Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Thank you for all of the messages of support for my Dad on Monday! Each and every comment touched my heart. My Dad is acting like himself now and we have a treatment plan. He has lymphoma and will do 6 rounds of chemo. He is supposed to get first round today in the hospital. He is anxious to go home and resume his walking routine, eat healthy, serve at his church, and fight this disease. He was dictating the Thanksgiving meal last night which my mom and I thought to be a good sign!

My boys have been enjoying hot subs for dinner about once a week. I assembled these before going down to the hospital Monday after school. I buy sub buns, deli turkey, havarti cheese and melt under low broiler. When you take them out add lettuce, tomato, mayo or whatever condiment.

This was my outfit Monday. It was very comfortable.

This is my youngest sister last Thursday night at the hospital cafeteria. She is wearing half of my blanket scarf – ha! She was pretending to answer her laptop to make her nephews/my boys laugh.

We were thrilled with our photo session. We decided to go with grey and we only bought one new item – the son on the right got this new white and grey checked flannel. Our photographer took 30 minutes and gave us previews within the hour after we left! Then, she gave us a flash drive of 70 photos within a week. If you are local and need a photographer I would love to recommend her. Green Apple Photography is the name of her business.

This has been a weird weather year for boating. We finally made the decision to winterize the boat. In the four years we have had it we have kept it out until end of October to the beginning of November. This year we haven’t been able to use it since mid September because of high river or cold and rainy weather. I thought this candle was funny. There are many not so fun sides of boating but you put up with them for the good sides of boating.

This was the last time out with my spiked cider! Oh well…

Thanks for reading my hodgepodge today!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge

  1. Prayers and positive thoughts for your Dad and your whole family.
    Only one way to make those subs better…butter and garlic the bread before you toast them. Next level! I LOVE homemade hot subs..


  2. What great family photos! I love that the dog is in there. We tried to do professional pictures with our dogs once and it was a disaster.
    Also, I’m glad your dad is in good spirits! That makes such a huge difference.


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