmas Eve! Now you’ve got me going 🙂


    1. Oh my! Egg nog shake! I love egg nog and like to make cocktails with it!
      I will have to try it!
      Yes Christmas dinner decisions – I like honey baked ham and a potato casserole for part of it!

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      1. Honeybaked ham is the best! I stood in line for one last year in the cold at 6 am! I wouldn’t do that for too many foods! Haha!

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  5. Wow, thanks to you and all the others for sharing their lists! You Americans are fantastic when it comes to Christmas spirit! I’ve only spent one Christmas in the US, and that was in Florida, so, well… “Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright…” didn’t really do it for me :-). No snow in Stockholm yet, but lot’s of cozy lights and Swedish “fika”.


  6. Yes, here comes list!
    – bake saffron buns (typical Swedish christmas) and American peanut butter balls
    – bring over friends for “glögg” (like warm wine with spices)
    – send christmas cards to the older ones in the family
    – buy christmas gifts (most is done, yeah)
    – buy christmas tree (we have a real one, smells divine)
    “Fika” is coffee and buns! Doughnuts works too :-). Hygge is from our neighbor country Denmark, and for me it’s more about plaids and winding down…


    1. I love your list! I actually looked up fika. I admire the slower pace I feel that you and many other countries have and we can learn a lot from you. I’m so excited that I have a reader from Sweden! Do you have a blog? You should start one if not! Happy Saturday!


  7. No blog yet, but I agree, I should have one! 😉 Yes, you could learn from us, but we also have a lot to learn from you when it comes to hospitality, positivity and seizing the day. Swedes are a bit “closed” in our personality…


    1. Go for it! I use WordPress for the blog. I actually know four Swedes now – 2 were exchange students my senior year then my parents had an exchange student 5 years ago and now you!


      1. Yay! I’m enjoying a blog from England – Europafox and a blog from Spain – Memories of the Pacific. My advice would be to start out posting only a couple of times a week and/or follow theme which make it easier. That’s why I try to do Hello Monday about the weekend, Tuesday Tip, What I Wore Wednesday, Thursday Thought, and Friday Favorite. I link up on Monday and Friday and sometime there’s another link for the other days. The themes are a bit cheesy but it helps! Haha!


  8. I love your themes and I think that it’s a great idea to schedule it like that. You’re right, you don’t have to overdo it.


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